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  • Summary: Carrie Bradshaw, successful author and everyone’s favorite fashion icon-next-door, is back, her famously sardonic wit intact and sharper than ever, as she continues to narrate her own story about sex, love and the fashion-obsessed single women in New York. Sex and the City finds Carrie, Samantha, Charlote and Miranda four years after the hit HBO series ended, as our favorite friends continue to juggle jobs and relationships while navigating motherhood, marriage and Manhattan real estate. (New Line Cinema) Expand
Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 16 out of 38
  2. Negative: 5 out of 38
  1. The best American movie about women so far this year, and probably the best that will be made this year.
  2. The movie's beating heart is the friendship between the women, who had found some sort of happiness by the show's 2004 finale. Now they're all at a personal crossroads and need one another more than ever.
  3. Reviewed by: Emily Rems
    It gives you everything you ever loved about the series, and blows it out into super-size cinematic proportions.
  4. Reviewed by: Bob Mondello
    If this fabulously decked-out foursome is self-absorbed enough to be inadvertently cruel on occasion, they also suffer lots of guilt -- though their angst is rendered somewhat less angsty for viewers by the zingers, the designers, and the cheerfully objectified men on display.
  5. 50
    For those who do not consider themselves to be among the Sex and the City faithful, this is a painful experience, perhaps the longest 148 minutes likely to be spent in a movie theater this year. Watching grass grow is more dramatically satisfying.
  6. 50
    So much has been written about the show's emotional importance to single women that I can't possibly add anything, except to say that, in both its TV and movie incarnations, the empty materialism and sincere longing for love always manage to cancel each other out, leaving behind nothing but what this started out as--a sitcom.
  7. Bad summer films, full of furious hype and signifying nothing, are hardly exceptional these days, nor is the sound they typically make: the dull scrape of a culture hitting rock bottom. Yet this one seems uniquely bad; this one is a threshold-breaker with a different sound, the crack of rock-bottom giving way to a whole deeper layer of magma.

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Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 68 out of 110
  2. Negative: 37 out of 110
  1. StacyH.
    May 30, 2008
    I was so afraid it wouldn't be very good, but it was better than I hoped. Surprisingly deep, dark and sweet and tender. Extremely satsfying. The girls hit one out of the park. Expand
  2. NonaU.
    Jun 2, 2008
    LOVED it, loved it, loved it... Thought each story line played out true to character for each of them. Simple Loved it!
  3. Aug 27, 2011
    For any SATC fan, and/or for any gay boy who grew up watching it and made it his religion, this movie is of cult status. It's probably not the best movie that could've been made especially given the amount of time the producers have had after the show ended. Still, I believe it to be a very decent production. It has it's moments - Carrie in the powder room in Mexico, or Charlotte's "NO! NO!" reaction. With those moments, the movie gets to you when you feel bored, and you have every right to given the movie's length. Still, I have to give it a ten - I have too much sentiment to the original series. Expand
  4. NatalieO.
    Sep 4, 2008
    I have watched this film twice now. The first time I was very disappointed, but the the second time I realized why everything happened the way it did. I felt it could have been a little funnier, but still good. Expand
  5. DSeeger
    Jun 2, 2008
    Excessive eye candy with the most self absorbed, materialistic, vapid script ever written. I was actually a fan of the series but this one did the show's legacy no favors. Expand
  6. ChrisV.
    May 31, 2008
    I am an avid SATC fan, but was completely disappointed with this movie. I've never looked at my watch so much, and when we left the theatre we were depressed. Was a big letdown, very sad and not the SATC we left behind years ago. Expand
  7. PatK
    May 29, 2008
    I prefer my comedies funny, not shrill.

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