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  1. All the "Star Wars" movies will continue to entertain us for many years to come. They were grand fun, and this last one's a corker.
  2. The movie grabs us from its heart-pounding opening sequence and pulls us inexorably along its trajectory with the grip of the last gruesome act of a Greek tragedy. Its fascination is not what happens but HOW it happens.
  3. 91
    The darkest, most operatic, and technologically richest "Star Wars" movie to date, "Sith" is grim, stirring entertainment and a nearly complete vindication of everything its creator has been saying for six years about where the series was heading and what its final shape would be.
  4. The final episode of George Lucas' cinematic epic "Star Wars" ends the six-movie series on such a high note that one feels like yelling out, "Rewind!" Yes, rewind through more than 13 hours of bravery, treachery, new worlds, odd creatures and human frailty.
  5. 90
    Lucas is a major figure, and Revenge of the Sith may be some kind of historic achievement -- the first movie in which it is fully impossible to tell where flesh ends and digital paint begins.
  6. This is by far the best film in the more recent trilogy, and also the best of the four episodes Mr. Lucas has directed. That's right (and my inner 11-year-old shudders as I type this): it's better than "Star Wars."
  7. Reviewed by: Todd McCarthy
    Emerges as the best in the overall series since "The Empire Strikes Back."
  8. For my generation, Revenge of the Sith is a brilliant consummation to a promise made a long time ago, far, far away, in a galaxy called 1977.
  9. 88
    Episode III has more action per square minute, I'd guess, than any of the previous five movies, and it is spectacular. The special effects are more sophisticated than in the earlier movies, of course, but not necessarily more effective.
  10. Reviewed by: Claudia Puig
    Even for non-fans, Revenge of the Sith is engrossing, and fans of the series will likely be over the moon -- and into another galaxy -- with this film.
  11. Reviewed by: Ty Burr
    The real deal, an often awkward but nonetheless terrifically compelling high-stakes human drama.
  12. 88
    Only now can we truly step back and admire the full tapestry that it has taken George Lucas and his ILM wizards nearly three decades to weave.
  13. Reviewed by: Glenn Kenny
    Once Palpatine's machinations set the cogs in motion for the creation of Vader, and the Clone Wars start getting bloody, Sith commences to cook in a way that no Star Wars movie has since "Empire."
  14. 80
    Far and away the best of the Star Wars prequels (tough chore, that) and also holds its own with the hallowed films of the original trilogy.
  15. Reviewed by: Colin Kennedy
    Star Wars really does begin here.
  16. Reviewed by: David Ansen
    Lucas manages to turn the audience's familiarity to his advantage: like a jigsaw puzzle whose final form has always been known, the fun is in discovering how the last pieces fit.
  17. On the action-adventure level it's a sure-fire delight for fans, a punchy entertainment for average sci-fi buffs, and a colorful rocket-ride for moviegoers who just want a good time on Saturday night.
  18. 75
    For all its doom and gloom, Revenge of the Sith turns out to have a happy ending after all, giving Star Wars the send-off it deserves.
  19. 75
    Arguably the darkest episode in the entire series (and the first to carry a PG-13 rating) the visually stunning "Sith" is also the fastest-paced and most accessible.
  20. 70
    The battle sequences and lightsaber battles are gripping, and for every scene that doesn't deliver the goods, there's another that hums with surprising intensity.
  21. 70
    Though Sith finally finds some life in the old saga, was it worth it in the end? Did we have to go through all that to get back where we began?
  22. The most energetic of the prequels, the only one at all worth watching. But that doesn't mean it is without the weaknesses that scuttled its pair of predecessors. Quite the contrary.
  23. 70
    Two prequels' worth of scene setting pays off in the politically resonant Revenge of the Sith.
  24. 67
    A vast improvement over the previous two outings, but still and all, it's no "Star Wars."
  25. The one figure in Revenge of the Sith who taps the true spirit of Star Wars is Ewan McGregor: With his beautiful light, clipped delivery, he plays Alec Guinness' playfulness, making Obi-Wan a marvel of benevolent moxie.
  26. And still the dialogue is astonishingly feeble, the acting unforgivably wooden. To paraphrase Yoda, the only creature with ­truly human dimensions ever since Harrison Ford's cowboy-mechanic Han Solo departed the galaxy: Bored I am.
  27. Though it starts slowly, it lumbers toward greatness in the last third and restores him [Lucas] briefly to the top of his class.
  28. Reviewed by: David Edelstein
    What a shock when George Lucas finds his footing and the saga once again takes hold.
  29. The scenery, effects and balletic, iconic combats are perfectly wonderful, but there's an emotional black hole where the hero should be.
  30. 50
    Until the last half-hour, when Lucas actually does establish a emotional connection between the landmark he created in 1977 and the prequel investment portfolio he laid out in 1999, the movie is one spectacularly designed letdown after another.
  31. For the casual viewer who feels like maybe all the Sith hoopla is worth checking out, well, it's like tuning in to the season finale of "24" without having watched a minute of its lead-up episodes.
  32. The greatest story ever has finally been told. Or, if you prefer, the damn thing has come to its merciful end.
  33. Lucas is a brilliant technician but a poor philosopher, and his lurchingly thought-out rendering of futuristic politics prevents the entire series from achieving the greatness to which it aspires. (You don’t make anything this big, for this long, without aiming for the planet Masterpiece.)
  34. Reviewed by: Ed Halter
    Even setting aside the clumsy inconsistency of its interior logic, Sith is an underachievement of escapist entertainment.
  35. Is it enough to make us like a thing we used to love? For most, that rekindling of an old flame will be good enough.
  36. Revenge was supposed to be the one that really socked it to us, about Anakin's almost biblical fall from grace. But the movie never rises to its powerful occasion.
  37. 40
    I suspect this picture is pretty close to what fans were hoping for, and for their sake, I'm glad it's markedly better than the two that preceded it. But Revenge of the Sith is still crap.
  38. 10
    The general opinion of Revenge of the Sith seems to be that it marks a distinct improvement on the last two episodes, "The Phantom Menace" and "Attack of the Clones." True, but only in the same way that dying from natural causes is preferable to crucifixion.
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  1. Sep 24, 2011
    Finally Lucas manages to create the final epic conclusion to his SF saga with a dark morale and splendid acting from Mcgregor with high tech CGI.
  2. Nov 16, 2011
    Episode III is the best of the Star Wars prequel trilogy, which reveals the story behind Anakin Skywalker's transformation into Darth Vader and a couple other surprises. Full Review »
  3. Jan 7, 2012
    Albeit flawed, Revenge of the Sith brings Star Wars to a satisfying close, is able to rectify George Lucas into a good film maker and draw many lost fans back into the universe. Don't expect another Empire, but also don't get into the mindset of it being as bad as the previous. All things considered, Revenge of the Sith is well filmed, well thought out and with a fantastic performance by Ewan McGregor and a substantially improved performance from Hayden Christensen, Revenge is a pretty great film and worthy conclusion. Full Review »