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  1. Wall Street Journal
    Reviewed by: Joe Morgenstern
    Once in a great while a film seems right in every detail. Andre Techine's Strayed ("Les Egares") is such a film.
  2. André Téchiné's beautifully ambiguous, exquisitely underplayed drama Strayed has less to do with the events and moral choices of the era that continue to shape French identity than with the timeless psychological effects of finding oneself unmoored from the familiar.
  3. Reviewed by: David Stratton
    A taut, suspenseful, linear approach, and a trio of excellent performances.
  4. 90
    As with Téchiné's best work, Strayed is a peculiar, lingering blend of robustness and delicacy--a movie with hardly a single wasted frame, incongruous word, or false gesture.
  5. What makes this film special, as in his other films, is the getting there. Téchiné is the master of subtle shifts in mood, an acute delineator of psychological interplay, and therefore demands the utmost of his actors.
  6. Téchiné gets deep inside the dread and exhilaration of people who have lost their bearings so suddenly they don't even have the luxury of grief.
  7. Reviewed by: Richard Schickel
    Elegant and understated.
  8. It begins with a montage of devastating black-and-white news clips interwoven with flashes of the flight of a terrified young widow and her two children. After that, the movie softens somewhat, but it never succumbs to sentimentality.
  9. Strayed has the strange clarity of a fable. It strips everything away until only instincts and emotions are left.
  10. The story is dramatic and Béart gives one of her best performances, even if Téchiné's style has its usual sense of distance.
  11. 75
    Hardship and suffering don't drive this movie so much as a romantic's gloss on the two.
  12. Techine's terrifying setup quickly gives way to a slower and less explicit suspense, in which every step and spoken word is heavy with intrigue.
  13. Béart, too beautiful for words, brings a complex swirl of emotions, elegantly restrained and marked with pain, to this finely wrought work.
  14. 75
    Begins and ends with facts of war, but it is really a film about the nature of male and female, about middle-class values and those who cannot afford them, about how helpless we can be when the net of society is broken.
  15. A disturbing drama about the dehumanizing and humiliating effects of war.
  16. 75
    War may set the stage for Strayed, but the film's real focus is something much quieter and internal: People caught in the throes of a transformation that is not of their making and struggling to adapt.
  17. 70
    Long expert at unforgettable characterizations, Techine turns his talents toward creating an evocative sense of time and mood.
  18. Téchiné has a reputation in France as an especially empathic director of women--Catherine Deneuve and Juliette Binoche among them--and he has understood this Odile very well.
  19. 70
    Strayed moves forward with an absorbing ruthlessness, yet without sacrificing those tiny incidental details that lend it singularity and power.
  20. 70
    It's an impressive, intelligent, compact piece of filmmaking...But Téchiné might be one of those directors whose work is best appreciated by critics and other filmmakers.
  21. 70
    French director Andre Techine (Alice and Martin) powerfully re-creates the mass exodus from the city and draws a fine performance from Beart as a woman struggling to shield her children from her own fear and confusion. Unfortunately the last act goes off the rails.
  22. 63
    The result is, alas, competent but unexceptional.
  23. Beautifully shot, and graced with another winning performance from the lovely Beart, Strayed nevertheless fails because the relationship between Odile and Yvan never makes us feel the sexual passion it implies.
  24. The setup's a bit reminiscent of "The English Patient" -- except that Beart's much easier on the eyes and ears than Ralph Fiennes is -- but Strayed is even slower moving, if you can believe it.
  25. Ostensibly a love story, the film is also handicapped by Téchiné's strong gay sensibility and clear lack of romantic interest in his characters.
  26. 40
    There's no emotional weight to either character, or to this far-from-dangerous liaison. All you can do is watch the slight story sputter, and try to figure out whether Bèart's formidable lips were made by God or man.
  27. A picture-book French film that's pretty and trite, rather than edgy and moving.

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