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  1. Has a fractured fairy-tale charm, even if it isn't a nonstop laugh riot.
  2. A two-hour, one-joke comedy that never gets old, Stuck on You is the most mature, consistently funny and satisfyingly sweet movie in the rollicking careers of brother filmmakers Bobby and Peter Farrelly.
  3. Damon and Kinnear are both pitch-perfect, inhabiting their ingenuous, codependent little universe together with the commitment of eight-year-old best friends. True to form, the Farrellys toss sophomoric spitballs at us, but nothing stems the rise of big-hearted generosity.
  4. 78
    Damon, particularly, stands revealed as a comic ace.
  5. Someone in most Farrelly movies deserves the Good Sport Award; here it's split between Meryl Streep, who befriends Walt in a long cameo as herself, and Eva Mendes, who plays Walt's galpal in a way that mocks perceptions of her as a well-endowed ninny. Cher should get a share of this prize.
  6. 75
    The subjects of their comedies are defiantly non-P.C., but their hearts are in the right place, and it's refreshing to see a movie that doesn't dissolve with embarrassment in the face of handicaps.
  7. People take comedy for granted, but to step back and think about Stuck on You is to be impressed by the invention and sheer exuberance of the picture, which isn't great but sure is enjoyable.
  8. 75
    There's something personal going on, something deeper than slapstick. It makes a sometimes flat film shimmer.
  9. Reviewed by: David Ansen
    What first feels like thin skit material gets funnier and sweeter. Damon and Kinnear make a terrific team.
  10. 70
    Though it's still too reliant on a sloppy, gag-a-second style, Stuck On You gets through the arid stretches by leaning on some winning performances, most notably from a hilarious Seymour Cassel.
  11. While much of the unlikely charm of the Farrellys' newest comedy, Stuck on You, comes from its conceptual purity, much of the film's humor comes from its blissful impurity.
  12. The movie's sweeter than funny, but still has a fair share of guffaws.
  13. 70
    It's a friendly, unpretentious little thing -- at times it's a bit too muted and indistinct, but then, you have to at least give the Farrellys credit for not making the mistake of trying too hard.
  14. Reviewed by: David Edelstein
    The movie is a testament to compromise, and so are the Farrellys' other movies--between the freakish pain of living and the wonderfully dumb gross-out slapstick that said freakishness makes possible.
  15. Much of this is hilarious as long as one can stay sufficiently removed from the realities of Siamese twins.
  16. Wall Street Journal
    Reviewed by: Joe Morgenstern
    The film has a surprisingly sweet spirit, and its co-stars respect the human core in their garish material; Mr. Kinnear, especially, has never been more likable.
  17. Stuck On You is proof that sweet and funny don't always make for the best mix.
  18. There's a generosity of spirit to Stuck on You that is a pleasure, even when the movie is slipshod.
  19. 63
    But while the belly laughs are few, there are numerous chuckles and it's quite watchable, thanks to solid performances by Damon (who plays it mostly straight in a rare comic role) and Kinnear.
  20. Reviewed by: Aaron Hillis
    It may not be saying much, but what keeps this movie afloat, aside from solid performances, is the nearly sophisticated dynamic of an otherwise redundant punchline.
  21. While it has its moments of pure Farrelly inspiration and swell performances from Matt Damon and Greg Kinnear...the patented blend of the outrageous and the sweet that has become the brothers' trademark struggles to find the desired balance here.
  22. Reviewed by: Richard Schickel
    The Farrellys need to remember this: Sappiness is easy, comedy is hard.
  23. That sweet streak has grown, like a cancer, and gradually killed off any of the edge their (Farrellys) humor may have once had.
  24. 60
    It's a much funnier movie than the trailer would lead you to believe; it would almost have to be. But it is just not as consistent as their previous trash wallows.
  25. Reviewed by: Kevin Carr
    If you’re a big fan of the Farrelly Brothers' films, you should like Stuck on You. If their films repulse you, stay home and rent "The Hours" again.
  26. Reviewed by: Adam Smith
    Decent belly laughs occur, but they are spread thinly over a prolonged period.
  27. Next to "Bad Santa" or "Dr. Seuss' The Cat in the Hat," it's a paragon of sophistication.
  28. The comedy is tooooo loooooong for the two or three jokes it has to play with, and Kinnear does the picture's only three-dimensional acting.
  29. 50
    It's not naughty. It's nice. Naughty is funnier.
  30. 50
    Suffers from an episodic script and an overly long running time plagued by too many dull, laugh-free patches.
  31. Despite its penchant for the crude and lewd, is gooey in ways that have nothing to do with bodily fluids.
  32. Reviewed by: Ty Burr
    Story lines don't come any clammier.
  33. 50
    Here the message -- it's not nice to ridicule, mistreat or ignore people just because they're different -- verges on the oppressive; more of the Farrellys' trademark over-the-top comedy would have lightened the load.
  34. Reviewed by: David Rooney
    A one-joke affair about conjoined twins that feels like it bypassed the scripting stage and was filmed directly from the pitch, the comedy remains resoundingly unfunny.
  35. 40
    By the time of its medical-operation climax, Stuck On You has focused so much on ennobling the disabled that it comes to resemble a segment of the Jerry Lewis telethon.
  36. 38
    It's the most disappointing thing to come from the brothers in years.
  37. 30
    Viewers anticipating side-splitting guffaws will be disappointed: Stuck on You is a strangely lackluster, flaccid string of fitfully humorous episodes.
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  1. EricS
    Nov 10, 2005
    "Stuck on You" wasn't a laugh-out-loud funny movie, but then again, I don't think it was meant to be. Instead, it was a touching "Stuck on You" wasn't a laugh-out-loud funny movie, but then again, I don't think it was meant to be. Instead, it was a touching story about two brothers who live a fulfilling life as conjoined twins, but realize they need to be seperated to live their dreams. Sure, the characters make some dumb, cliched decisions, but it's more interesting in this case because of the situation. The acting was actually much better than I expected in that the two main characters actually showed a pretty wide range of emotions. By the way, don't get the impression that there are no good jokes, because there are many. It just isn't drop dead hillarious. "Stuck on You" is not a great movie, but it's definitely worth renting. Full Review »
  2. patrickd.
    Aug 26, 2005
    A fairly funny film, while still pretty entertaining.