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  1. 88
    What is finally clear: It doesn't matter a damn what your will says if you have $25 billion, and politicians and the establishment want it.
  2. It's memorable when it meditates on the changing face of where we look at art, and how that changes the art itself.
  3. Reviewed by: Stan Hall
    Packed with more intrigue and excitement than one might expect.
  4. I can agree that the power brokers in this scenario, who effectively broke Barnes's will, have far more interest in tourism than in masterpieces. But casting this story as a battle between the elites and the philistines mischaracterizes the situation.
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  1. Jan 8, 2011
    A suspenseful and ultimately tragic look at how a man's $25 billion art collection has been completely undermined by those who do not care about his intentions or philosophy. I'm not sure why Ed Rendell would have agreed to be interviewed for this because he comes off like a real jag. Full Review »