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  • Summary: It's love at first sight when bridesmaid Senta falls into the life handsome young Philippe at the wedding of his younger sister. Though their passion for each other is as obvious as it is unquestionable, Philippe soon discovers that Senta's life is shrouded in mystery and her stories surrounding her past anything but believable. When one day she asks Philippe for a terrible proof of his love, Philippe must come to terms with who his lover might really be. But is this just another of Senta’s fantastic tales? And how far is Philippe willing to go, even as his love for her seems to know no limits? (First Run Features) Expand
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  1. A classic of realistic terror, in which passion and murder can't lie buried.
  2. 83
    The Bridesmaid goes slack at times, as it follows multiple Magimel family subplots, but as always, Chabrol stages everything with an elegant economy, moving the camera in short bursts that direct the eye but don't distract. Still, the movie would fail completely if not for the dynamic between the two leads.
  3. Deceptively understated and finally ferocious.
  4. Chabrol's deliberate and drawn-out observations often work against the dramatic tension, but his gift is making the audience believe that emotion and obsession trump logic for these deluded characters.
  5. Reviewed by: Ty Burr
    The film reveals its secrets slowly, and Chabrol tightens the screws not according to the rules of Hollywood suspense but with a cool, level gaze.
  6. 70
    A prickly, twisted, mean-spirited, borderline crazy and highly seductive picture.
  7. A merrily macabre things-we-do-for-love yarn.

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  1. Nov 4, 2011
    This was by far the worst comedy I have seen. So incredibly painful to watch. The movie was way to hyped up and I was really disappointed. The scenes that are supposed to be funny need more editing as they just drag on. I spent half my time fast forwarding through it. Really pointless. We all know that it will end with a happy ending. So incredibly predicable. Who are this critics anyway that give it such a high score??? Expand