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  • Summary: When troubled divorcee, Mary Kee, sets up house in her new apartment, she stumbles across an old telephone which she quickly falls in love with. Struck by its antique charm, she gives it pride of place in her home. Before long, Mary begins to receive strange phone calls from a mysterious unknown caller. Over time, she discovers that the caller is a woman called Rose and the two strike up an unlikely friendship. However, when Rose claims to be calling from the past, Mary begins to question her new friend’s motives. (Bankside Films) Expand
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  1. Reviewed by: Alison Willmore
    Aug 25, 2011
    For a while, the two ominous elements play off each other promisingly, and then it all becomes ridiculous, despite an appearance from the excellent Lorna Raver, the malevolent gypsy woman from "Drag Me To Hell."
  2. Reviewed by: Nick Schager
    Aug 25, 2011
    The way in which the action indulges in long, underlined silences furthers the overriding sense of trying too hard to muster up a suspenseful mood from a conceit better suited to a half-hour television program.
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  1. Feb 3, 2013
    After a messy divorce, Mary is left to live alone in a new home... Or so it would seem... Mary begins receiving strange phone calls from an old woman that claims to be from the past, and the two strike up an odd friendship until Rose begins to show cracks in her fractured personality. Every time Mary upsets Rose over the phone, Rose is somehow able to manipulate the past to cause trouble for Mary in the future, with dire consequences! THE CALLER gets off to a thrilling start, but eventually digresses into the supernatural equivalent of BACK TO THE FUTURE. By the end, the film becomes so laughably absurd and far-fetched that it loses all credibility. Twisted timelines require a huge suspension of disbelief, and often result in plot holes and logical inconsistencies. THE CALLER is no exception. The dramatic events that Rose initiates in the past have only a single small impact on the future. This leaves the audience focused on their confusion, and not on the film. While these things often distract, THE CALLER is fairly played by TWILIGHT's Rachelle Lefevre, and director Matthew Parkhill does manage to bring a creepy mood to an otherwise messy script. -Carl Manes
    I Like Horror Movies
  2. Sep 29, 2014
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I saw this movie last night with high expectations since I had read some interesting reviews about it.

    But i was disappointed. The movie starts with a nice build up... a young girl (Mary Kee) is on a divorce and moves to a new apartment to start a new life, and that's where some strange calls begin.

    A woman, Rose, insistently calls, we realize that she is depressed and with some problems. Mary begins to think that something is wrong ... and that there is a connection of those calls with something that happened earlier in that house.

    So far so good, the problem starts when we begin to understand the relationship between calls, Rose and Mary. And the repercussions of the actions that take place are ridiculous because they cause several continuity problems, making the story completely absurd.

    At the end we realize that nothing makes sense, because some actions should impact others... and well, they do, but only sometimes. The present of the main character (her choices, and even her state of mind) should be altered by Rose's previous actions, and that doesn't happen.

    The premise is interesting, but the script is so poorly developed...