Indomina Releasing | Release Date: August 31, 2012
Summary: As one of the defining stories of the wuxia genre, the saga of the Dragon Gate Inn has already been the source material for two classic martial arts films. Now legendary writer/director/producer Tsui Hark revisits these legends in THE FLYING SWORDS OF DRAGON GATE bringing new characters and ancient conflicts to life through the vivid depth of 3D and the epic scale of the IMAX image. The film picks up three years after the disappearance of the enigmatic innkeeper Jade and the massive fire that consumed the Inn. A new Dragon Inn has risen from the ashes, staffed by a band of marauders. Masquerading as law-abiding citizens by day, they use the cover of night to continue their true calling as fortune hunters. For legend says that the Dragon Inn is the site of a lost city buried in the desert--and a treasure that spans dynasties hidden deep within. (Indomina Releasing)
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Runtime: 122 min
Rating: Rated R for some violence
Official Site: http://flyingswords.com/
Production: China Film Group
Genres: Action, Adventure
Country: China
Language: Mandarin
Home Release Date: Oct 2, 2012
Director Credit
Hark Tsui Director
Writer Credit
Hark Tsui Screenplay
Principal Cast Credit
Jet Li Zhao Gwai On
Kun Chen Yu Hua Tian/Bok Chang Zhou/Blade In The Wind
Xun Zhou Ling Yan Qiu
Cast Credit
Chia Hui Liu Wan Yulou
Chien Sheng Tan Lu Ji
Jet Li Chow Wai On
Kun Chen Yu Hua Tian
Lunmei Kwai Tribal Princess
Mavis Fan Su Huirong
Siu-Wong Fan Ma Jinliang
Xun Zhou Jade
Yuchun Li Gu Shaotang
Producer Credit
Dong Yu Executive Producer
Dong-ming Shi Co-Producer
Hark Tsui Producer
Jeffrey Chan Producer
Li Ruigang Executive Producer
Nansun Shi Producer
Sanping Han Executive Producer
Wenhong Yang Co-Producer
Xiaoli Han Co-Producer