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  1. May 20, 2013
    I was fully prepared to dislike this film. But I was drawn into it, and carried along moment to moment. I even found it moving. And I can't stick LDC usually! The film makers did a great job. It takes a while until you get a real scene, but when you do Daisy and Gatsby meeting for the first time at Nic's house it's extremely charming and very funny. I think the critics should take a bath on this one. It's a great romantic movie, no doubt about it. Expand
  2. Jun 26, 2013
    Baz Luhrmann turns everything he touches into Las Vegas. Fitzgerald's curtains billowing in the breeze become Salome's seven veils; Gatsby's expensive shirts are flung about like confetti. DiCaprio alone emerges with honor. Some of the supporting players seem to have come from The Addams family (Jordan Baker) or Bollywood (Meyer Wolfsheim). There's a difference between expansive and crass--it's not heeded here. Rock bottom. Expand
  3. May 16, 2013
    Very well made movie and an excellent modern homage to F. Scott Fitzgerald's American classic.

    This movie also makes EXCELLENT usage of 3D; probably the best we'll see this year even with Iron Man 3.

    Leo acts very well and Toby McGuire was a very believable character in a fantastical rendition of 1920s America.

    I recommend people see it.
  4. May 20, 2013
    I have not a fan of anything captured on film never revisited twice serials, films, or something else, but at the Gatsby I want to go a second time. Once again savor the views of New York, the story interpreted Luhrmann again. This is the best thing I've ever watched, this is the best interpretation of the book on the big screen
  5. Jul 21, 2013
    Some books should not be made into films. I have always believed The Great Gatsby is one of them. But, this film does a good job making a modern day adaptation of it. If you know the book, you have to stretch your mind a bit to envision the characters. I thought Leo as Gatsby was a good casting move as he is solid. And although I am not a fan of Tobey he does a good job as Carraway as well. But, if you like the movie, read the book. Expand
  6. Mar 7, 2014
    This film adaption of F. Scott Fitzgerald's novel, The Great Gatsby, is about a man in the 1920s trying to win back the woman he loves. This version is a cartoon with real life actors - everything super brightly colored and sporting more special effects than a Star Wars movie, much of it very fake looking. Gatsby's home when shot from the exterior is so obviously computer generated it's shocking. There's plenty of blue screen (or green screen these days) that is about as obvious as can be, with the lighting on the actor standing in front of the green screen not matching the lighting in the scene projected behind him on the green screen. It might as well be a Godzilla movie from the 60s at those moments. You might wonder why they felt the need for so many effects. The camera whizzes around Long Island over and under elevated tracks in Manhattan, almost all of which (both Manhattan and Long Island) appear computer generated, so much like a computer game I felt like readying my controller to start controlling the main character. It's a miracle that amidst all this crazy visual jazz, that the story's basic outline (because that is all there is here; just a skeleton of the plot) doesn't get lost. That was a feat and for that I give it 1 star out of 10.

    The movie does calm down in that last half hour and become closer to something normal visually, but by then I was tired of watching. Add to this the bizarre use of hip hop and other music not of the period (Jay-Z and Beyonce; that's Jay Z's ego ruining the movie, as he's a producer of this catastrophe) and you get the impression that this was made by an extremely insecure story teller who had no faith in his audience or in his abilities to capture their attention simply by telling story. Maybe he didn't have faith in his actors. Whatever the cause, the director or whoever called the shots, decided that rendering the story well wasn't enough without overstuffing the production with candy colored effects and noise ad nauseam. The result is that, instead of being drawn into the story, you are constantly pushed out by the weird over-the-top distractions. It's like watching a Shakespeare play while someone constantly lights of fireworks in front of the production. What an ordeal! You think it's innocent enough - just spending a couple hours watching a movie - but by the time it's over you feel like you've been in some kind of two hour accident or a small war. You feel damaged. I recommend instead the novel, which is quite beautifully written.
  7. Jun 11, 2013
    Far too much style over too little substance, The Great Gatsby is a muddled mess of a film. Characters dont engage and the tone of the film never settles. Despite being set in 1920s, it never tries to be a period piece which surely defeats the purpose? Some people may like it but you could have easily set the film in the modern age (which would play well against the current financal backdrop) but with the style of the 20s.

    I'll put the above down to my personal preference, but that doesnt excuse some of the other problems with the film. The acting is flat as hell with Dicaprio being the only one to emerge with any kind of display. Tobey McGuire is simply terrible, never getting across he's characters own descent. He is simply there to narrate. Mullegan has her moments but I dont find her a good fit for the role. As for the rest, I get the feeling they've been instructed to over act. Or at least I hope they have.

    For a film which is so much in love with its own cleverness and style, its amazing how dull this really is. Over long and over produced, its certainly not a film I could recommend.
  8. May 14, 2013
    Absolutely a beautifully shot movie. Each frame of the film looks almost like a painting. This film is drenched with color and has brilliant filming The largest problems in this film is that it features a soundtrack that is contemporary music mixed with music that is more to the time period of the film. Surprisingly the contemporary music works in most instances however there is one or two times where the much more modern contemporary music seems out of place. The other major flaw is that so much time was spent in this movie on it's stylistic looks which as i said earlier were flawless but so much time and effort was spent on these that it seems to have taken away from the character development side of the film. While there are many scenes that are pretty I wish they would have sacrificed some of those to develop characters other than Gatsby and Carraway. Expand
  9. May 19, 2013
    This movie has me so torn. Some things I just loved about this story. Other things really distracted and annoyed me. Overall a good film. I loved the scenery. The scenes of them in the city with the contrast turned up on the color made me feel like I was watching a 60 year old movie in a good way. On the other hand the Beyonce and other Hip-Hop songs were well not well contrived. Good the way the city is set up with the labor class supporting the upper class was done in an almost cartoonish way that was very beautiful. The acting was great and the actress playing Daisy steals every scene she is in. The omissions from the original story Bad. Overall a good pretty looking movie that you will forget about in a few weeks. Expand
  10. May 21, 2013
    E’ il poco prolifico australiano Baz Luhrmann a prendersi il rischio di scrivere (assieme a Craig Pearce) e a filmare la terza versione per il grande schermo dell’opera più conosciuta di Francis Scott Fitzgerald, romanzo che ha dato parecchio filo da torcere ai propri adattamenti cinematografici. Per provare a vincerne la sfida, il regista dà alla storia una confezione molto modernista, disegnando degli anni Venti davvero ruggenti, in cui dominano colori netti e brillanti che ben si inseriscono in un décor a dir poco sovrabbondante: ad amplificarne l’effetto pensa poi una colonna sonora che unisce l’arrembante musica dell’età del charleston con inserti hip-hop uno dei produttori esecutivi Jay-Z che sottolineano ancor di più la frenesia del periodo (il che porta a infischiarsene maggiormente di altri anacronismi, tipo la ‘Rapsodia in blue’ che non era ancora stata scritta al momento in cui si svolge l’azione). Con alcuni passaggi coreografati quasi come un balletto la gestione delle finestre nella villa dei Buchanan, l’arredamento floreale della casa di Nick la prima parte viene raccontata come una grande fiaba, con i due castelli che si fronteggiano dalle parti opposte della baia, quello sfavillante del principe biondo e quello in cui vive prigioniera la bella di cui lui innamorato: il tutto raccontato dallo scudiero che serve da collegamento, almeno parziale, con una realtà che può essere molto lontana dalle feste organizzate da Gatsby. Quando la favola che il protagonista principale si era costruito si incrina, il contatto dei due mondi quello di chi ha troppo e quello di chi ha troppo poco apre le porte alla tragedia, rivelando sì la vera, controversa identità del personaggio, ma soprattutto la povertà umana e morale di una classe benestante a cui anche Daisy aderisce alla perfezione, ben lontana dall’immagine idealizzata da Gatsby. Purtroppo, però, proprio nel momento in cui il pathos della storia dovrebbe raggiungere il culmine, il film comincia a perdere qualche colpo, quasi che, venuta a mancare la sovrastruttura luccicante, la scrittura smarrisca il giusto ritmo in una serie di situazioni trascinate troppo per le lunghe. Anche nell’ultimo terzo di pellicola non mancano i momenti belli e le intuizioni efficaci come quando le lettere che giocano sullo schermo finiscono per formare le intense parole di Fitzgerald lette dalla voce narrante di Nick oppure nel richiamo, attraverso le ultime inquadrature della piscina, dell’incipit di ‘Viale del tramonto’ si finisce per sbirciare l’orologio qualche volta di troppo, con la conseguenza di raffreddare l’emotività. Fa capolino così il sospetto che, seppur in modo meno grave che altrove, la cura per la confezione abbia finito per essere prevalente rispetto a quella riservata al contenuto (il film distribuito anche in un superfluo 3D): a soffrirne il giudizio complessivo che, pur senza dubbio migliore rispetto agli adattamenti precedenti, finisce per essere inferiore all’aspettativa creata dalla somma delle parti., Fra queste ultime, spicca la prova di un cast davvero affiatato: DiCaprio, che già aveva lavorato con Luhrmann in ‘Romeo e Giulietta’, aggiunge un solido mattone alla costruzione della sua carriera vestendo alla meglio i panni di un altro personaggio più grande della vita, mentre il suo amico (anche nella realtà) Maguire dimostra ancora una volta di avere la faccia giusta per interpretare chi si trova a osservare con stupore quel che di inatteso gli capita. Se poi Carey Mulligan disegna una Daisy dolce e indecifrabile (ma che meraviglia erano mai i tagli a caschetto?), in caso di scelta obbligata del migliore la preferenza cadrebbe forse su Joel Edgerton alle prese con lo scomodo ruolo di suo marito Tom. Azzeccati anche i ruoli di contorno Jason Clarke fa ancora una volta il ruvido fra i quali spunta, in una particina monobattuta da guidatore di taxi, Nick Tate: per i maniaci (come me) l’indimenticato pilota di Aquile in ‘Spazio 1999’. Expand
  11. Jun 2, 2013
    This movie is the sama as Romeo Juliet and Moulin Rouge (Spoilers) come on in The Great Gatsby he die's too ,we see Leonardo DiCaprio ,die's in lot's of movies.
  12. May 27, 2013
    A classic Baz Luhrmann spectacle, if a slightly vacuous one. Perhaps more a film of a 'Great Gatsby' fairy tale than the novel, struggling through slightly trippy 3D and an admittedly intelligent parallelism with between 20's and contemporary culture. It omitted multiple areas of symbolism, the most exasperating of which being the infantile interpretation of Gatsby's love for Daisy, avoiding the true messages of delusion and futile aspiration. This could be tolerated if the dialogue wasn't selected with such a bias as to ignore other allegories and messages. This being said, Lurhrmann's interpretation, however devoid of substance, was perfectly carried out by an ever-charming DiCaprio, with a surprisingly intimate performance by still-faced Elizabeth Debicki. But this saw itself ever overshadowed by crude hyperbole regarding the Valley of Ashes, all exacerbated a simplified representation of Daisy. A well directed piece of art, masking a high school interpretation of the novel. Expand
  13. Mar 19, 2014
    I liked this much more than I thought I would. The Great Gatsby takes you to another world.It has a magical feeling.I never read the book and enjoyed it.
  14. Aug 24, 2013
    The movie's overblown style (CG, 3D, and Jay-Z), chokes the very life out of any substance the story may hold. There's always something to distract the eye, but it becomes increasingly annoying and persistently rings hollow. There is a mystique about F. Scott Fitzgerald’s "The Great Gatsby" that has proved unattainable to filmmakers. Four previous attempts have fallen short of capturing the book's projections of an America succumbing to the allure of money. Chalk this up as the fifth. Expand
  15. Jun 16, 2013
    This is a tricky one to review as I did enjoy it but it was a rather odd film. Very good acting, especially from the leads, but as great as Leo DiCaprio was I couldn't help but get annoyed by his character and of that term 'Old Sport'. The party scenes looked amazing and where a clear highlight of the film. It got a little mellow and slower towards the middle before picking up more towards the end, but overall an entertaining film that should please many, but it had potential to be a bit better! Expand
  16. Jan 3, 2014
    This film is nothing less than a tour de force. Such painstakingly perfect detail in every scene. Even if you haven't read the book, it is a flawless piece of movie-making, so much more than the sum of its individual parts and characters. Who else but Baz Luhrmann could deliver such breath-taking imagery no scene is without impeccable attention to detail. The soundtrack is brilliant and original and highly evocative. This movie gets better and better with every viewing Expand
  17. Jun 5, 2013
    Ive never read the book so i dont know how well it does to compare, however, i thought this movie had a real sense of life to it. it was captivating and i have no idea why the movie got such a low score from critics.
  18. Jun 12, 2013
    Just like the book, the movie is slow in the beginning. However, it gradually picks up its pace and moves forward. I don't think this is how I imagined the book when I read it. I really do think Toby Maguire is miscast. Also, the movie just didn't feel like the book (I don't know how to say this). Overall, it was an okay movie.
  19. Oct 20, 2013
    la película avanza con paso firme en los primeros veinte minutos pero cuando llega el momento en que uno de verdad se da cuenta cual es la trama central de la pelicula uno como espectador pierde toda esperanza que la pelicula se vuelva mas interesante
  20. Jul 14, 2013
    The Great Gatsby is romantic comedy drama taking place in 1920's New York during prohibition. Following footpaths of Moulin Rouge, it is stacked with big-name actors, hip music and capturing visuals. If leaving out vibrant party scenes, cool soundtrack and sure-fire casting there is really much to The Great Gatsby.
  21. Aug 10, 2014
    I finally decided to see this film, despite its low ratings. I was pleasantly surprised and can now safely say that I understand why the novel is such a central piece of American literature.

    As for the film, the acting is top notch, and the only thing I really disliked is the modern music. Outside of that, I thought it was a very profound story with some great messages and a fascinating
    central character. Expand
  22. May 15, 2013
    (most of) THE CRITICS WERE WRONG. it's a long movie, and a well thought out movie. everyone involved with this movie put in a lot of hard work and should be applauded for the result. the music worked, the 3d worked, the time travel to another era worked. it was well worth it and I'm glad i went against the poor reviews.
  23. Jun 4, 2013
    Before I saw this movie, I had heard it was just mediocre. But who ever thinks that is dead wrong. This is well above mediocre. It's fresh, interesting, entertaining, well directed, well acted, and it's got style. One of the biggest complaints from critics was the Jay Z rap. The Jay Z rap turned out to be awesome and it goes well with the movie. Leonardo DiCaprio is perfect as J. Gatsby but everyone in this movie had a great performance. Expand
  24. Jun 5, 2013
    Baz Luhrmann's films each have a distinct visual and aural quality to them. We are witness to vibrant colours, sweeping camera movements, sudden zooming in, and mystery which is supporting by a suitable soundtrack. These features translate well into the 1920's setting to transport the viewer into a bygone era. However despite all these positives even they cannot make a really long, slow and dull story any more watchable.

    You may argue with me that I don't understand the story. I admit I haven't read the book and went into this completely unaware of what will occur; from what I've read this film is the closest to translate the book into a film correctly. That being said my impression of the metaphors and underlying meanings is a satire of the 1920's; i.e. too much drinking and partying, people talk rubbish, the wealthy have more money than sense, you can't recapture the past, parties are a ruse, and not a lot of meaningful activities occurred (this is what I left the cinema thinking about). That being said I didn't enjoy the story or the characters and was never convinced really liked, cared for or loved each other (which I understood as an intention of the author). Therefore if I understand the story correct then this is one of the most overrated stories (and novels) I’ve ever encountered. Why is it so memorable?

    Praise must be given to the use of modern music instead of jazz as it is a clever juxtaposition. Most of us don't enjoy jazz music like those in the film do; we enjoy modern music mostly and its use bridges the gap between us. Therefore we understand how they feel and the parties which ensue.
    All actors involved were convincing in their roles but no-one here stood out. One thing I did notice was Nick Carraway mentioned several times that Gatsby was the most hopeful person he’d met. We never really saw his hope because he was both cool and calm, scared, worried or lashing out. This is either a failure of the script or a translation of the author’s intentions.

    I applaud those involved for at least making this film watchable for the visual and aural aspects. This almost makes up for a long, slow and dull story.
  25. May 19, 2013
    Who is Gatsby? That's what Nick Caraway the films narrator tries to tell us over the course of this film. The film leans heavily on the source material with word for word translation from book to screen, which was fine for the most part but the delivery of some lines felt strange. The acting throughout is pretty decent by all involved. The visuals as at times are stunning especially with the use of the 3d effects;though sometimes I felt it could have been used more, though at times it becomes clear that actors are stood in front of a green screen. The modern music was a nice touch making the setting feel more relevant to a modern audience. Again however it felt underused. I found the story was interesting and yet I couldn't quite see the underlying meanings of the story, so perhaps a prior knowledge of the story would be beneficial to viewing the film.
    Rating 6 out of 10
    All the pieces of the puzzle are there however for me they just don't fit properly.
  26. May 19, 2013
    The Great Gatsby. The quintessential novel by F. Scott Fitzgerald about the disillusionment of the decadent wealth of the 1920s and a cautionary tale about the American dream seems like a no-brainer to turn into a blockbuster film. But does director Baz Luhrmann’s stylized vision of the time period do the book justice, old sport?

    Read more Expand
  27. MTP
    May 26, 2013
    Baz, it worked for Moulin Rouge a really great movie but once is enough, be creative that is what you get paid for otherwise you could just do Fast and Furious #7 #22. There is so much to the story but hokey photography, 3D effects and a lamed out screen play leaves one looking for the end. Once again DiCaprio shows his depth in this one still can’t act, never could doubtful that he ever will. DiCaprio is like so many other mono dimensional “actors” that are only able to play parts that don’t require them to act just play themselves in front of the camera. Tom Cruise, John Wayne and Ashton Kutcher just to name a few. One more thing; what is with the Rap music in a 1920’s film? If you like supporting crappy, ridiculous, unimaginative (remember this is just a Moulin Rouge feel rip-off) Hollywood movies and pretty boy actors, then please throw you money away. Expand
  28. May 13, 2013
    The Great Gatsby is known as one of the greatest pieces of literature ever to be written. It holds a special place in many people's hearts and that goes without needing an explanation. I have read the book, I loved the book, and if you haven't read the book, see this movie.

    I think that this movie is very hard to keep on a separate scale as the book. I mostly try to view movie
    adaptations as a separate piece than the book because I know it will never live up, but this one made that very hard because this was the book. This movie was a straight up copy of the book and that is one of the reasons I disliked it. It literally takes exact quotes from the book and adds them to the film, actually almost all the dialogue are quotes from the book. If you have ever had to do a book report on a book you really didn't want to read, you would have thought to just watch the movie, right? Most of the time this doesn't work because of the filmmakers creativity making the story a bit different to fit modern audiences. You could have easily just watched this movie for your high school book report and gotten an A.

    I think there is merit in changing the story a bit and tweaking it to maybe suit a larger audience. But when you just take a book and than just simply make a movie out of it, it takes away the spirit of that source material. Although this movie sure was ambitious, it lacked the spirit of the book that made it so endearing.

    Now, if you take that out of the picture, I can talk to you about why I didn't hate The Great Gatsby. This movie never did seize to entertain. It held my attention the entire time and the visuals were fantastic. I also was impressed by the acting. That is for sure the highlight of this movie and especially from Leo Dicaprio. This guy is fantastic! I think he is one of the best in the business right now and it shows. He can take any script and turn it into enough material to give an amazing performance. Put Blood Diamond and J. Edgar into account. Without his great performances, Blood Diamond would be at the very bottom of the barrel and J. Edgar would be long forgotten by now (although it kind of already is). Leonardo Dicaprio saves is by giving us the old, "old sport" we've come to know and love.

    The Great Gatsby was all in all, okay. It had some great visual flare and it was bombastic, but it stuck too close to the source material and made it out to be somewhat of a chore at times. It also lost some of the zest that made the book so incredible. The tension in the scenes where Gatsby and Tom are really getting into each others skin just didn't have the same tension the book had. But with the great performances, it was enough to bring this movie back from the bottom and save this one from oblivion.
  29. May 13, 2013
    The movie was just great, it had a great story and depicted the Roaring 20's wonderfully. Great Gatsby veterans might not prefer this version over Robert's back in the 70's but it's really entertaining and worth watching. The only problem I had was some of the soundtrack, and by some, I mean Jay-Z. You read right, Jay-Z. I would of preffered jazz to depict the 20's alot better but the soundtrack didn't kill the movie so there's nothing to worry about it. Expand
  30. May 28, 2013
    I must first state that the book is worth a read and delves deeper into the films themes, it is also simply a fantastic book.
    The film plays heavily upon the romance side of the story losing some of the other themes, that being said it is a bad thing, cinematic-ally it gives the audience a focus point and they are not lost within the subtext. It also blends modern music brilliantly within
    the film. The acting from most of the cast was triple AAA performances. Brilliant set pieces yet with an apparent reliance of CGI in some scenes, makes some of it feel visually fake.

    What i felt truly let down the film was the pacing and poor editing, with some bad camera work which ruined a few key night scenes, something you wouldn't expect from Luhrmann. The car sequence in which Nick and Gatsby are going to the barbers, oozed lack luster editing work in which it is so apparent the dialogue was edited over, i thought the projectionist had messed up.

    Overall though the film is a simulating experience with a brilliant cast and a good return of Toby Maguire. Its a great discussion piece between people commenting on Gatsby's motives and their views.
  31. May 16, 2013
    The atmosphere was absolutely amazing, one of the few movies that actually draws you in and makes you a part of the story. The plot on the other hand was rather weak. They should have made a greater story around the business side of things. Why this spiderman fella was in the movie i do not know, he had absolutely nothing to bring to the story. i would normally rate this movie a 6 or 7, but the AMAZING MUSIC definitely made me press the 8 button. Add to your list of must have seen Expand
  32. May 25, 2013
    The adaptation of the story which I don't actually know. Excellent soundtrack and scenery of America of the early 20th century. The effect of that movie is in a while after watching.
  33. May 22, 2013
    This movie looks exactly like Moulin Rouge transported to the 1920s in New York. It's a beautiful feast that those of us who are under thirty will identify with and love. It is not an uplifting riotous good story. It's Fizgerald, updated and green screened. And I loved it.
  34. Jun 10, 2013
    I went into this movie having not-so high hopes for this movie. I heard from my friends that the people were casted incorrectly and that the story-line was OK and Leonardo DiCaprio was the only good thing in the movie. I was thoroughly surprised at what I saw. I never read the book so I am not basing it off of that. I think that Toby McGuire did an excellent job at playing the role of Nick Carroway. Leo did an extraordinary job at playing Jay Gatsby. I enjoyed the movie and enjoyed the story-line. I tip my hat to you Baz for having a cool name and directing the movie very well. I enjoyed the dubstep sequences though most people didn't like that. i thought it brought a different feel to the film. A good film. I have to say at some parts it was alright and others it was great. It was pretty good, but not extraordinary. This is why I give it an 8/10. Expand
  35. Aug 15, 2013
    Its great seeing my favorite literary character brought to the screen by a director I greatly admire, but I can’t say the sum is equal to the e parts. The Great Gatsby was a decent film, there was a lot that I liked and a lot that I just flat out didn’t like; all which stems back to the way it was directed. Like all Baz Luhrmann directed films, Baz Luhrman is the star of the show. His whimsical, almost animated, way of telling a story shines bright in this picture; from those wild camera angles, startling soundtrack, hasty editing, and flamboyant set designs and not to mention the eccentric performances he extracts from his cast. While much of his flare worked well for those party sequences, I felt the film itself was far too off-the-wall for its own good. I am hardly convinced that this was the direction he should have taken, but at no point in time did it leave me bored. Do not fret too much, the visuals did not get in the way of the romantic aspects of the story; as it was delivered to the screen in a respectable manner. What I was really bothered by was the way some of the intricacies of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s exquisite story were taken away, in favor of style and visual intricacies. I believe this hindered the dark social commentary on the wealthy and the nature their moral detachment; which was quite disappointing. But, what can I say… such style! Catherine Martin’s fantastic costumes and sets were characters of their own. Clearly my view on the film and the way it was made is very much mixed; but one thing I appreciated without a doubt was Leonardo DiCaprio’s performance as Gatsby. Gatsby’s bold attempt to reach for that green light and regain his love, Daisy, is noble yet foolish. However, you can’t help but relate to this character, as it’s sometimes easier to hold on to hope than to let go completely. While not perfect, DiCaprio made a fine Gatsby in my opinion. Expand
  36. May 25, 2013
    The Great Gatsby stars Leonardo DiCaprio, Tobey Maguire, Carey Mulligan, and Joel Edgerton. It was directed by Baz Luhrmann (Moulin Rouge!, Romeo Juliet, Australia).
    This film is an adaptation of F. Scott Fitzgerald's famed novel The Great Gatsby. It is the story of Nick Carraway (Maguire), an aspiring writer, who moves to New York to work as a bondsman. Nick becomes
    intrigued by his mysterious and wealthy neighbor, Jay Gatsby (DiCaprio). Gatsby invites Nick to one of his lavish parties in order to reconnect with Nick's cousin, Daisy Buchanan (Mulligan).
    If you're a huge fan of the book and expect no liberties to be taken from the story, you will not be happy about this film.
    That being said, if you want to see an all around great movie and have an open mind to Baz Luhrmann's style, you'll love this movie. The sets, the color, the cars, and the costumes were fantastic. I even liked how they mixed the modern music with the musical styles of the roaring twenties (which may be a turn off for some).
    The acting was good all around, but Leonardo DiCaprio was great. He seems to get better with every role he plays and he was a wonderful fit for Gatsby.
    This was a great love story, filled with romance, mystery, thrills and extravagance. At a run time of 142 minutes, I never felt like it was too long and in my opinion, it was paced perfectly.
    I do feel like you will miss out if you don't see it in 3D. With the lavish colors and sets, it really makes you feel like you're there and I recommend spending a few extra bucks catch this one in 3D.
    It's funny, I heard a lot of bad things about this film before I had a chance to see it, but as the movie progressed, I was hard pressed to find anything I didn't like about it. I enjoyed it from beginning to finish.
    You will like this if you liked Moulin Rouge! or Luhrmann's Romeo Juliet. On a side note, I do think it's geared towards a younger crowd. I give this movie an "A".

    To view my grading scale, go to:
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  37. May 27, 2013
    This film is one of the best I've seen for a while! I haven't read the book, so had no preconception of what it was going to be like. I loved the use of vivid colours and symbolism throughout the film, and I found the film really intriguing. It really gets in your head and plays with your mind. Overall, a thought-provoking, yet enjoyable film with an awesome soundtrack! I'm definitely going to read the book now! Expand
  38. May 28, 2013
    I entered a special preview of The Great Gatsby with quite high expectations. I had heard a lot about the star-studded production, the released trailers were quite appealing, and the film was receiving quite good reviews abroad since its Cannes premier.

    As the movie started I realised the expectations would be matched as the movie is full of stunning visuals and dazzling scenes, Baz
    Luhrmann style, which are only enhanced by the perfected 3D effect. The choice for shooting the film in 3D created quite a controversy early on, but I believe everyone can now see that this only added to the glamour effect of the 20s.

    The movie is roughly split into two parts the first one being the alluring gratifying party scenes and the other being a more melancholic side of the story when the events really start to unravel. The glitter, glamour of the party scenes complemented with modern party songs from Fergie and brought the audience as close as possible to the party, while 'haunting' tunes from Lana Del Rey and Florence and the Machine integrated in the emotional scenes worked beautifully. The soundtrack which was penned and produced by Jay-Z, brought the right amount of jazz in this 20s adaptation.

    The film narration by Nick Carraway (Tobey Maguire) might have been a bit slow-moving in the beginning, but it set up the necessary New York background, especially for viewers who had not read the book and were not familiar with the story. His fascination with neighbour Jay Gatsby, played by Leonardo di Caprio, who seems unable to produce any substandard work lately, is felt throughout the film. He is seen at times as the extra wheel in the relationship between Gatsby and Daisy (Carey Mulligan), but he is the one there constantly for Gatsby, even before he showed total faith in the stranger he barely knew.

    Despite the glitz and glamour, the film's roots are deep in the novel it is adapted from and the memorable emotions of the book are transformed wonderfully in the movie, with words sometimes typed on the screen and direct quotes, notably the ones at the end taken directly from the novel, and other subtle references, major of which was the innuendo of the original novel cover. The film does not fail to address the themes in the novel and presents them in a way which establishes them as themes very applicable to the life of today.

    Overall, the film takes the audience on a ride from the nonchalance high life of the 20s to the corrupt fall of the characters as hope and dreams are crashing around them. With Nick's guidance, the story speaks strongly, and the mellow atmosphere of the novel is properly brought to life.
  39. Jun 5, 2013
    This movie is certainly fantastical, but there are a few things that throw it off course. First, I loved the way Baz Luhrmann portrayed the twenties, but I wanted the generational music to go with it. Who cares if it's Jay-Z? (Everybody). I wanted some jazz to finalize the theatricality of the cinematography! Also, this is Luhrmann's attempt at getting some oscar recognition, which he won't get. The film simply doesn't hold together like an oscar contender. Having said that, the movie is worth checking out. #seeit Expand
  40. Jun 7, 2013
    Like almost every American who has been through high school I read The Great Gatsby and like most high schoolers likely didn't appreciate the novel that first time around. Though the more accurate word is probably that I didn't comprehend all of what it was trying to say I still have yet to re-visit the novel since my sophomore year, but as I sat down to experience the latest film adaptation of the novel by the often flamboyant and always stylish director Baz Luhrman the parts of the story that I vaguely recalled seemed to escape me completely and I was then able to completely embrace the extravagant world in which Luhrman and his team had created for the audience to dig into and become all the better acquainted with the specific time period, the social climate, and the characters that it is necessary to care about before we become entranced with their melodramatic lives. It is to be understood that through the glitz and the glamour of the roaring twenties that this is essentially what F. Scott Fitzgerald's great American novel was if not a high form of it wrapped in commentary for the societal issues of the changing culture during that time. Though it would be easy to dismiss the film as a case of style over substance I was completely on board from the very beginning as the caliber of the cast here was able to elevate what might have been an otherwise overlooked aspect of the production. The depth each actor brings to his or her character lend an emphasis to the themes Fitzgerald touched upon and they are only embellished by Luhrman's preference to have everything as big and excessive as possible. It is a film that entices by the fantasy of the world it exists in and it holds our attention by being consistently stylish and letting it's cast bring their A-game that in turn creates a combination that captures the essence of everything I expected and wanted this film to be.

    read the whole review at
  41. Jan 31, 2014
    Really wonderful film with great Leonardo Dicaprio. It is good that today in the world which had lost all morale principles we can see such a film...Moreover there's also a great soundtrack!
  42. Jun 21, 2013
    Though the movie capture the extravagant parties and the fast-paced lifestyle of the Roaring Twenties, it ultimately falters when trying to touch on the book's symbolism. The conflict when it arrived felt rushed, and the resolution even sloppier. Some scenes excel in portraying the love and obsession Gatsby had, but when the movie ended, there was a feeling that there should've been more. The casting of Tobey Maguire as Nick Carraway, the unreliable, sometimes sarcastic narrator, did not help the movie's cause either. Although this is the best book adaptation, there is still much sought after. Expand
  43. Jun 27, 2013
    The film swaps the tender poetry of the book for snappy, breezy gloss, and is further tarnishes the classic with the cartoony CGI settings.
    And Baz's casting of Daisy, Gatsby's obsession: Not so Great.
  44. Jul 6, 2013
    Soul-less, overly extravagant, and adorned with nauseating rap music, this relatively poor interpretation of an all-time favourite American classic succeeds in disappointing any hopeful viewer.
  45. Jul 27, 2014
    Glossy to where it's nauseating. A music track missing the era by at least eight decades. And bland performances from all with the exception of Leonardo DiCaprio and Tobey Maguire. It dragged on for at least thirty minutes. And the script is just as bland as the actors' acting. And too much color. Baz Luhrmann, you have s**t for talent.
  46. Sep 29, 2013
    I've read the book and absolutely hated this movie. its just some over-polished, badly paced, and poorly acted piece of trash. i couldn't care less about the characters, they all felt so disconnected to the movie, they all felt sooo fake. and what about those party scenes where everybody just spontaneously spazzes out to some "hip tuuunes" that did nothing but SUCK. all this combined spiraled this movie into an unbearable 2h c***fest Expand
  47. Sep 15, 2013
    The film is an extended, almost annoying than the boring. Uneventful, low scenario. Anyone who does not wait to see more. I did not like. I do not recommend it!
  48. Sep 11, 2013
    The Great Gatsby is a novel that will forever exemplify the glamour and style that was the roaring twenties. The recent movie portrayed this culture in a way that almost made the viewers nostalgic of the time period. The costume and set design were so over the top with the sparkles and classic flappers dresses the women looked spoiled in glamour; we as 21st century viewers sat in awe and jealousy of what seemed such carefree, lavish, and exciting time. Watching the movie ignorant to the novel allowed for people to view it in awe rather than disappointment.
    From book to box office, The Great Gatsby will never be able to be properly portrayed into a film. The novel requires so much analysis of characters and subtleties, that a film simply can not require that much thought from viewers. Being able to think about what made Gatsby so rich and confident to outsiders, yet so self-conscious and sad in reality is something only readers can understand. Deciding how to feel about how easy going Nick was in dealing with Gatsby’s demands makes the reader second-guess any previous view of Gatsby. Accepting how willing Daisy was to betray her husband is a controversy that must be analyzed to accept. These are all things that a reader can take time to think about rather than the specific time that a movie runs on. The movie does not allow for the appropriate appreciation for the story that is The Great Gatsby.
  49. Oct 13, 2013
    Easily superior to both the 1974 and 1949 films, a gaudy, fast, noisy, overloaded, gorgeously detailed style matches the novel's smashed up atmosphere of distortion and excess. Convincing performances from the entire cast render characters more lifelike than the novel. While it could be a perfect film, the director created a blemish by making the story Romeo and Juliet, when it is meant as Don Quixote. The almost cubist, many-sided Gatsby is more than a schmoozing opportunist because of his capacity for illusion that's what makes him "great" leaving him more than a little absurd in the emerging modernist world. He can't see that his earnest, midwestern, pioneering spirit now reaches for something fundamentally careless, insincere, and artificial, like Daisy Buchanan; this movie wrongly gives the impression of tragically unconsummated mutual devotion. While the forest is missed for the trees, this is still a very very fun movie, especially the mashed up styles in the soundtrack. Expand
  50. Nov 1, 2013
    I thought it was a mediocre movie. I'm not really disappointed but i must say it was not very authentic.
    Music was very very poorly chosen, totally failed for me there. Story was not very twisty nor was there anything really special. Costumes were good. To much PC animation, but i've expected that. Wouldn't buy the DVD/BD watch it for free some day on TV or something.
  51. Dec 4, 2013
    Emotional film which has in the great interpretation of Di Caprio (and I say this as someone who usually can hardly appreciate him), and in the wise use of certain phrases/sections of the book, its strength.

    Overall, one of the best movies, based on a book, I've ever seen .

    That said I understand any negative reviews: the style of Luhrmann is sleek and baroque, almost to touch the
    grotesque... it's a give or take.

    But I do not give a 10 because, in the new century, we are still in the hands of producers such as Jay-Z, that put the money and still want to decide on things that are not within their competence, creating disasters... in this case, inserting improbable musical interludes within the film: real advertising, not even disguised.

    I also appreciate the film for this reason: the criticism of the wealth as the only foundation of respect for others, every description of corruption decided by money... this point and crowns Jay- Z (real seller of the mass, other than "producer", musical or not).

    By now you have no more social distinctions or skin color... we have a man that personifies the power of money, corruption, and fraud to the masses... and has a dark skin... and this means nothing...
  52. Nov 15, 2013
    This is probably the most uninteresting movie. You shouldn't put newer music in a movie that's supposed to take place in 20's, the music threw everything off. Yeah the movie should only be partially like the book but since the book is a really good classic you guys screwed everything up. Leonardo dicaprio is an amazing actor and is good in this movie but the rest of actors is just a no.
  53. Nov 30, 2013
    A letdown to say the least. The first 20 minutes of the film is a rushed mess. The visuals and cinematography, however, are spectacular and keep the film afloat. It's just unfortunate that a movie should have to rely on it.
  54. Jan 10, 2014
    I really didn't know what to expect when I watched this movie, but I can tell you I was at least pleased with the outcome. Leonardo DiCaprio and Tobey Maguire both did good performances, as well as the rest of the cast. The film provides an interesting look at the height of the "Roaring Twenties". However, it's long running time of nearly 21/2 hours and a near-constant bombardment of visual over-stimulation might make the film somewhat exhausting for some. Every bit as visually dazzling as one might expect with it's production, grand sets, scenery, and detailed costume designs. I personally feel that while this film doesn't necessarily belongs to the category of overblown, over-elaborate movies out there, it could have benefited from having a less dazzling tone. All that aside, the plot was good and I felt sad at the end for Gatsby. Because of the film I decided to read the book, and the movie is a good adaption of the novel.

    If you liked this review, please read my other ones on a wide variety of movies, videogames, and TV shows by clicking on my name, and mark this review as helpful.

    (P.S, you may have read this review by me under "andrewgarcia732". I cannot enter my old account and have started a new one.)
  55. Jan 2, 2014
    F. Scott Fitzgerald's "The Great Gatsby" is undeniably one if the greatest novels in American literature, and one of my personal favourites. I was thrilled to find out that the book was being adapted into big budget movie, and I thought that Casting Leo as Gatsby was brilliant.... I was so disappointed with the film. The acting was spot on, and the cinematography was impressive; however, the directing was horrible. Also, the most iconic moments in the book were cut short and reduced into a music video. What the hell was Baz thinking? I'll rate it a one for Leo and Carey Expand
  56. Jan 1, 2014
    It's not the performances that are bad, it's the idea and story itself. It just isn't interesting, it's painfully boring, and Baz Luhrmann made it even worse, because after the first 20 minutes of lights and music, the rest is extremely boring.
  57. Jan 14, 2014
    I can't understand why the critics panned this movie. I thought it was one of the most visually brilliant films I have seen. The visual imagery has also been well used to capture the period, the characters, the plot, the emotions and the mood of the movie. Leonardo DiCaprio turns in a fine performance and is well supported by Tobey Maguire. I enjoyed every bit of it.
  58. Jan 21, 2014
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. A long time ago every Saturday afternoon you could see an old movie on Flemish television.John Wayne,Danny Kay,Charlie Chaplin,Spencer Tracy,Mickey Rooney,Clint Eastwood etc. were seen weekly in a black and white or in those faded 60's Technicolor color movie.Regularly they played the old dance movies and musicals with well-known stars such as Fred Astaire, Ginger Rogers, Rita Hayworth , Gene Kelly, Samy Davis Jr.. and many others.All situated in the 20's with men in tuxedos and women who float around in expensive evening gowns and overloaded with glitzy jewelry.A paragon of wealth and decadence which was reserved for some at that time.So I saw a lot of them passing by on the screen while dancing the Foxtrot.My hate and disgust for anything that smells like musical,is grown in that period.I skip each musical or dance film purely for the fact that they always start to sing or spontaneously start dancing for every trivial fact.Pancakes are made and you can expect there is a serenade on this baking process.Or there is some ordinary shopping done in a local supermarket , and before you know it, everyone dances a waltz in between the vegetables.Pfffft,nothing for me.
    TGG itself is not exactly a true musical or dance film, but the decadent parties that Gatsby is organizing are dangerously close to it. I expected every moment an alignment of women dressed in swimsuits, extremely precise in a row, making a jump in sequential order and with deadly precision into Gatsby's enormous garden fountain. And yet I didn't like the choice of music. It didn't really fit the whole of this movie. The beginning of the song by Jay Z (I thought it was him) mixed with images of New York and the display of wealth that some people possess , I found successful. But the music does not fit with the swirling parties afterwards . In some way it clashed with the picture what you got in mind. And personally I thought that the interpretation of "Back and Black" was a blatant violation of the sublime song of Amy Whinehouse despite that Beyonce has a beautiful voice.
    I haven't seen any previous films directed by Baz Luhrmann. I only know Moulin Rouge and i obviously haven't seen that for the well-known reasons that I already described above. It took some effort to get used to that airborne camera images in the beginning, but on the whole, his approach is sometimes grotesque. It looked all magical and fairy-like. Several times it had such an effect that was used in ancient times to emphasize a love scene or some magical moments. Those hazy and shimmering shadows around certain images. It reminded me sometimes of the first "Wizard of Oz" movie. The imposing and monstrous looking mansion of Gatsby looked like it was in a direct competition with the castle you can admire in Disneyland. So exaggerated. So it all looks decent and is terribly perfectly portrayed. The glamour of those days splashes of the screen, but at the same time, it all looks so fake . The computer animation department clearly had to do an extra effort. In terms of costumes for the characters, this film is matchless. Ditto for the props that can be admired throughout the film. From the Oldsmobiles that drive around until the furniture. In one word: masterful .

    Tobey Maguire I think is the biggest flaw in this movie. The fact that he's a person who has to get over his alcohol problem and tells his story about Gatsby to a psychiatrist or physician, and at the same time has the appearance of a pubescent student, makes the whole rendition of Carraway totally unbelievable. By the way, I still think that his acting ability is limited to the sometimes silly staring into nothing, with such a moronic smile on his face . DiCaprio also looks too young for his portrayal as Gatsby . In fact you may well expect that he would have a face that shows how difficult his live has been. But I think Leo does an excellent performance as the mysterious and extravagant billionaire . Maybe a bit too melodramatic . And the phrase "Old sport" does not fit completely with him. Besides it really started to get on my nerves after a while hearing him saying that over and over again. A disadvantage is that it takes a while before he comes into the picture and then Maguire needs to carry the complete movie. And that failed miserably . For me, Joel Edgerton , who played Tom Buchanan, was the best actor in this film . The bravado and arrogance that he displayed was beautiful to watch.

    I don't think I've ever read Fitzgerald's book.The content is actually a plain simple love story . The run-up to the meeting with Gatsby, I liked the most in this movie when Maguire moves into the small house overshadowed by the immense castle of the mysterious Gatsby. Once this is over,it's really only a dull and ordinary love story and Maguire is relegated to a pathetic spectator of the flirting between Gatsby and Dais.
    Actually I expected more from TGG.It's is a damn long, boring and sad movie.
  59. Jan 28, 2014
    Beautiful picture with really good actors and a interesting story, but the jay-z songs in the middle of the 20s NY scenario and the extremely computerized buildings and cities didn`t convince me.
  60. Mar 16, 2014
    I was interested why Leo didn't get an Oscar, so I went to watch this movie. In short - now I know why.
    This movie follows the book plot pretty closely, and just to get it out of the way right now - the book is much more fun. It's very nicely writted and I do recommend it. Especially over the movie.
    Some of the reviewers say the actors are a perfect cast - I dissagree. I believe that the
    women cast in this movie are perfect casts, however every man that isn't Joel Edgerton was a terrible choice. I felt Joel Edgerton had the greatest idea of what his character could be with his own capabilities, if that makes any sense to you. However DiCaprio was the worst choice for Gatsby in this movie, not because Gatsby isn't his type of role - on the contrary, it is, but director Baz Luhrmann was going in a very different direction.
    I blame Baz Luhrmann for the fall of this movie. At times the movie does look amazing with loads of atmosphere that I couldn't help but be inspired of. Anything that wasn't 3D or character-related, Baz Luhrmann did direct nicely. However in my opinion he regarded the audience as a bunch of retards and that is why the cast fails. Let me elaborate: he wanted to hint some things at the beggining of the movie, but he does it quite poorly and it looks stupid, and then after the secret is out he continues to hint at it and it becomes a hinderance the characters can't carry. Wow, that's spoiler free for you.
    Also the movie has some really weird 3D sequences that don't really fit, they are very cheaply done and look very outdated, like a lot of things in this movie. But while some things are outdated, others - like the music, tends to go into a 80s Dubstep rage and it really doesn't fit.
    I must quote Jeremy Jahns on this and say that this movie is loud and overexposed to the point of headache. I really felt overburdened by this movie and I enjoyed only a few scenes. After watching it it felt like my head is going to explode, and on the next day - I'd forgotten I had watched this movie.
    In conclusion to the review - this is an overhyped OK movie that is hindered by it's direction. In conclusion to my research: This is why Leo didn't get and Oscar and for good reason. Though I'm sorry for him, he did cap himself out a bit this year.
    I do recommend this movie if you have nothing better to do, it is consuming and fun to watch. Just don't have any expectations... Ol' Spo't
  61. Feb 14, 2014
    The new remake of The Great Gatsby is good enough in visuals to keep a person watching but even with the newly written screenplay being closely accurate to the story may be a slight disappointment for even the greatest Gatsby fans.
  62. Mar 21, 2014
    " I've seen many great movies that DiCaprio starred but this is DiCaprio biggest hits yet " . I see a magical place and the big cities and stunning performances and especially Leanardo .
  63. Mar 3, 2014
    Luhrmann's attempt to modernise the story does come across overall as rather stilted. I can see how the purists would be annoyed at the lack of subtlety and how certain themes and characters are portrayed. As a cinematic piece however, the visuals, with some great editing in scenes, and certain performances hold this film together.
  64. Apr 3, 2014
    This is a story that lots of us have heard of. I personally enjoy this movie more than the old one. The main thing I like is that the creator could link the times when the Gatsby is from and nowadays. The costumes and decorations were from 'there, but the music was from our time. Some of the music were following the style ofjazz and some were just like dubstep, which helped to notice tge difference between two worlds. However, behind that, I felt like I am there with Gatsby and other characters, feeling everything they feel. Good new production, but I reccomend to read the book before watching. Expand
  65. Jun 30, 2014
    I’ll have this soundtrack going though my head for the next couple of weeks. The Great Gatsby takes place in a futuristic feeling twenties which gives the movie a very entertaining yet confusing setting. The movie follows an average New York Wall Street broker who takes an interest in his mysterious neighbor, Mr. Gatsby. It’s hard to say what this movie is really about without giving away too much. For a movie based on a critically acclaimed novel written in the the mid-twenties, it sure has a modern feel to it. This aspect of the film bugged me at first, but I quickly got used to it, falling into the surreal fantasy of Gatsby's world. I found this movie very entertaining and fun, all while being clever. The film had a very exaggerated feel to it, like a play on broadway. At first it was distracting but the style grew on me as the movie progressed. So I have to say acting was pretty good, Leonardo DiCaprio knocked it out of the park as usual with a great performance. On more of the downside the film lacked a sense of reality and pushed characters past the point of being believable. I felt it didn't really try to be anything it wasn't, and seemed to be pretty self-aware. The movie looked and sounded great. I recommend it for a different kind of movie watching experience. Expand
  66. TEM
    May 29, 2014
    The cast is excellent and it all looks perfect. I suggest reading the book first as it makes the movie better. I like Jay Z so I have no problem with the music selections. Overall, a good movie but Fitzgerald's story ultimately drags the movie down a little.
  67. Jun 13, 2014
    The Great Gatsby looks to be very simple, but it actually hides a very complex story that is more than a romantic, high society, what ever story. charismatic Jay Gatsby uses all of New York to weave his shell game. It is so well written that when reading a lot of reviews, professional and not, so many do not see the forest through the trees. What Mr. Fitzgerald has done is woven multiple stories into one character, and made it look easy. The movie was well done on all aspects Expand
  68. Jul 5, 2014
    I believe modernizing "The Great Gatsby" was a huge mistake, because precise period detail plays a very important role in Gatsby's story. Using modern hip-hop and R&B songs obviously won't give you a glimpse of the roaring 20s. Casting Tobey Maguire as Nick Carraway seems wrong as well; his character is supposed to be the one any viewer could identify with, (Because in the book he is the POV character) but "Peter Parker" obviously does not have the skills to do that.

    All in all with less whining - The quality of "The Great Gatsby" is mixed to negative.
  69. Jul 7, 2014
    As I seen The Great Gatsby movie at my school, I find it pretty good. Though the only problem with this movie is the music. You see, the music wasn't fit in right. It was too modern. Especially with Jay-Z as the music producer. If he weren't producing rap music much, I would loved the movie even more. So go check it out if you hadn't seen it. It's a pretty good movie.
  70. Aug 4, 2014
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Film is such a gift by science and a chance to take the flat page and make it truly alive in sight and sound and mood, this movie reminds me as a child of my wonderment in seeing my first pop up picture book, and after a fleeting wonderment, just wanting to rip the image out to see if it does anything else.

    Daisy is not worth Jay's efforts and pain - a failure in casting, portrayal, she's a non entity, she's not aloof, she's not animated, nor desirable in any way, we don't need to care about Daisy, but we need to see why Jay does love her, not a hint of why.

    Leonardo offers the only window into his love for Daisy, the fear in his face when he stands at the open door drenched by the rain.

    Nick, supposed to drive the story for us, and make us see inside Jay's soul....Tobey Maguire another epic miscast, the character of Nick needs to have a voice, and make us care and feel a loss when Jay dies, make us feel sad when no one attends his funeral, I just kept worrying about the autumn leaves getting in the pool and hoping someone would drain it before winter.

    When someone has already done the hard work of writing a story for you....there is no excuse for screwing it up.

    A fantastic failure at best

Mixed or average reviews - based on 45 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 19 out of 45
  2. Negative: 3 out of 45
  1. Reviewed by: Matt Zoller Seitz
    Jun 11, 2013
    Even when the movie's not working, its style fascinates. That "not working" part is a deal breaker, though — and it has little to do with Luhrmann's stylistic gambits, and everything to do with his inability to reconcile them with an urge to play things straight.
  2. Reviewed by: Dave Calhoun
    May 27, 2013
    What Luhrmann makes intoxicating is a sense of place – the houses, the rooms, the city, the roads – and the sense that all this is unfolding in a bubble like some mad fable. Where he falters is in persuading us that these are real, breathing folk whose experiences and destinies can move us.
  3. Reviewed by: Jane Crowther
    May 20, 2013
    Gatsby fans will be unoffended yet untransported, but soundtracks will sell, DiCaprio will be on bedroom walls again and new readers may discover the book - which is no bad thing.