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  • Summary: A sweetly quirky work that tells a story of love, art, robbery and photocopying. In combining magical realism and comedy, director Jorge Furtado creates a new cinematic vision that is propelled by a lively Brazilian soundtrack and a first-class ensemble cast. (TLA Releasing)
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  1. Furtado's comic thriller is a telling commentary on modern avarice in Brazil and elsewhere, which touches on everything from "The Simpsons" to "Rear Window" along the way. Too bad it runs out of ideas before the overlong story is over.
  2. Manages to tackle some serious issues without sacrificing its inherently sweet nature.
  3. It's uneven, but still pretty charming, and director Jorge Furtado's whimsical visual touches keep things lively.
  4. This ambitious and sometimes entertaining Brazilian feature tries to pull off a tricky maneuver but doesn't quite get it done.
  5. Two movies in one, but it's no bargain. A charming romantic comedy... transforms awkwardly into a hedonistic crime thriller, with the two genres violently butting heads.
  6. Reviewed by: Achy Obejas
    A sad, wasted movie.

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  1. E.J
    Sep 6, 2005
    Very good movie...I agree if you're in the to "hollywoodish" movies the movie may start too slow for you, but it's a really enjoyable movie

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