Generally unfavorable reviews - based on 30 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 3 out of 30
  2. Negative: 13 out of 30
  1. 38
    There are three or four big laughs scattered throughout The Pink Panther 2, along with a smattering of decent chuckles. But all those moments combined account for maybe five minutes of screen time, which leaves you with another hour and a half of movie to sit through.
  2. This comedy whodunit generates more laughs than its predecessor, which is to say, two or three.
  3. 38
    The movie hopes to be regarded as childlike too, but there's a difference between kid-friendly and just regular old dumb.
  4. Perhaps Martin should go back to taking chances and writing original work.
  5. 38
    The breath of fresh air, to the extent that one can be identified in the staleness of this recycled refuse, is John Cleese.
  6. 25
    Martin is a gifted physical comic. He deserves an original role tailored to his own talents. Watching something this borrowed just makes me blue.
  7. 25
    Playing Clouseau's exasperated boss, Cleese rams his head into a wall minutes into the action. That's a powerful image, insofar as his headache was mine.
  8. 25
    Even the great Lily Tomlin can't muster a funny reaction to a Polish joke. It's an everything-including-the kitchen-sink comedy -- and the sink has rusty pipes.
  9. What I can't accept, however, is talents such as Reno, Garcia, Tomlin, and Molina wasting away in a movie like this. As punishment for their complete lack of artistic integrity, all four of them should be forced to sit in a room for all eternity watching The Pink Panther 2 over and over.
  10. Reviewed by: Ernest Hardy
    It's Garcia, Molina, and Tomlin who give you momentary hope that the film might settle into a witty, irreverent romp. Unfortunately, their efforts are ultimately defeated.
  11. Costars John Cleese, Jean Reno, Alfred Molina, Andy Garcia, and Jeremy Irons look either bored or desperate, gasping for laughs in an airless screenplay.
  12. This time he (Martin) goes through the motions.
  13. One of the most dreadfully unnecessary movies in recent memory.
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  2. Negative: 14 out of 30
  1. Johnm
    Feb 11, 2009
    Very under rated movie. A plus for Martin Fans. Glad I did not listen to the Critics.
  2. Aug 25, 2014
    Since this is a comedy, it is expected that there are more than a couple of funny, laughable moments - which there were. Some of them fed off the first movie (so watching that before going to see the new one might be a good idea). Part of the time, repetition was used as a source of amusement, and worked mostly, although you could see it coming.

    The acting in this movie is pretty dreadful - something that I recall the first movie fell into as well. Overacting is as much a trademark to this movie as is Closeau's attempt to get "hamburger" right. The accents are also over-done, probably to get more amusement out of the scenes.

    Most notable things for me in this movie were Jean Reno and Andy Garcia in their respective roles - and Jeremy Irons! Those men were awesome, although the actors didn't get too much time to bring themselves forth from all the chaotic action.

    The movie starts a bit jumpily, going right into the point - almost too quickly. The same pace continues thorough the movie, as if the plot was dancing from one foot to another, wobbling at times, then going steadily onwards again.

    There's not too much to the plot; it is quite predictable. Still, it somehow holds itself together, and while the conclusion of the movie is far from fulfilling, the laughable elements are there.

    This movie isn't going to run for Oscars, but it certainly does give a few things to talk about later with your friends.
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  3. Mar 9, 2014
    An easily forgettable and rather uninspired sequel, Pink Panther 2 fails to deliver on any level, and instead beats the hell out of its jokes until they are no longer even jokes but rather just stupid sight-gags and silly dialogue. Full Review »