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  • Summary: This documentary follows the legal cases that ultimately led to former General Augusto Pinochet being arrested and tried for his crimes against humanity committed over the 25 years that he ruled Chile as one of the most notorious tyrants of the 20th century.
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  1. Reviewed by: Jonathan Curiel
    Interviews with Pinochet's victims put a human face on the systematic torture that existed under his rule.
  2. Eloquent, meticulously structured documentary -- Sober political and legal analysis alternates with grim first-hand accounts of torture and murder in a film that has the structure of a choral symphony that swells to a bittersweet finale.
  3. The Pinochet Case is a searing album of remembrance from those who, having survived, suffered most.
  4. Because stateside newspapers aren't enough, "The Battle of Chile" (possibly the most riveting and vital historical document ever put on celluloid) should be a prerequisite to Guzmán's new doc, The Pinochet Case.
  5. Reviewed by: Ken Fox
    Chilean filmmaker Patricio Guzman's powerful and sometimes triumphant documentary is not only an excellent overview of the affair, but serves as the perfect finale to his monumental trilogy about the coup and its aftermath, which began with "The Battle of Chile" (1978).
  6. 75
    A riveting documentary.
  7. The film is at its most compelling when the witnesses are telling their stories, and at its least in covering Pinochet's circuitous legal route to Britain's House of Lords.

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