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  1. 80
    A shaggy, appealing parable involving two lovers, some gorgeous heifers, gentle Maori gangster-golfers, and a dilapidated suitcase packed with used baby shoes, The Price of Milk throws itself onto the magic-realist sword with aplomb.
  2. Manages to be innocent, physically passionate, earnestly romantic and self-deprecatingly funny, all at once.
  3. Like nothing else that's played in months.
  4. 75
    The Price of Milk, which boasts a lush classical score recorded by the Moscow Symphony Orchestra, has a few more twists that make this a Valentine's Day delight.
  5. It's weird, wacky territory you enter in The Price of Milk, and we don't just mean New Zealand.
  6. Reviewed by: David Rooney
    Full of surreal occurrences and bizarre, sometimes overly precious humor that may make it too rarefied an exercise for wide acceptance.
  7. Reviewed by: Ken Fox
    Easily one of the oddest romantic comedies since "My New Gun." It's also one of the most visually inventive, and if its charms very nearly defy description, it's nonetheless irresistible.
  8. This journey is clunkily rendered, clouded by an avalanche of murky symbolism.
  9. 50
    There is a place for whimsy and magic realism, and that place may not be on a cow farm in New Zealand.
  10. This rich, gorgeous music and the wistful pastoral scenes create a rhapsodic mood that the rest of the film doesn't really sustain.
  11. A modern-day fable about love and commitment — it's different.
  12. Fairy-tale-like musing on true love in cynical times.
  13. Reviewed by: Tom Keogh
    In the tradition of "Sunrise" and "Eyes Wide Shut," crises set the characters on a kind of dreamy, nocturnal journey through chaos and fear.
  14. 33
    The trouble is that it's so lead-footed and delighted with itself even as bit after bit sinks like a lead weight.
  15. Gets points for oddness. Excellence is another matter.
  16. This sort of thing is the problem with making stuff up as you go along.
  17. The guiding philosophy of The Price of Milk seems to be that if you throw something on the screen and call it a fairy tale, it has to mean something. But it doesn't.
  18. If a mildly magical story is what you're after, it'll be worth the price of admission. Otherwise save your milk money for something more substantial.
  19. A whimsical modern fairy tale.
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  1. May 11, 2012
    A modern love fable set in rural New Zealand. Beautifully filmed with music by various Russian composers, which adds to the surrealA modern love fable set in rural New Zealand. Beautifully filmed with music by various Russian composers, which adds to the surreal composition of this unconventional film. Lucinda, worrying about the love between she and Rob, decides to put Rob through a series of tests. When things get out-of-hand (don't they always), Lucinda is determined to correct the mistakes before she loses her one true love. If it seems a bit choppy with some rough edges - it might be due to a very low budget and director Sinclair's preference for having only outline scripts and filling-in as they go. Somehow it seems to work. Full Review »