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  1. Ripe with characters and events reflecting the psychic travails of today's young adults.
  2. 91
    In a film culture in which contrived tomfoolery and overinflated emotions stifle in their effort to provide comedy and romance, something as light and precise as The Puffy Chair feels like more than an exception; it feels like fresh air.
  3. 90
    The Puffy Chair is the funniest, saddest and most emotionally honest "romantic comedy" to come along in years, even if I've yet to encounter many over the age of about 35 who like the film, or even get it.
  4. It's all so goddamn realistic and reminiscent of real-life love (and how often does that happen onscreen?) that The Puffy Chair would be hell to watch if it weren't so funny.
  5. Reviewed by: Don R. Lewis
    The scenes feel real and both Duplass and Aselton do a great job duking it out. The Puffy Chair combines great original comedy and solid acting to make a fun movie.
  6. 80
    A pointed and nicely observed screenplay that guides us on an often funny journey through familiar terrain made fresh by their off-center sensibility and three fine performances.
  7. 80
    A charming, if limited, romantic comedy that examines post-collegiate angst with easy, unself-conscious humor.
  8. 75
    Combines a wise script with funky performances, especially by Aselton, who could give Jennifer Aniston a run for her money.
  9. Under the cover of what seems like a charmingly slapdash style, the Duplass brothers have created a disarmingly shrewd movie.
  10. 75
    Billed as a dark comedy, brothers Jay and Mark Duplass' shaggy, ultra-low-budget tale of a tense New York-to-Atlanta road trip is more accurately a relationship-hell drama peppered with strangled laughs.
  11. 70
    While it would be accurate to call the film a comedy, the Duplasses are trying to wrestle something closer to Chekhov than to farce out of the lives of these semi-likable, highly recognizable people.
  12. Reviewed by: Melissa Levine
    Like "Funny Ha Ha," Andrew Bujalski's casually raw 2002 faux–cinema vérité indie about a bunch of shiftless twentysomethings, The Puffy Chair uses simple, unadorned dialogue and intimate, off-the-cuff performances to get at the underlying issues.
  13. The movie may not amount to much, but the genial tone and exceptionally good performances from the three leads make for a winning debut by the Duplass brothers.
  14. Reviewed by: Jessica Reaves
    An enjoyable road movie that feels both comfortable and completely fresh.
  15. Reviewed by: Ty Burr
    Ostensibly a road-trip farce, Chair really depicts the highway to man-child hell: The laughs come from the gulf between how mature the characters think they're being and what emotional toddlers they are.
  16. It's a slacker flick, it's a relationship pic, it's a road movie all under the same hood.
  17. Its fidelity to its characters’ view of the world -- although they are presumably college graduates, they seem never to have read a book or expressed an opinion -- is more a liability than a virtue. The Puffy Chair is as modest as their ambitions and as narrow as their curiosity about the world beyond themselves.
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  1. DannyG.
    Jun 17, 2007
    For two brothers to create a movie on a shoestring budget that is this entertaining...they have succeeded in every way. This movie has more life and emotion than most of the sh!t that is churned out on a weekly basis in the mainstream theaters. We can relate to these characters and their struggles, both with each other and with themselves. The soundtrack is interesting and complements the movie well. Overall a standout in a sea of films that attempt to speak the struggles of 20 something in the 2000s. Full Review »
  2. GregoryH.
    Feb 12, 2007
    A pure waste of time. Tale of two brothers who we could really care less about. Irrational behavior guides it. A very dumb movie in every sense of the word. Does nothing to improve inter-generational understanding. These Gen-Y-ers were about as shallow as they come. This film was even worse than watching reality TV. Full Review »
  3. Stephen
    Feb 9, 2007
    Really...ah...not good. I mean nothing is all that compelling and unless you really, really care about spoiled white twentysomething wanna-be hipsters...then I wouldn't bother. The script does have some good dialog but it is overwritten and feels like a first draft. Kathryn Aselton turns in a nice performance. If art is life with the boring parts taken out, this film is true to life. Full Review »