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  • Summary: A comedy-drama about the members of a has-been, one-hit wonder band (Ward, Guma, Bierko, Ferrell) who reform for a performance at one of their weddings, during which a talent scout (Hewitt) urges them to make a comeback. Ben and Jerry Stiller also star as a team of music-industry executives.


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  1. 67
    A fresh and beautifully timed, if slight, romantic comedy.
  2. It's cute and jokey and has no particular edge.
  3. Reviewed by: Ernest Hardy
    Wants to be many things, but ends up being not much of anything.
  4. 30
    The movie's repeated attempts to combine seriousness and humor as in a blender give it a dysfunctionally earnest tone.
  5. A desperately unfunny comedy that wastes a brand-name cast.
  6. 25
    The storyline isn't coherent, the music stinks, the characters are one-dimensional, the dialogue is insipid and it is neither funny nor romantic.
  7. So utterly awful, you're tempted to build a time machine, then go back in history and try to make sure Ward's parents never meet.

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