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  2. Negative: 9 out of 76

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  1. Jul 24, 2012
    This film is actually very boring once you realise it. The pacing is just very uneven and there are multiple moments that don't even make that much sense and you wonder why they're there. Instead of Law's character being portrayed as annoying and stuck-up, nothing is there to illustrate his behaviour as annoying and stuck-up, so he just ends up looking like a spoilt brat with no proper explanation. Once he's gone, the thing just falls apart because Damon has nothing to go on and tries to look like a psychopath for the sake of it. Some scenes don't even fit together properly. That said, the scenery was very beautiful, so we got a nice backdrop that contrasted with the conflict that was going on between the characters. Plus, I found one scene particularly thrilling and heart-pounding, and to be honest, quite horrific actually. Expand
  2. Feb 18, 2011
    A delight for eyes, ears and mind - It's late in the 1950s. Jazz is popular and Tom Ripley travels to Italia for the first time to discover the world.

    Loner Tom Ripley joyfully accepts a generous offer from shipping pioneer Herbert Greenleaf. All he has to do is travel to Mongibello, south of Naples and convince his son Dickie to return home to New York. When Ripley meets Dickie and
    his girlfriend, he is attracted by the vital womanizer and the carefree life he lives. All goes well until Ripley's attraction towards Dickie turns to jealousy and he realizes that he is not willing to give up his new world.

    Minghella's story invites us into the inner and emotional life of protagonist Tom Ripley who on the outside appears as a humble, intelligent, socially well-adjusted and credible person. His inner fragility reveals it self in his interaction with the rich man's son Dickie, whose personality contrasts Ripley as warmth contrasts cold. Ripley's esteem blossoms in Dickie's company, but dazzled with Dickie's dazzling being he is misled to believe that Dickie's friendship is sincere and unfortunately it takes him to long to realize that his new friend considers him pastime. After the movies point-of-no-return Ripley's darker sides rises to the surface. The overeducated working class boy turns into a man of the world and at this point the character development takes a shocking turn and Minghella draws us further and further into Ripley's psyche.

    Minghella's knife sharp and plot rich screenplay, based on Patricia Highsmith's novel from 1955, is told with chronological narrative, voice-over and flashback scenes. Topics such as solitude, alienation, upper class life, envy, infatuation, homosexuality, identity and class distinction are explored in this flawlessly photographed in-depth character study which contains brilliant editing that alternates between long and short takes.

    The films nerve rests on Ripley's character, who has to overcome obstacle by obstacle to maintain his newly acquired status. This is effectuated by the strong progress Minghella creates through a story that never seizes to amaze. John Seal's earlier mentioned photography makes Italia look like a mystic adventure-land and enhances the films considerate mood. The stylized and realistic milieu depictions prompts the feeling of the zeitgeist, white the cinematography and music strengthens the romantic and ominous moods.

    When it comes to the acting, the whole crew is magnificent. Matt Damon's transformation to the nerdy and unpredictable main-character is impressive and his interpretation of this complex character is undoubtedly one of his finest. Jude Law should also be mentioned for the breakthrough role that made him one of the worlds largest movie-stars. With charismatic charm, arrogant attitude and an inspiring hunger for life, he perfectly embodies the character Dickie Greenleaf. Cate Blanchett, Gwyneth Paltrow and Philip Seymour Hoffman delivers substantial supporting performances and as Jude Law, they became huge movie-stars few years later.
  3. Feb 21, 2012
    Anthony Minghella sure knew how to make a beautiful film. This film deserves to be classic. Damon, Law, Paltrow, Blanchett and Hoffman are terrific here.
  4. Apr 1, 2012
    First off, I would give it a 9.25 out of 10. Acting is pretty good. Story is great. Some fighting scenes can be pretty brutal. Also, the environments are pretty great looking. Score is good. Overall, it's a good, interesting movie that you should watch.
  5. Sep 12, 2012
    Tom Ripley is an intelligent, literate and a calm monster; his characterization is extremely astonishing. It feels like we know he's the bad guy but we still want him to get away and never get caught by anyone. That's the charm of Tom Ripley. Matt's performance was wonderful, as I expected, he shined. Intelligent screenplay and a classy thriller including the elements of homosexuality mixed with envy, jealousy and crime, now that's something to look forward to. It gets a bit boring and slow in the middle though but if you get past through that, you'll really love it. I haven't read the novel so I don't know how much this film varies from the originality, but whatever, I like this movie because it still has that charm that works for me and if you only watch the movie and don't compare it to the novel, I think you'll still love it. Expand
  6. Nov 17, 2013
    Equal to the worst movie I have ever seen. A waste of good actors. A 1 because they kept me watching in hopes of it getting better, but it went the other way. At the end, we asked "why did we waste two hours?" Relationships were so odd, no hint of reality which is fine if it is a comedy (we did laugh a few times at its silliness). The film left us smaller and feeling used and dirty.

Generally favorable reviews - based on 35 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 31 out of 35
  2. Negative: 2 out of 35
  1. 74
    A near-perfect confection, a beautifully executed Hollywood all-you-can-eat salad bar of glamour, plot twists, breathtaking Mediterranean vistas, and jazz.
  2. Minghella's psychological redraft muffles the menace, squanders the tension, throws away the main character and plot engine and turns Ripley into something he never was or should be.
  3. Enter the world of the sociopathic killer and enjoy.