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  1. Positive: 7 out of 22
  2. Negative: 4 out of 22
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  1. Devious and inspired enough to juice you past any weak spots. Thou shalt be amused.
  2. 75
    The early, explosively funny skits and a loose, engagingly adventurous spirit are enough to ensure this uneven but often delightful project the cult fame that accompanies pretty much everything associated with Stella mainstay Wain.
  3. Reviewed by: Pam Grady
    Fundamentalists might take umbrage, but The Ten is not so much blasphemous as it is very silly, and it lives up to the one unbendable commandment of comedy: It's funny.
  4. Reviewed by: Dennis Harvey
    Second feature from duo David Wain and Ken Marino of comedy group the State is, like their "Wet Hot American Summer," uneven but often hilarious.
  5. Reviewed by: Robert Wilonsky
    More often than not, you'll laugh, and that's all you can hope for in what might as well be a prolonged episode of "The State," from which several of the cast and creators sprang.
  6. Wain and Marino try to tie all this together with a framing narrative about an unfaithful husband (Paul Rudd), which turns into a clever parody of Woody Allen movies.
  7. Gretchen Mol stars as a 35-year-old virgin deflowered in lusty romance-novel fashion on a trip to Mexico. Her hunky lover-boy's name? Jesus Christ (played by Justin Theroux). The segment? "Thou shalt not take the Lord's name in vain."
  8. Reviewed by: Mark Bell
    Let's talk about Paul Rudd. I think he may be in every film in 2007 and that's okay by me, because Paul Rudd has become an acting Man-God.
  9. 60
    An uneven, sophomoric and only fitfully funny omnibus of skits, The Ten is one of those silly-on-purpose ensemble exercises that must have been wildly fun to make.
  10. As sketch comedy, The Ten often is imaginative and sometimes hilarious...Still, like precursors from "The Groove Tube" to "Jackass," it doesn't make for much of a movie.
  11. The Ten is so proud of its own wit and irreverence that when you fail to be equally impressed, you are likely to wonder if your own sense of humor is, in some way, deficient. Rest assured it is not.
  12. 50
    The funniest and arguably most envelope-pushing episode stars Winona Ryder as a newlywed who falls in love on her honeymoon - and steals the object of her lust: a ventriloquist's dummy.
  13. A “Decalogue” for special-ed students, The Ten leans too often toward the bizarre and the bewildering. And though rough sex is a recurring motif, the movie’s overall tone is less blasphemous than raunchy.
  14. 50
    There are lengthy stretches during this movie when it's deadly dull. This is the kind of film that's ideal for DVD viewing. Judicious use of the fast forward button will greatly increase The Ten's appeal.
  15. Reviewed by: Aaron Hillis
    The Ten has one foot in "Monty Python's Meaning of Life" and another in their "Life of Brian," but ultimately we get the David Letterman School of Comedy: mediocre jokes continually repeated until they sometimes become uncomfortably funny.
  16. 50
    By flaunting its own stupidity, The Ten practically dares you not to laugh at it, like a stand-up comic who sells an unfunny joke through the ferocity of his delivery.
  17. 42
    Yet another witless, listless outing by the alleged comic minds behind such dubious treats as "The State," "Stella" and "Wet Hot American Summer."
  18. David Wain, director of "Wet Hot American Summer," brings his popular brand of surrealist yet mundane humor to the big screen with more or less dreadful results.
  19. Reviewed by: Tasha Robinson
    The Ten changes tone every few minutes, ranging from lowbrow gross-out gags to elevated language to a big, sloppy musical number.
  20. 30
    The Ten offers a brand of comedy for very particularized tastes, though everyone should appreciate the in-joke of featuring Ryder in the skit about the Eighth Commandment. For those of you less versed in the Bible, that’s the one that says thou shall not steal.
  21. 25
    Everyone involved seems to have been operating from the presumption that gross and blasphemous equals hilarious. Would that it did.
  22. Reviewed by: Ty Burr
    The Ten is a virtually snicker-free exercise in audience pain. It's less a movie than an endurance test.
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  1. BobN.
    Sep 10, 2007
    It's true that there are many rape jokes in this movie. This isn't generally a problem, in fact I love rape jokes and have a few It's true that there are many rape jokes in this movie. This isn't generally a problem, in fact I love rape jokes and have a few zingers I've made up myself. The problem here is that the rape jokes aren't very funny. Everyone knows that rape jokes are only funny if they involve clowns, small children, or some combination of the two. The rape jokes in this movie lacked those crucial elements, therefore rendering the jokes mirthless and at times mean-spirited. For better rape jokes check out one of the Zelda games. And don't roll your eyes at that, it's all about the subtext. Full Review »
  2. JamesC.
    Aug 23, 2007
    Not enough rape jokes!
  3. Mark
    Aug 19, 2007
    Very funny - Winona Ryder is fantastic in this.