Description: Texas Chain Saw Massacre, The (1974) movie trailer - starring Marilyn Burns, Edwin Neal, Allen Danziger, Paul A. Partain, William Vail, Teri McMinn. Theatrical Release Date: 10/1/1974 Genre: Horror Rating: R

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  • McCorpse  

    great movie, i love how its always thrown in conversations with the greats like halloween and hellraiser and nightmare on elm street but sets itself apart from all the others because of its low budget nature. Its not your typical, glossed over hollywood horror. Some of the characters were trully awesome while others were unfortunatly garbage. The iconic leatherface is one of the scariest horror villians ever created, wearing other peoples skin as a mask, wielding a chainsaw, and aparently severly handicapped. Also the grandfather character was creepy as hell, barely having the strength to suck the blood from one of the victims fingers. Unfortunatly none of the other characters back up these two freaks but luckily they are creepy enough to carry the movie. The hitchhiker was annoying but the scene of him cutting himself and the fat guy in the wheelchair is a scene that stuck with me long after watching the movie and was one of the only scenes i remembered before watching it again recently. Speaking of the fatty, he was also another character i hated, after watching the tcm documentary i was informored that this was intentional but i would have prefered to leave him out of it. Back to the good stuff though was the ending, loved the ending, the dinner scene leading to the outside chace with leatherface running with his iconic chainsaw while wearing a suit a tie has become one of my most favorite picturesque horror moments. Awesome horror, bring on the sequels!