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  • Summary: The interior of Brazil in the early 1970's: Firmino Santos Guerra, from a wealthy landed family, is abandoned by his fiancée, Filomena, who leaves him for his greatest enemy, Borges Capadocio. When Firmino extracts a bloody retribution decades later on Filomena's husband and sons, the widow turns to her three daughters as the instruments of her revenge. (Empire Pictures) Expand
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  1. This strikingly unusual movie is at once an old-fashioned melodrama, a boldly stylized spectacle, and a very grim fairy tale, acted and directed with originality and flair.
  2. Reviewed by: Deborah Young
    Fresh and offbeat tale of vendetta.
  3. 60
    This Brazilian thriller blows a heck of a lot of hot air, but really doesn’t deliver on the ass-kickings it so threatens.
  4. 50
    He's (director Abranches) so focused on creating a strikingly mannerist visual style that he forgets to flesh out his plot and characters.
  5. Reviewed by: Ken Fox
    The film has all the pregnant pauses, exaggerated reaction shots and melodramatic scoring of an overripe telenovela, but, unlike a good soap opera, the sisters' separate story lines are clumsily balanced.
  6. Its emotional climate is too extreme to invite identification, and its characters are too single-minded in their revenge to evoke pity, terror or even much interest.
  7. 25
    The leaden pacing, somnambulant performances and incessant symbolism in nearly every shot will soon have you thinking that The Three Marias is three too many.

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