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  • Summary: The film follows a hypothetical proposition: a group of astronauts are circling the earth in a spacecraft, but they cannot return, as our planet has become uninhabitable. The cause of this remains open - all-out war, outbreak of a new disease beyond control, radiation after the complete disappearance of the ozone layer, or whatever. The crew of the spacecraft has to find a more hospitable place out there in space, and releases a probe from their cargo bay, Galileo. But Galileo - after sending back very disquieting data - has to be sent on a suicide mission. (Warner Herzog Filmproduktion) Expand
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  1. There is pleasure in such useless beauty, of course, and pleasure too in drifting with the jellyfish amid the wild blue yonder of a great filmmaker’s imagination.
  2. 80
    Not a major Herzog work or one that will draw a large audience, but a must-see for those who suspect (as I do) that he's one of the greatest talents now working in this medium.
  3. Herzog's strangely beautiful film has marvelous music and hypnotic imagery. A documentary for stoners and people who are that way naturally, it is a cautionary tale for wishful thinkers.
  4. 67
    The Wild Blue Yonder has a small message to deliver about the importance of ecological conservation, but mostly, it's an excuse to cut together mesmerizing undersea and outer-space photography while a hypnotic soundtrack drones on.
  5. A meandering, amusing trifle, Werner Herzog's latest film is as cheekily flaky as his recent "Grizzly Man" was sharply down-to-earth.
  6. Reviewed by: Ed Halter
    Though occasionally striking, the footage doesn't pack the evocative punch Herzog intends, and segments that should be lyrical mind trips only result in overstretched longueurs.
  7. 50
    By the time Herzog tried to pass off jellyfish as Dourif's old pals, my indulgence was nearing its end--but then so was the movie.

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  1. AugustusS.
    Nov 14, 2006
    A stunning, well-made film, definitely the most interesting modern one I have seen in some time. The photography in the exploration parts are beautiful. Brad Dourif does a great job as narrator, very convincing, very real. I do not generally like Middle Eastern music, but it was used very effectively, and I cannot imagine anything else working better for this film. Some audiences may find it boring, especially the segments inside the space shuttle, but these are an integral part of the whole work. The message, that we as humans do not appreciate our planet, is very relevant and delivered with gravitas. Unlike many directors who were great in the seventies, Herzog seems to have retained much of his brilliance and creativity, though this is not a masterpiecee like "Aguirre." Expand
  2. Mar 12, 2012
    A film that is on to something in it's approach but fails in it's execution. Herzog's long scenes are feel extremely long because they do not have the power he thinks it has. Because of this the film is a bit of a drag to watch, but I guarantee it will be the best misfire you have ever seen. Expand