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  1. Dec 25, 2013
    Overrated crap from the most overrated director with the most overrated actor currently working?
    Nah, not really…. I generally love Martin Scorsese's films, but this film just didn't have any likable characters and three hours was just too long to spend on characters this repulsive.
  2. Dec 25, 2013
    In the end, The Wolf of Wall Street is an outrageous and repugnant reflection of something very real and very rotten at the core of our society. Some people will inevitably be so put off by the harsh composition of the message that they fail to heed the importance of that message; but in presenting so much of the bad and the ugly behind Wall Street so unflinchingly, Scorsese has crafted an insightful and important deconstruction of post-millennial America’s moral erosion. These are the barbarians at our gates. Expand
  3. Dec 27, 2013
    I don't usually review movies but this one really bothered me and I have to share my thoughts. The Wolf of Wall Street is well written, well shot, and clearly well directed overall. The acting is fantastic, especially from Leo He put in one of the best performances I seen in a long time. I have never been so universally approving of how a film was put together yet had such a negative reaction to it.
    I'm a white male and I don't identify as a feminist, but if this film is indicative of the new norm, I may have to start doing so. The misogyny in this film is so unforgiving and goes so unaddressed that it simply cannot just be satire or a cultural mirror. I'm not talking about the hookers either. Repeatedly, women in this film are shown to be unbelievably weak. Sex is their only commodity, beauty is the only thing that matters. When Jack's first wife, with whom he has multiple children, finds him cheating with Naomi, all she can do is cry. We never see her again. She never even mentions their kids! Naomi is worse. Even though she is never presented as anything more than a vapid beauty, she is worshiped. During her most "powerful" scene, the only one where she exerts any kind of force over Jack, she is calling him daddy and giving him blue balls. During the movie, she is completely powerless to address any of Jack's problems with drugs or cheating. We never even see her try. The female lead of the movie is a beautiful accessory and nothing else. All she has to offer him is sex, and she knows it. Even the woman who is ostensibly the most female stockbroker at Jack's firm is weak Jack even gives a teary eyed speech about how she never could have made it if he didn't lend her $25,000 when he gave her the job.
    If the intention of this movie was to wake up people like me, who have probably been watching films like this without batting an eye for years, then Scorcese has succeeded. Many viewers, however, will probably be too taken in by the flashy editing, language, and fantasy to give it a second thought.
    It’s a shame that something this destructive has to come in such a well executed package.
  4. Dec 26, 2013
    It's unfortunate that we're now glorifying the same people who brought our country low with the same selfish and socially destructive behaviors depicted in this film.

    Regardless of quality, the Wolf of Wall Street deserves to be doing time for eternity vs. having his disgusting image touted in a film.

    If there is an afterlife, this man will be the first to burn in it.
  5. Dec 26, 2013
    This movie is absolutely terrible. Drags on like crazy. It would have been a lot better if they stuck towards the script of Catch Me If You Can, which they tried, but it turned into more drug information than anything. Never watching again.
  6. Dec 26, 2013
    As a stock broker who makes tens of millions annually, i find this film completely ridiculous! This film is extremely vulgar and only has about ten words other than f**k! The sex scenes are disturbing and i am shock DiCaprio made such a discussing film!! Would not recommend this horrible movie, it is not at all how stock brokers work, take it from a man who makes millions on wall street!
  7. Dec 27, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. All reviews of Wolf of Wall Street should be liberally peppered with spoilers so the viewing public doesn't waste precious time and money. It's hard to understand why DiCaprio and Scorsese invested so much of themselves in this movie as director, actor and producers of this appalling production. One can assume they teamed up once again because they will most certainly make money hand over fist because this surreal, tasteless, vulgar and immature material does and will continue to appeal to the masses. It's disturbing to realize this production reflects how much cash (and other vices such as drugs, alcohol, sex and vulgarity) are controlling forces in the world. Of course, it's nothing new, but it would be nice to know there are people who value maturity! Most of us willing to a good laugh and we aren't repressed. I do question why there's such a compulsion to rely on the lowest common denominator to sell movie tickets.

    While I do believe reviewers should fill their reviews of the Wolf of Wall Street with spoilers, I firmly believe readers and movie-goers should be able to read a review without learning every detail about a movie or book. However, I must defend those with physical disabilities as a whole and specifically those with Cerebral Palsy. The Wolf of Wall Street includes scene(s) in which DiCaprio and his sidekick, Jonah Hill take copious amounts of old Quaaludes and when they finally start to take affect, the effects are described by DiCaprio as a new level or experience in taking Quaaludes likened to having Cerebral Palsy. As someone who is profoundly affected since birth with Cerebral Palsy, you can be assured such a depiction was not only
    tasteless, wrong but also offensive. As someone born with Cerebral Palsy, I am more than willing to laugh at myself as well. There are times if you don't laugh you'll cry. This was hurtful because in fact, those with Cerebral Palsy are often intelligent, compassionate and productive members of society. I loved my career as a social worker and I cherish being a wife, mother and a grandmother. Those involved with this movie should be ashamed of themselves. I did not leave the movie theater feeling good. I left feeling angry, dirty, demeaned and heartbroken. Normally, I would leave such a vile movie but it seemed so surreal, I kept waiting to see if there was a big payoff at the end. Instead, the movie proved to me it is nothing more than a failure--an enormous flop!!

    I am especially angered because The Wolf of Wall Street had such potential to be an exceptional movie and it's has been poorly promoted. It occurs to me those involved with the movie might indeed be ashamed and elected to do little promotion and instead relied on DiCaprio's and Scorsese's name recognition in Hollywood. In researching the movie, I and many others wrongly assumed the movie was something akin to the movies, Wall Street, Catch Me If You Can with perhaps a dash of Goodfellas. Instead, it was more like, a disgusting remake of Animal House, if that's possible and a disappointing, cartoonish versions of Wall Street and Goodfellas. If I had the opportunity to counsel Mr. Scorsese and Mr. DiCaprio, I would strongly advise them to seek higher caliber projects where they don't work together anytime soon.

    In studying the media about Wolf at Wall Street, it's obvious one of the biggest concerns was merely to learn of an appropriate release date so the movie and the actors would be eligible to compete during the upcoming awards season. I know Leonardo DiCaprio will be deserving of many future Oscars and SAG awards. I also know years from now, Wolf of Wall Street will be a cult favorite but this year Wolf of Wall Street should only win the Razzy.
  8. Dec 25, 2013
    This movie is the most over-the-top film I have seen in a LOONG time. It has everything in its 3-hour length. Many people were turned off by the language, sex, nudity, and drugs, but WoWS is a Scorsese film, so what do ya expect? Jonah Hill and Leonardo DiCaprio were hilarious, the script was sharp, the plot was intricate--this was just a highly enjoyable, off-the-wall film that kept me going from the moment the midget-tossing began. This is "The Great Gatsby" on Lemmon 714. Expand
  9. Dec 27, 2013
    I have seen hundreds of movies in my life, but I have only walked out on two fo them. This is one of the two. It is nothing but a piece of trash. We walked out at about the one hour mark, and demanded and received a refund! During the time we were there, we were subjected to every single swear word I have ever heard, and the F word was used between 100 and 200 times! Besides that we were shown 5 or 6 blatant sex acts! This is nothing more than a porn flick in disguise! The theater was only about 1/4 full, but 2 other couples walked out at the same time we did. It is a disgusting piece of trash. At least we got our money back! Expand
  10. Dec 25, 2013
    It's something new for Scorsese and Di Caprio. I can only remember them together in crime dramas or thrillers. A comedy was a very good choice in my opinion, and what is more, their first real-comedy picture was very very good.
    It's 3 hours though, but it's never boring and during the film you are always at the edge of your seat.
    Very good, and you MUST see it!!!!
  11. Dec 27, 2013
    This movie was horrible! Of the three hours 1:30 was drugs another hour was sex and 30 minutes (generous) of other. Plot?.. Did it exist? The script must have contained the f-word 1000 times. I am not a prude or offended easily but this movie was just down right crude! In a packed theater I noticed many people fall asleep and others just get up and walk out. I stayed to see if the movie ever picked up and was disappointed it never did. I was jealous of those that left. I wasted 3 hours, I'll never get back. It isn't even a renter! This movie could have been an hour long to get its point across but then we wouldn't have had the constant drug abuse and sex shoved down our throats. I've never written a review but this one was so bad I had to! Save your money! Expand
  12. Dec 27, 2013
    I walked out as well. This movie is sooooo bad. Don't waste your money on this crap. I've concluded that Scorcese is the most ridiculously overrated director after seeing his last 3-4 movies. It's all the same garbage. Don't waste your money or time on this.
  13. Dec 30, 2013
    Probably the worst movie I have seen in years. Way to much drugs, sex, and lack of plot. The graphic nature of the sex scenes when they were not needed or added to the story line at all. Pretty distored view of life.
  14. Dec 30, 2013
    We walked out! Right from the beginning it took on a tone of sexual vulgarity and acceptance of drug abuse that was so unacceptable. It is amazing that so many people have rated this movie so highly. We would have walked out sooner except that my wife thought I would not want to make a scene but I am glad she finally asked. I was waiting for some sanity to prevail but it was not looking like it would. We stayed for about 45 minutes. Expand
  15. Dec 27, 2013
    This is a lot like Django Unchained you will either love it or hate it... You may hate the nudity and the F bomb. To me this is a movie and people need to realize stuff like this happens.. However, Leo gives strongest performance to date.
  16. Dec 28, 2013
    Let me start by saying I considered Goodfellas the best film of the past 30 years. Normally I would call Martin one of the top directors of the era BUT this movie is terrible on every level. Gratuitous sexual humor that goes on forever to the point of it becoming a soft-core porno! Nothing remotely redeeming in any character. And I generally always come out of a Scorsese movie quoting at least a few great lines I can't think of anything said in this movie at all. It is so bad that it now makes me wonder about Scorsese and his career in total! Be warned and skip this awful rubbish. Expand
  17. Jan 7, 2014
    “The Wolf of Wall Street” was directed by Martin Scorcese and stars Leonardo DiCaprio and Jonah Hill in the true story of Jordan Belfort, the self-made millionaire who operated a stock brokerage telemarketing operation that ultimately led to his ruin and the ruin of his company and his duped investors. I’m no fan of Mr. DiCaprio who, no matter what adult role he plays, always reminds me of a little boy wearing his father’s felt hat. However, in this film, Mr. DiCaprio overcomes my previewing prejudices and is quite believable in his role as Mr. Belfort but, unfortunately, that’s where the kudos end. The film is 3 hours long but seems more like 6. Thelma Schoonmaker is being touted by the producers for “Best Film Editing” but her work product, at least to this viewer, is virtually unnoticed. The film is filled with gratuitous sex scenes that are more crude than craft and actually get in the way of the story and plot. Orgies may have their place in depicting a scene in a Roman harem but they simply detract from the film and like most of the unneeded scenes, add to the uncomfortable length of the picture. I give the film a 5 and recommend that, if you do go to see it, bring lunch and/or dinner, although the raunchy and tasteless scenes will probably destroy any appetite you might otherwise have had. Expand
  18. Dec 27, 2013
    best film 2013 is so great that i will see it twice because is one of the best leonardo and scorsese films. But is not for everyone only the people that are preapared
  19. Dec 26, 2013
    When Belfort gives his over the top speeches, it's given a spiritual aspect that suggests a slow degeneration of traditional values and morality. It's an observation that the piety that was once a foundation for society was twisted by an ethics driven by materialism and licentious desire, till the value of personal identity and character gave way to appearance and social status. Really disturbing.
  20. Dec 25, 2013
    Not top Scorsese, I wish he had used a different way of telling his story than the use of voice over like he did in the much better Goodfellas. Film is too long at 3 hrs and it needed a strong female character. The film is well acted and looks great.
  21. Jan 2, 2014
    A paean to hedonism of the most vulgar type. I kept waiting for some redeeming feature, but none came. Should be X-rated if there is a line between this and pornography, I couldn't find it. It is just squirmy, cringe-worthy sleaziness.
  22. Dec 27, 2013
    This movie was different, brilliant and one of it's finest this generation. I kept on thinking how a movie could rise up to be so good in acting and all other criteria when it's so full of sex and humor that may be termed unnecessary. This movie will always be a classic. I absolutely loved it. Martin and Leonardo's combination just seems to be effortlessly incredible and genius. BRAVOOO... GOOD WORK!!!!!!!!! Expand
  23. Dec 27, 2013
    Leonardo is obviously a great actor but he played a disgusting junkie who was very hard to connect to. Plus the whole hookers and quad pills was overused, we get it you ef hookers you're soo cool and rich. The real guy, Jordan Belfort, is a hideous swamp donkey and for sure has a small penis.
  24. amh
    Mar 6, 2014
    I just thought this was a boring movie. Negative reviews of Wolf will fault it for its glorification of immorality and repugnant characters. But there are plenty of great movies about people we hate. Here, there was no story arc--no difference between hour 1 and hour 3. The voiceover was a repeat of Wiseguys. How many times will Scorcese make the same movie? Points scored for Leo's performance. But the supporting cast--yawn. DeNiro had Sharon (Casino). Depp had Penelope (Blow). Who cared about the Duchess of Bay Ridge? And the bust? No drama there (was that the yellow note in the plastic bag? Did Dannie rat out Jordan?). To all directors, young and old--plot is important! It can't all be glitz, powder, and t&a! Expand
  25. Jan 2, 2014
    This might be the weakest movie Martin Scorsese has ever done. I'm a huge Marty fan. I've literally seen everything the guy has done. This movie just missed the mark in so many areas. I couldn't engage with any of the characters. I had no idea what motivated these characters other than money. It couldn't have been that simple. Damn!
  26. Dec 31, 2013
    Martin Scorsese is a master filmmaker and when he gets it right, it's a cinematic treat. Leonardo DiCaprio plays Jordan Belfort, a man who made a lot of money hustling illegal financial deals. He worked hard and played full tilt: copious drugs, profuse sex and unlimited arrogance. This film is chocked full of greed, excess and amazing directorial touches (the hilarious quaalude scene is an instant classic). The cast of ferocious characters is crammed with memorable performances. At three hours, it never lags, but just keeps entertaining, amusing and exploding with energy. Scorsese at the top of his game.
    (Look for the real Belfort to introduce the fictional Belfort in the last scene.)
  27. Dec 25, 2013
    In a movie about the excesses of Wall street brokers in the 1990s "the Wolf Of Wall Street" is excessive in all aspects starting with a movie that, running at 3 hours, could have easily been cut by an hour. You will see at least 3-4 scenes more than you need to showing the excess of drugs whether cocaine, Quaaludes or whatever else is on hand. After one scene of fellatio it is almost quarantined that there will be a dozen more. If you miss that full frontal nude scene--women only, of course--just wait a few minutes as there are so many repeats of the scene, using different women, over the three hours you aren't really missing anything. Whether it be orgies of sex or luxury or curse words it almost makes the story meaningless. It does leave the question why a man who owns a 170 foot yacht wouldn't own his own jet or at least rent one to go to Las Vegas but then the excessive orgy on the plane wouldn't have the same outcome. It is one of the many missteps in this film.

    "The Wolf Of Wall Street" is based on the book, and true story, by Jordan Belfort who made his fortune during the 1990s when the stock market made millionaires of many young men. Terence Winter wrote the screenplay and Martin Scorsese directed the film working with Leonardo DiCaprio for the fifth time.

    DiCaprio plays his second rich man this year, after starring as Gatsby, but Jordan Belfort is more interested in himself than he is in a woman or women, though he has sex with many of them. He also has 2 slapstick scenes, one with Jonah Hill, that shows his comedic talent and he is much more relaxed in this film than he has been in awhile. This is one of his better performances though he too has excessive, unnecessary scenes and goes a little overboard here and there.

    Jonah Hill, as Belfort's best friend and business partner, gets too hammy here and there to raise the empathy of the audience to accept the fact that he is not a 'bad' person. Kyle Chandler plays the FBI man who doesn't seem capable of a smile. The women in the film are there to play the wives, mothers, girlfriends and hookers. Would you accept Rob Reiner as DiCaprio's father? He does a good job as does Jean Dujardin, Jon Favreau and Jon Bernthal.

    With "Magic Mike", "Mud", "Dallas Buyers Club" Matthew McConaughey adds the cherry to the top of his winning acting streak in "The Wolf Of Wall Street" playing Mark Hanna, a very successful Wall street broker who seems to have invented excessiveness. His role calls for him to be over the top and he takes it just far enough.

    As in most Scorsese movies all the production values are first rate except for the editing in this one. It seems as if the director was rushed and the picture was being released before he finished his job. Whether he would have cut the movie and removed a lot of the excessive excessivenes, if not by an hour at least by 30 minutes, hopefully he will when it comes out on DVD or the viewer can fast forward through all the repetitions.
  28. Feb 20, 2014
    I do not know where to start with this one because I can not find enough adjectives to describe this movie. I have not walked out on a movie in 30 years but I did this on this piece of garbage about 1 hour and 15 minuets in to this because I had no desire to see how this abnormal movie ended. There is something wrong with a society who looks upon this horrific trash and considers it entertainment but worst of all likes it (baring the 65 or so user critics that feel similar to me). It is little more than a lesson in how degenerate and disgusting human beings can be. I found nothing positive to say about this one. It was extremely boring because it was the same disarming behavior over and over and over etc, etc, etc. (sex, drugs, greed of money). What a piece of junk. Another critic said this was just bad porn and I can agree with that. Expand
  29. Dec 25, 2013
    Leonardo DiCaprio is brilliant in this role worthy of Oscar consideration. This film is filthy but a whole lot of fun. Easily one of the best films of 2013.
  30. Dec 25, 2013
    It's becoming a cliche to say this, but dicaprio gives an oscar winning performance. Told like goodfellas, the wolf of Wall Street is 3 hour epic about greed and money. A terrific film by a legendary director
  31. Jan 5, 2014
    Moral decadence of the worst kind in a nihilistic movie which lasts much longer than its actual plot. At least Margot Robbie is beautiful.
  32. Feb 23, 2014
    I really thought this movie was going to be great just because of Leonardo Dicaprio. He has given stellar performance over the years and deserves to be recognized. After watching the film, I was so disappointed. The movie did not justice to his acting as well as Martin Scorsese. The film was poorly written and self indulgent. There was some good moments but it was overshadowed by the profanity and lewd act. It was too overdone and you get lost at the actual story of the film. What is worst is Jonah Hill and his usual self. He was annoying and unforgivable. Expand
  33. Dec 26, 2013
    This film left me speechless (in a good way) once the credits rolled. What I saw was, without a doubt, the craziest film Martin Scorsese has ever made! And it was amazing to say the least! The over-the-top sex, drugs, and language play out humorously, which is different for Scorsese, as he usually aims for dramatic when it comes to those sorts of things. Nevertheless, it works perfectly! The story of Jordan Belfort transitions from comedic and crazy in the first half to dramatic and serious in the second! Both aspects worked perfectly in detailing his crazy, messed up life. DiCaprio's portrayal of Belfort is flawless and should go down as his best performance in his entire career! Jonah Hill was often times hilarious and made for a great comic relief in the more dramatic and serious parts of the film. Matthew McConaughey was very thought-provoking and funny in his small role at the beginning. All of the other supporting cast members did great and helped this film run along smoothly. But overall, in its lengthy 3-hour runtime, Scorsese creates what is (in my opinion) his absolute best film to date (and yes, even better than Goodfellas!) This film is an absolute must-see for any and all Scorsese fans, as well as any movie-goers looking to see one of the best films of the year! Expand
  34. Jan 13, 2014
    The wolf of wall street is amazing, the movie is hilarious and the characters are very charismatics, Leonardo DiCaprio made his best performance in a movie that I have ever seen, the movie can be long, but it's not a waste of time, actually is one of the best movies of 2013, I really wished that this movie had won the golden globe...
  35. Dec 25, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Overview

    The Wolf of Wall Street, undoubtedly is one of Leo’s best performances, and makes it seem that Oscar may finally be in his grasp.

    Review (with Spoilers)

    When Martin Scorsese puts his name on a film, you know that quality is to be expected. Then, with his most recent muse Leonardo DiCaprio being in the lead role, it is almost impossible to imagine them working together leading to something horrible. After all, they are like a more refined, and dependable, version of Tim Burton and Johnny Depp.

    Characters & Story

    As for the film, the story focuses on one Jordan Belfort (played by Leonardo DiCaprio) who is this highly charismatic man whose ability to inspire is comparable to that of the great villains of history or literature. However, like many villains, things didn’t start off with him going down the wrong path. When we first meet Jordan, he may not be a saint, but his conscious is clean. He has a wife Teresa (played by Cristin Milioti), and simply wants to live a life where monetary worries are something which are foreign and something simply seen on the news. So, with his first entry level job he meets a man named Mark Hanna (played by Matthew McConaughey) who not only mentors him, but is the figure which begins to change Jordan from the man Teresa fell in love with, to a character who you can’t take your eyes off of.

    Unfortunately for Jordan though, after finally passing his series 7 exam, to be an official stockbroker, Black Monday happens. With this event, Jordan is out of a job and Mark is out of his life. However, with Mark introducing him to the taste of the life he always wanted, and Jordan having that old school American, pull yourself up by the bootstraps, mentality, he decides to not let this setback kill his vision of the new American dream: getting rich. So, he first starts out doing penny stocks and then begins building an empire with his workers being the downtrodden of the world, making him rise to a level where he almost seems like Hitler without an army or anti-Semitic views. Alongside him is a man who helps see his dreams come true, and push them to ruin: Donnie Azoff (played by Jonah Hill). Making for an overall adventure in which we see the usual dramatic rise and disastrous fall of a figure who may have gotten beaten, but seemingly gets the last laugh and lives to fight another day.


    First and foremost, there is an obligatory need to praise Leonardo DiCaprio for he will keep you entertained for the full three hours of the film. Through breaking the 4th wall, and all different types of debauchery which usually is only seen on HBO or Showtime shows, we are given a 3D character. One who has all the charm needed to trick people out of money, but at the same time seems like the life he lives and the person he is at heart are continually conflicting with each other. I say that since, despite the yacht, massive ego, and the ability to make a million in a day, there is still this sort of vulnerability, if only slightly. Take note of whenever he is looking at a woman as more than a vagina to stick his dick in, he becomes insecure in almost an inexperienced teen way, making it seem like testosterone is able to create a façade for when it is time to show off, but during intimate moments, the mask comes off and all that is left is a man with money and ambitions, but someone who also desires someone stable to share all of his profit with too.

    But it isn’t just DiCaprio who gives you an excellent performance. Hill, based off his filmography, seems almost destined to play Azoff, and though he may not go head to head with DiCaprio in terms of prominence, it is hard to deny that as a supporting member, he doesn’t do a hell of a job. Also, I quite admired the use of soul/ blues music throughout the film signaling the shift of Belfort’s rise, and perhaps the best thing about the film is that while it isn’t rolling on the floor funny, it does keep you smiling and entertained all throughout.


    Leading to perhaps the sole criticism I have for this movie: The Ending. Our journey with Belfort creates the type of movie you can foresee watching more than once, just because of all the madness that goes on; however, the ending just feels so anti-climactic after everything that is done. You watch the man throw midgets, money launder, have sex with tons of woman, take as much drugs as possible without having an overdose, and though I realize Belfort, the actual Jordan Belfort, is alive so a definitive ending isn’t possible, I just felt like after skyrocketing and maintaining that altitude, the ending feels like a plane nose-diving and just barely making it onto the runway safe.

    Overall: Must See

    I personally am not a huge Leonardo DiCaprio fan, but it is undeniable that his work with Martin Scorsese took him from Jack in Titanic to a mega star. Whatever it is, Scorsese brings out the best out of DiCaprio the same way he did with Robert De Niro for decades. And with that said, t
  36. Dec 25, 2013
    It's just a good film but not great! This film is funny and very sexy. Leo's performance is always good. But is it too long I love Martin Scorsese ,who is great director of great films and i expect a special comeback from him. But it's not enough for me. However it's still a good film to watch.
  37. Dec 26, 2013
    RetroView25 here again and "The Wolf of Wall Street" is a masterpiece of what a "ADULT CONTENT MOVIE FOR A MATURE AUDIENCE" should all be about and MORE!!! It's not about the SEX & Drugs content in the movie and trust me there's PLENTY OF THAT in it, but it is how to tell a fascinating story THAT is beyond belief to be REAL!!! Which will make it a Rental favorite for it's "UnRated Version", as the theatrical version was cut down from a NC 17 to a HARD R!!! (This film is not yet rated circa 2006) Anyone!?!

    This 3 HOURS EPIC Movie has excellent pacing to never get dull, while trying to hold your urine for that bathroom break scene that will never come in the movie!!! As, it just keeps getting better and better as the scenes goes on topping the next previous one connecting into one intriguing story of Jordan Belfort Rise and Fall on Wall Street!!!

    If Leonardo DiCaprio doesn't win a Oscar for Best Actor, then it's a FRAUD!!! Because, DiCaprio delivered some of the BEST motivational speeches EVER HEARD throughout a movie, that were just PRICELESS to hear, ranking up there with a Tony Robbins motivation speech or Vince Lombardi in "Second Effort" circa 1968 which is the HOLY GRAIL for salespeople to watch!!!

    I mean, YOU FEEL EVERY BOOMING FOUL MOUTH WORD COMING OUT of DiCaprio's MOUTH!!! Telling you, "GO OUT THERE & MAKE YOURSELF SOME Mother Fudging Money"!!! And, It is empowering to HEAR as watching must see TV!!! And, the graphic language used in this film is VERY HEAVY with 414 F-Bombs dropped, clearly topping another Highly Acclaimed mature theme film called "Glengarry Glen Ross" circa 1992 with 138 used!!! As, The Wolf of Wall Street ranks number 5 on the all-time list of films that use the "F Word" !!!

    So, IF YOU ARE A MATURE ADULT then this will be the movie for you to watch!!! As, there are far and in between movies nowadays contenting Adult themes with everything being gear towards young adolescent, like those neuter comic book movies (X-Men series, Wolverine, Spiderman) or those teenie horror movies (Mortal Instruments, Warm Bodies,Vampire Academy, etc.)!!!
  38. Dec 29, 2013
    This movie is one big snore, with repetitive scenes going on and on without benefit of a judicious editor.
    DiCaprio screams and curses but makes zero impact. No coincidence that the only times the movie is the least bit watchable are the few times his obnoxious character shuts up. The woman playing his dumbbell wife is pure plastic and Jonah Hill is basically playing the same dork he
    plays in 90 percent of his movies, Very disappointing. I expected much more than this drivel from Scorsese. Expand
  39. Dec 31, 2013
    Let me start by saying Leonardo DiCaprio has always been my favorite actor and the cast including Jonah Hill did make the movie somewhat comedic. Overall, though, the movie seemed to lack it's storyline at times. From the beginning it seemed the whole movie was nudity, sex and drugs. The very first scene is DiCaprio snorting cocaine off a woman's butt. I'm not a prude but if I wanted to watch a porn I definitely wouldn't be paying money to do so. The movie was close to 3 hours and felt never ending after 2. I've never disliked a movie DiCaprio starred in so I was disappointed after watching. Expand
  40. Jan 1, 2014
    Expected so much more from DiCaprio and this film. Reviews reflected either love or hate for this movie and now I know why. How can the overuse of scenes filled with drugs, sex, profanity, and hedonism be considered anything more than a waste of time. The goal here was to stereotype the business world which is no different in Hollywood. Will this movie profit from portraying such crap? If this is considered by the Academy for any recognition it will be a sad day for the movie industry! If you feel better about renting a R rated movie than grabbing the X rated then here is your pleasure. It isnt worth the rental price! Expand
  41. Jan 5, 2014
    Done in a Goodfella's type of formula this film could not even hold the smallest of birthday candles to it. The scenes were painfully long and drawn out to the point of me wanting to yell out "ok I get the idea can we move on?". I made it as far as 2 hours and fifteen minutes and had to leave. What I saw in that 135 minutes could have been well covered in half that time. Rather than torture myself with the remaining 45 minutes I'm sure someone will tell me the ending in 25 words or less. This topic was already covered in Wall Street and Boiler Room. Rent those and save your time and money. Expand
  42. Jan 13, 2014
    The moral of the story is unclear and the running time is self-indulgent. There may be an underlying message of "everyone is corrupt" or the "this is America" line might be the significant moral, but overall this film has no real value.

    Essentially one hour of the three hours of running time is devoted to shots of debauchery, naked women, sex, drugs, more drugs, and lavish lifestyles,
    plus more naked women. The plethora of "filler" content made the film seem to go on forever as I often found myself looking at my watch. Obviously, Jordan Belfort sold his story rights to this film and a lot of the debauchery actually happened so you may say "but it isn't unrealistic." And you're likely completely correct.

    However, the real question may not be the realistic nature of the story, but whether a story like this deserves to be told - all at the financial benefit of the criminal. He may have said he's giving all of his profit to those who he harmed in doing all the acts this film glorifies, but the FBI says he actually has failed to give much of anything of the $1M plus he's made off of the rights alone to anyone but himself.

    As for the film as a stand alone:
    The characters range from unappealing to appalling. The plot is schizophrenic. The moral of the story seems to be immoral behaviour has no real consequence. The running time could have been 3 minutes and I would have benefited just as much from this film.

    If you like watching a 2000s hip-hop music video staring white guys, mixed with soft-core porn for 3 hours - watch this film.
    Otherwise - skip this film and find something useful to do with 3 hours of your life.
  43. Jan 18, 2014
    Only idiotic, profane, and completely degenerate people would like this movie. For the rest of us, this movie was a 3 hour non-stop tour of meaningless sex, drugs, and profanity - all laced in the finest of stupidity. I beg you to trust me here, save your time and money and don't be fooled by any of the "good" reviews... unless, of course, you have no soul.
  44. Jan 25, 2014
    I am not the sort of person to bag anything, but have created an Account just to avoid people from spending their money and 3 hours on utter Rubbish.
    If I had to watch Porn, I wouldn't spend money and 3 hours of my precious time.
    Walked out in 2 hours and wanted a refund. Love Leonardo, but have to admit that this is the worst Movie I've ever watched.
  45. Feb 22, 2014
    Why was I hoping to have LEO'S character get arrested immediately and put an end to this EPICALLY BORING AND CHARACTERLSS movie...Martin Scorses realy blew this ever MERRYR GO ROUND MOVIE....the movie which is like a plane on a runway going here and there instead of flying in the sky....IDIOTIC MOVIE STUPID CHARACTERS AND UTTERLESS STUPIDITY FOR OUR YOUNG GENERATION WHO REALLY NEEDS POSITIVE ROLE MODELS !!! Expand
  46. Jan 17, 2014
    Over the top, gimmicky nonsense. It's intent on proving to you how hedonistic an morally bankrupt these wall street types are but it does so at the expense of realism. Are you honestly telling me they had to a have a fu!k free zone the office? That's rubbish. This is just Di Caprio being bland as per usual, all dressed up as art, whereas it's really just a hyped up, bland garbage which gives us no new insight into the human condition. Expand
  47. Jan 23, 2014
    Absolutely terrible. Overly indulgent at 3 hours - I get it (his life was just so), but that's no excuse for about an hour and a half of extraneous material. Inexcusably sympathetic towards criminals (99% shows their debauchery, 1% shows their justice). Excessively misogynistic. And worst of all (aside from being boring) is that it feeds the ego of a true scumbag...he remains famous, he gets a sympathetic day in the sun, his victims don't even get the recognition of a name. Absolutely atrocious.

    This could have been a great piece spent half as much time personalizing Belfort's victim's as it did cataloging his hedonistic excesses...if it gave any insight into the motives and methods of the investigative team...if it treated sympathetic characters with sympathy (his wife, the lead detective who ends up on a subway, etc.)...if it chronicled his fall instead of showing us 2 minutes of a sleazy sales seminar...if it had a coda listing all the people who were ruined as the credits rolled (maybe it did; I didn't stick around)...if it was anything but a free pass for the scumbags involved.

    This should be the movie that Scorsese and DiCaprio later tell us they are ashamed of. Instead, it is nominated for an Oscar. Was there no other worthy movie this year?
  48. Feb 18, 2014
    This movie would have been much better if it were an hour shorter. While there were some good parts to the movie, it was bundled with lots of unnecessary scenes which didn't need to be there or dragged on too long.

    Quite a few over the top scenes, while the movie needs to show the lifestyle the stock brokers participate in this could have been done in half the time to the same effect. I
    would watch it again if they re-cut down to half the time, where they would still be able to resemble the same plot and get across the same message. Expand
  49. Jan 27, 2014
    The movie has been nominated for Oscar in at least 5 categories including Best Film, Best Director (Martin Scorsese) and Best Leading Actor (Leonardo DiCaprio as Jordan Belfort, a New York stock broker).

    To be honest, I am not a big fan of either Scorsese or DiCaprio, but after having seen this movie I completely agree that they deserve these nominations.
    The movie is based on
    Belfort's memoirs that he published as a book with the same name.
    This is Belfort's story of rise and fall. He created a brokerage company from scratch and made many millions of dollars utilizing a few dirty schemes and human desire to get rich fast.

    He was investigated by FBI, tried and found guilty. While doing his time he decided to write this book.
    The movie is criticized by many people to have too much sex, drug abuse and vulgarity. In my opinion, it is done extremely well and is thought provoking. A bit too long though.
  50. Jan 9, 2014
    Definitely my favorite comedy of the year. For some reason, Scorcese seems to only one that gets my humor. Dark, blunt, not whimsical, just real. All his films capture this foul tongued aspect, and man Wolf carries a lot of it. I'm usually not the DiCaprio band wagon, but I think he should get the Oscar for Actor in a Comedic Role, Jonah Hill supporting. Sickening delight.
  51. Jan 8, 2014
    This movie blew my mind with creative direction and fresh, invigorating acting by the entire cast. Yes, it's vulgar, but if you watch any shows on HBO or Showtime, you've seen the same or worse. Don't miss a chance to see an amazing movie. (My only complaint would be it's length. I still enjoyed at least 95% of it, though.)
  52. Jan 3, 2014
    At about the middle of this film (an hour and a half in), I thought, "I don't think I like this movie." Then it grew and grew on me, even after the credits. I mean, my rating started out at an 8, but it's already grown to a 9 at this point in the review.

    The film is superbly crafted. I didn't know until the credits rolled, but the writer of The Wolf of Wall Street is Terrence Winter, a
    lead writer and executive producer of The Sopranos. Just as The Sopranos says, "Even though the mob is glorified, and maybe it looks like being a mob boss is pretty cushy from the outside, being in the mob sucks, and the people in the mob suck worse," The Wolf of Wall Street says the same about those on wall street who take advantage of people

    The movie is full of symbolism, memorable quotes, and emotion. (My rating just jumped to a 10, since I really can't think of anything in the movie that didn't seem intentionally written.) It's also full of disgusting people being despicable (and along with that, a lot of over-the-top nudity, drug usage, and language). This bit is why I believe so many users find the movie repulsive. But in the end, you are supposed to be repulsed (and laugh at the same time, if that makes sense).

    If nothing else, The Wolf of Wall Street is unique. Few people can deny that.
  53. Mar 25, 2014
    How come this flick has a user score so high when there are so many negative reviews? I couldn't even stick it out past the halfway point. The interminable scenes of screaming and nastiness. Who cares? A waste of time and talent. Had no clue what was going on in terms of real story, just a bunch of scenes of excess that overall were just boring in the end. i agree with the crap analysis, how does this stuff get made? Expand
  54. Dec 28, 2013
    "The Wolf of Wall Street" is infectiously entertaining. It is probably the funniest movie I have seen all year with witty dialogue, over the top characters, and filled with energy that bleeds off the screen. Between all the fun however, there is also a story about addiction and how it can cause a downward spiral in your life whether it be drugs, money, or power.

    Acclaimed director
    Martin Scorsese does a wonderful job keeping this movie at a high at all times. Never once does this movie lose it’s energy or sense of humor much like the drug induced characters. There are a lot of quick cuts and edits to keep the movie feeling as If you are on drugs as well as playing high energy music in some of the more serious situations.

    The cast brings their “A” game. The stand out is obviously Leonardo DiCaprio, who pretty much owns and excels any scene he is in. This film really showcases his diverse range.

    Overall “The Wolf of Wall Street” is a full on adrenaline ride that never loses momentum. It’s directed with a lot of flair and energy and has an incredibly well written script that gives it depth and a ton of laughs. The cast is fantastic and DiCaprio gives his best and most fun filled performance to date. I really enjoyed this movie and think it’s the funniest movie of the year 4.5/5
  55. Jan 26, 2014
    To paraphrase," what do you do when you have so much money that you don't know how to spend them?"...Well you make a movie like this one. Everything here is meaningless and irrelevant. The Wolf is rare thing. Probably the worst movie Scorsese has made to date.
  56. Dec 28, 2013
    And you thought the bikini carwash saga was over the top!? Mediocre Scorcese, but still manages to rise above average. It is filmed more as a high octane comedy of hedonistic pleasures and Belfort cult personality that propels everything forward. I thought Jonah Hill was actually funny in this and him Dicaprio have some funny scenes together. A couple funny scenes and few good Scorcese moments isnt really enough to hold an entire 3 hour movie about a self centered stock broker/swindler. It isnt really Dicaprio's fault or any other actors fault, the movie for me just doesnt have that compelling pull. I can only watch someone snort a line, smoke crack, screw a hooker, till he finally realizes its all going to come down (well somewhat). I enjoyed for what it was, the Animal House/Brokerage Firm and the rise and fall of a man who could sell anything and rev up his sales team as well. Expand
  57. Jan 12, 2014
    The Wolf of Wall Street is depraved, disgusting, and ridiculous. I loved it. Knockout performances from Jonah Hill and Leonardo Dicaprio that capture just how truly raucous Jordan Belfort and Co. really were. An excellent end-of-the-year Scorsese movie, and it is leading the pack for my favorite of the year right now.
  58. Jan 22, 2014
    I am in general a fan of Scorsese movies, and Leo is also one of my favorite actors so I really wanted to like this movie but honestly it just wasn't that great. Granted, there were some very funny moments but most of it just seemed to drag on aimlessly for hours. They do not even really explain what is going on plot wise or what they are really doing. They make mention of several loose themes but pretty much the entire movie is just a bunch of rich d-bags doing drugs, having sex, and making fun of each other. It's okay for a while but just got old to me. Expand
  59. Dec 25, 2013
    This is a completely new style for Scorsese and DiCaprio, but they make this into their own. The most despicably zanious film of the year shows that it can be extremely entertaining, (even for a super long runtime) really funny, and really crazy. It's a Scorsese film that has a little of everything making this one of the best contributions to cinema in recent memory. Everyone in this movie was at their A game, and it's no wonder this movie deserves an A+! Be sure to check out my YouTube channel, "TheMovieManLife" for all things movies and also check out my best and worst films of 2013! Expand
  60. Jan 1, 2014
    Very impressive work from Martin Scorsese, probably the best picture of 2013! This movie has full package acting is on highest level, story is unique and intriguing, production is top-notch! Hopefully it will collect it's well deserved awards at oscar's
  61. Feb 4, 2014
    Worst movie ever! First, that film is just a bad porn.
    I just cant belive in 80% of the story. Leonardo di Caprio is an amazing actor, and this movie has others good actors.

    But the story is just stupid and crazy. Is just an amended biografy of a thief. I was count down the time to the end.

    The movie show like crime is good and funny! No sense.
  62. Jan 8, 2014
    I absolutely adored Shutter Island and was hoping to see something similar here an intellectual and comic drama. I was incredibly disappointed. I walked out after 45 minutes of glorified porn.
  63. Jan 14, 2014
    The Wolf of Wall Street serves an intelligent plot and lovable great actors with the screenplay of the year all on one golden plate. It is hilarious, smart, sexy and edgy. Loved every second of this movie.
  64. Dec 25, 2013
    I can talk about a lot,for law,for wall street,for actor.............But,i am not

    It's a long Movie,3 hours made me almost miss my dinner ,however, whole time when i sit in cinema will made me like the movie said "i am not fxxking leave"
  65. Dec 30, 2013
    The Wolf of Wall Street is a very interesting film. It has a lot of underlying messages about greed, money, and the American dream. I think the people that are shocked or appalled by this movie are ignorant. They fail to see the truth and sincerity behind this film. They feel this film is glorifying excess. And, although it is not glorifying it, what would it matter if it was? There are people who live like Jordan Belfort. Jordan Belfort is not the first of his kind, nor will he be the last. Regardless of how he is portrayed in film, he is real, and people like him are real. Those who find this film over the top are simply ignoring the true nature of society. Does 12 Years a Slave glorify slavery? Absolutely not. It is doing the opposite: Showing the true horrors of slavery. Did Schindler's List glorify Nazism? No. It shamed it. How is this movie any different? It takes a historical event, and takes a way of living that is truly disgusting, and shines the spotlight on it. It tells it like it is. It is telling us that this is the real American dream, that the life of Jordan Belfort is currently what so many of us to aspire to be. And it shows why that is not Ok, why that is wrong.

    As a film, it is a 3 hour rollercoaster ride. As art, it is a picture of our way of life.
  66. Dec 26, 2013
  67. Dec 26, 2013
    I saw the trailers. I was all in. The movies was going to be bigger than life: ride the tail of a major swindler, see what life was like among the obscenely rich and luxurious. The film is uneven: it's bigger than life, but it's also sad and painful to watch, and it's also funny. There's lots of great scenes, but it just doesn't hang together. I was willing to bet on a winner by Scorsese. Lots of amazing performances. Leonardo DiCaprio has never been better. He's in great shape. At times, he reminded me of a young Jack Nicholson. Jonah Hill is great, and steady through out. Some wonderful small gems of parts played by Matthew McConaughey, (who doesn't seem fully recovered from the Dallas Buyers Club), Rob Reiner, Joanna Lumley and the French handsome leading man, Jean Dujardin. The film made me feel as though I'd been taken for a ride, and it's too long ride at that, at 3 hours. Expand
  68. Dec 28, 2013
    Leonardo yine muhteşem bir performans göstermiş. Özellikle canlandırdığı karaktere cuk diye oturmuş.
    filmin genel havasına baktığımızda Martin Scorsese imzası hemen görülüyor
  69. Jan 9, 2014
    Yes yes, the depictions in the film and majority of the acting was over the top, but that's precisely what it needed to be. How can you expect some boring, dull screenplay and actors to carry on and illustrate the real events that happened? This film is not just about 'corruption' by the way. Not entirely at least; it's mainly about greed. It does not 'glorify' Jordan Belfort; all this film does is portray to the audience how greed tore him and his associates apart, and it stayed true to the book. He starts out poor, and a fairy decent human being at the beginning, and all he wants to do is get ahead. Then once he gets what he wants, he starts to want more and more. This film is about the human condition. We always want more than we need and we will always try to bend the rules to get it. Once currency came in to play there were people being corrupted by it, and that won't change until our species is dead. Expand
  70. Feb 18, 2014
    Douchebag porn at it's finest. How does a criminal this boring get two movies? How does this washed up fraud get Scorsese to direct a film about his drug addicted, morally corrupt lifestyle? 'Murica, that's how.
  71. Dec 25, 2013
    Loved it from start to finish. So entertaining that hardly realized it was 3 hours long.

    Obviously not for the prude and children (neither was Blue is the Warmest Color). Lot's of drug use and sex with ample amounts of laughs in between the debauchery.

    Definitely one of the best movies of 2013.
  72. Dec 28, 2013
    DiCaprio gives his best performance yet in Scorsese's outrageous new film, which ranks among the year's funniest and best. It also includes the year's single funniest scene, toward the end, when DiCaprio's Belfort is forced to crawl out of a country club. You'll know it when you see it.
  73. Dec 29, 2013
    Ignore reviews that have very low ratings. They know nothing about this industry and assume that their opinion makes some difference. There is much drug and sex action in this film so if that is not with you, don't see it. If you want to see what it was really like and can deal with drugs, sex, and alcohol and the truth about the times in this business, see it.

    I did this very type of
    thing for about 30 years starting in 1984 for The then largest Merrill and moved up to the Swiss banks like UBS eventually. i did get licensed and knew many people that only wanted to make for themselves and they did. The pressure to "smile and dial" was right on in the film and we all made money and spent it like mad. I went through the crash of '87 and many others. We drank a lot, had sex a lot, many used drugs a lot, and went very nuts. The penny stock trash was something that actually did happen and still does. You could know nothing about finances, and investment planning, but if you could sell, that is all that mattered. Another great film that is right on about this is Boiler Room with many stars and shows how nasty brokers can get.

    Don't bring children or people totally against the reality of drugs, booze, n boobs. It is long and could be shorter but is worth seeing. Just stay through the whole thing.
  74. Dec 29, 2013
    Really, is this a 100 millions budget for this movie? I can send anyone a list of 100 millions wise ways to spend 100 million dollars, for free!. First of all, there is about 100 minutes of movie that can be reduce to 10 minutes top, after a good editing process. Holy cow, what a waste of time and resources. I never expected an actor like Leonardo DiCaprio was able to work in this kind of crappy movie. I did not recommend this movie. The movie is too long, is slow in the development, the script was a nice lullaby. Cinematography is fine, locations is fine, and the sound. The rest, I mean acting, script and edition was a simple piece of crap. Jordan Belfort is just a a slag of the society. I will never, ever, spent a dollar telling the story of a man like him. Expand
  75. Dec 29, 2013
    The Wolf of Wall Street is spectacular. Three hours of extremely well developed characters with Leo DiCaprio and Jonah Hill leading the way. Although most should thoroughly enjoy it, some may have a weak stomach when it comes to the near overdose the audience experiences watching and hearing the explicit language, constant use of narcotics and naked women. My reasoning for giving a 9 instead of a 10 is the length, don't get me wrong, none of it is dry but instead of walking out of the theater exclaiming how fantastic the show was, those around me made comments like they were getting off a flight. If you can't sit through three hours at the big screen, wait for the DVD/BluRay and get comfy at home. Expand
  76. Jan 12, 2014
    Absolutely no reason this movie should be 3 hours long. 1 hour too long at least... The sex and drugs was way too over the top. Clearly over compensating for a weak plot and poor character development, putting it nicely. 3 hours I can never get back,
  77. Feb 7, 2014
    Wolf of Wall Street is one of my top 3 picks for most over-rated movie of the year (after Inside Llewyn Davis and Fruitvale Station). It’s a portrayal of Wall Street in the 1980’s. If you were alive and over 18 back then you already know this was a time of excess, immorality and corruption. Scorsese presents all this in truly over-the-top fashion, while offering no insight or enlightenment about any of it. At 3 hours, the movie is way, way too long. It drags, in part, because several scenes are repeated over and over. The movie also borrows heavily from previous Scorsese movies, especially Goodfellas, and you may find yourself saying, “I’ve seen this before.” What Wolf lacks in originality, Scorsese tries to make up for through excess. Despite lots of beautiful naked women, Scorsese amps the level of cursing, drug use and orgies to the point where it actually becomes boring and monotonous. Impossible, you say? I wish! Still want to see this move, but need an excuse? Thinking of playing the “my girlfriend is a Leonardo DiCaprio fan” card? Don’t, she’s going to be disappointed, too. Leo’s not very sexy when he’s on Quaaludes (frequently) or when he’s repeatedly cheating on his wives (constantly). Whether you’re male or female, it’s hard to feel much affinity with DiCaprio’s character (Jordan Belfort) and DiCaprio’s acting, while physical in nature (think Matthew Perry-The Whole Nine Yards), isn’t compelling. Jonah Hill’s portrayal of Donnie Azoff provides some laughs, but ultimately his character isn’t very likeable either. The movie is so uninspiring the only thoughts it provokes are along the lines of, “If I had that much money, there’s no way I would have screwed things up so badly.” This movie is for hard-core Scorsese fans only. Expand
  78. Dec 31, 2013
    DiCaprio made The Wolf happen. Put this performance on Fast Blast for the HW community. Give the actor a Triple O at Oscar time for his brilliant output.
  79. Jan 1, 2014
    HARD CORE PORN, that made it to the big screen The story could have been told in 1/2 hour, over 2 hours of Bad Drug Use & Sex Can't believe this was a true story, and that people really live this way. Can't imagine bill gates, steve jobs etc having this type of life style. There was nothing funny about this movie, watching a Stoned man crawl and then snort coke to get his wits about himself... Expand
  80. Jan 13, 2014
    An amazing film with an equally amazing performance by Leo DiCaprio. The intense relationship between Mr. DiCaprio and Jonah Hill reminded me of Robert De Niro and Joe Pesci in Raging Bull. Its the very best by all involved. I find the criticism of this film because it degrades women, glorifies money, and promotes drug use down right silly. Its a great movie about men who degrade women, glorify money and use drugs. Expand
  81. Jan 1, 2014
    First the biggest mistake was to make this movie 3 hours long. Martin you dont need that much character development to bore us to death. I cant remember how many times I had to look at my clock. Second thing is I understand the sarcasm is what made this movie funny but it made it worse Jonah Hill made this movie in my point of view he was hilarious. Leonardo was good but he went over the top at times and it became kinda dull. Expand
  82. Dec 27, 2013
    Scorsese and DiCaprio are back in the craziest and best movie of the year!!! I really loved it because it was so honest and it had no limits and that's he way this film should be. I think DiCaprio gives his best performance in this film and that means a lot because I think he is one of the best actors of this century. Jonah Hill is fantastic and Margot Robbie isn't just good looks but she's a good actress too and I absolutely loved Matthew Mcconaughey even if he's in the film for just 10 minutes. The writing is phenomenal and I don't even need to talk about the directing because...come's Martin Scorese, he's a master of filmaking. If some people didn't like this film cause of all the debauchery, I get it, it's not for everyone it's completely fine but for me The Wolf of Wall Street is the best film of the year!!! Expand
  83. Jan 16, 2014
    Martin Scorsese is really good at making you like terrible people (Goodfellas). By far the best scenes in The Wolf of Wall Street are when Leonardo DiCaprio makes his speeches, I’m growing to like him more.
  84. Dec 30, 2013
    Although I don't wish to be a prisoner of the moment, I must acknowledge how entertaining this is as a film.
    There is never a dull moment, and Leo steals the show with his performance. The supporting cast is also fantastic, and the movie never ceases to please. The moments feel genuine and the drugs are as real as can be. This satire on the wealthy and their view of the poor may be
    misunderstood as glorifying drugs and sex. That can be seen in the negative reviews that simply don't get it. Expand
  85. Jan 3, 2014
    The Wolf of Wall Street is a 3 hour adrenaline rush that is moving at the same pace as it's drug-addicted characters. It is a film about the darker side of the stock market, and people need to realize that it is not glorifying the amazingly true story of Jordan Belfort. The film does contain a strong amount of humor and is very entertaining to watch, but it all builds up to Belfort's downfall and he sure falls hard. Leo does gives his best performance yet and makes the viewer laugh, sigh, and even squirm as some parts of the film are extremely explicit and uncomfortable. Overall though, this film is truly a masterpiece in every way and deserves universal praise. It is being looked down upon because people are finally realizing that the wealthy in this country don't always get their wealth by the best means and many people are having a hard time accepting it. Scorsese does a wonderful job displaying Belfort's story and opening the public's eyes to the "wolves" of wall street. Expand
  86. Dec 29, 2013
    Three hours of sex, drugs, and swearing. Every five or ten minutes, there will be a sex scene, anything from DiCaprio his girlfriend to an orgy on an airplane. Everyone is constantly taking pills, snorting cocaine, and swearing is about 50% of the entire script. It's an odd film taking you completely by surprise, and it's a touchy film, but I honestly think nothing was out of place.

    If you don't like any of the things listed above, you won't like this film. But, assuming you can watch it, it's a great film. It has everything you need. Humour, drama, acting, music, etc.

    The performances are great. DiCaprio, especially, nails his role as a Wall Street wannabe, sleezy and talented. Falls under drugs, sex, and pushes his way to fortune through illegal activities. Everyone else is fantastic no one ever sticks out as 'bad'.

    The music is fantastic, never out-of-place and always complimenting the scene going on. Humour? I couldn't stop laughing at times. The drugged behavior or the witty (offensive, some might call it) office abuse makes this comedy one of, if not the best comedies of the year.

    Overall, it's an amazing movie. It does drag just a little too long; 2.5 hours would've been enough, but honestly, 3 hours isn't bad in a crazy movie like this. Go see it if you have the chance!
  87. Dec 28, 2013
    Scorsese has made a film that will make people cringe, laugh, and maybe even a little bit upset because of it’s explicit content. That being said, The Wolf of Wall Street is the most accessible three hour film to date. It is massively hilarious, and is a bold representation of a man on a twisted, ecstasy like odyssey to corporate greed and addiction.
  88. Jan 8, 2014
    From the very start of the movie you are put right into what it means to be a New York stock broker. This movie maybe be a tad over the top, but it needed because of the lavish and high intensity lifestlye these men live. Leo plays probably his best role I have seen him play. That is saying alot because I have never seen him play better than Blood Diamond. I would definitely buy this and see again when it comes out on Blu-Ray and probably buy it. The best scene is when jonah hill and leo share the 700 qualede so funny. Expand
  89. Dec 27, 2013
    The hectic, fast-paced Wall Street lifestyle coupled with an insatiable hunger for money present a funny but sad look into Jordan Belfort's (DiCaprio) life as it takes many twists and turns. Scorsese takes you on one hell of a ride.
  90. Jan 4, 2014
    This movie takes mannny turns. It'll be one of the most bizarre, breath taking, comical you'll see this year. It isn't my favorite movie of all time but comparing to what I've seen in the pass year, this movie is LEAPS head of the rest of the films out there. Leonardo just doesnt seem to do a bad movie, the guy has passionate and it is scene out there on the big screen. There were a few scences where I just could not wrapped my head around. A few strange ones that really wasn't necessary a dance sing off for 10 minutes that made you think it was an imagine of imagination Plus the two to three long speeches down through out the movie.

    It dragged.

    That being said the good out weighs the bad by miles. It's long, so get ready and hold on, this is one you'll want to see right away, don't hesitate.

    Verdict This movie's worse is still better than any other movies best. 9.2 10
  91. Jan 3, 2014
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Very funny movie where again you root for the bad guy. Loved the vile behavior and how it depicted people with money as in the gutter degenerates. Showed the dangers of excess and how that lifestyle is hard on loving relationships. Expand
  92. Dec 28, 2013
    This movie is incredibly good. It reminds me of the Scorsese of the 70-75. Di Caprio plays Jordan Belfort in a perfect way, always acting with craziness or lucidity. There are three phases in this Scorse movie: success, vengeance and redemption.
    It is a good thing that for once we have quality content in a three hours movie. It is totally worth seeing it in cinemas.
  93. Jan 25, 2014
    By far one of the best movies of the year. Martin Scorsese shows us that his movie charm is far from over. With like-able characters, fantastic direction, great writing and some of Leonardo Dicaprio's best acting since he began his career. Definitely a must see film of 2013 and some of Scorsese's best work.
  94. Jan 24, 2014
    I'm a big fan of Martin Scorsese and Leonardo Di Caprio, so naturally i was always going to see it. Overall, it didn't disappoint. It was smart, funny, and well acted and was quite enjoyable to watch. Admittedly, it was a little long at 3 hours, i think 20 or 30 minutes probably could have been easily edited out without having any profound impact on the plot or themes in it, but its certainly still worth watching.

    Oh and for those people who were disgusted and offended by it (some of you even walked out), you get no sympathy from me. The film received an R rating, and it did so for a reason. Maybe next time read why it was rated as such before you walk into the cinema, would have saved yourself a lot of time.
  95. Dec 30, 2013
    I really don't know what to think about this movie: it has incredible actors that deliver flawless performances, but it made me feel very disgusted with myself. At some point I felt like I was literally watching a porno film for the amount of nudity present (both full frontal female and male and not to mention both hetero and homo sexual orgies just randomly). Don't get me wrong though, the women are gorgeous and you would probably do the same as Leonardo's character if you were in his position. There's also A LOT of drugs. SO DO NOT BRING KIDS TO THIS MOVIE UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. The question you ask yourself while walking out is was all this extreme content really necessary to illustrate the simple theme of how greed and corruption destroy people? This movie was definitely engineered in order to shock and trust me it succeeded, but left me very startled at the same time. The script itself is very well written and it is probably one of Leonardo's best performances to date, but the movie content itself just gets in the way most of the time. However, Dicaprio's speeches in front of his entire staff are quite incredible. Overall, as I mentioned before, I really don't know what to make of this movie. It has both great and disturbing qualities that battle each other throughout the entire film. Expand
  96. Jan 22, 2014
    3 Hours long and still feels shorter than American Hustle.

    Seriously though, this may be the best paced film of 2013, but that isn't even its strongest point - Martin Scorsese has made a career out of protagonists who by all rational assessment should be antagonists. Jordan Belfort is a despicable, sad, awful human being, but why does he hold our attention for so long? This piece works
    so well because it uses farce to outline a character who lives so far on the edge he constantly runs the risk of dropping off it.

    Let's talk for a second about the trope of the "Unreliable Narrator". Jordan Belfort is as unreliable as they come - he's a fast talking, swindling, addictive loser who finds something he's good at and makes the world reward him for it. His perspective, and Leonardo DiCaprio's fearless performance, make such a piece of human scum worth watching for so long, because we start to see what is wrong with the "American Dream".

    The American Dream, held up as a lofty ideal by tales long past, reaches it's most farcically perverse in Martin Scorsese's Wolf of Wall Street. Every excess in this film, including Belfort's lack of comeuppance for his misdeeds, serves to highlight what is wrong with the economic world of America. And Scorsese knows there is entertainment value here too, and he exploits that so the film retains a manic, hilarious pace throughout, never loosing steam. This type of black comedy is much more rewarding than 90% of all comedies produced today because it finds the ludicrous in what is wrong with the country, so we can mock the people who truly deserve to be knocked off their high horses - the morally bankrupt brokers who think they are Rock Stars. Here's lookin' at you, Mr. Belfort.
  97. Dec 31, 2013
    An epic film; amazing acting, directing, and overall entertainment. While it is raunchy, don't be turned away by this, this is truly a well made and great film
  98. Jan 15, 2014
    I'm quite frankly amazed at how many people disregard the thrill of this movie, simply because of its content. It's not rated R for Rockabyebaby, idiots.

    Leo may have saved his best performance for this controversial giant of a movie. We follow his journey through wall streets ranks, from poor lower-level stockbroker to having sex with a model on a bed of money, and every single
    second of it is entertaining. Rarely does an audience get the treat of watching a movie is this life-like, all the way from it's plotting and business to romance and comedy. Brilliant. Expand
  99. Jan 23, 2014
    Scorsese does it again. His films always manage to amaze me, and always in its own unique way. The Wolf of Wall street was just astonishing. Also, if you're trying to adapt a book into a movie, just take note of this film, so props to Terrence Winter. What made this film so incredible, though, was the performance by DiCaprio. If he doesn't win the Oscar for this film, then something's wrong. He played the part beautifully, from Belfort's rise, to his fall. The only reason this film won't win best picture is because of how inappropriate it can be sometimes. But, that being, this film is for everybody. The person who wants to see a really good movie, or someone who wants to be entertained. This film's got both, and Scorsese always manages to do so. This film is highly recommended, and I'll say it again. If DiCaprio doesn't win, then there's a huge problem. Expand
  100. Dec 30, 2013
    One of Di Caprio's best since catch me if you can. The drugs, sex, and money must be too much reality for the average American... Di Caprio is persuasive as ever with a great story that will have you gripping your seat and truly laughing your head off. If you're weak hearted and can't face reality, chances are you won't be giving this movie a thumbs up. A great tale of inspiration and courage in my opinion. Expand

Generally favorable reviews - based on 47 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 35 out of 47
  2. Negative: 2 out of 47
  1. Reviewed by: Richard Corliss
    Dec 28, 2013
    By buying the pitch that its central character’s escapades were the stuff of mesmerizing drama or comedy, Scorsese, Winter and DiCaprio reveal themselves as dupes — the latest in a long line of clever folks swindled by Jordan Belfort.
  2. Reviewed by: Andrew O'Hehir
    Dec 28, 2013
    This telling of the tale possesses enormous cinematic energy and a killer supporting cast full of hilarious delights.
  3. Reviewed by: Joe Morgenstern
    Dec 28, 2013
    Any meaningful perspective on the greedfest of the period is obscured by the gleefulness of the depiction.