Lifesize Entertainment | Release Date: July 13, 2007
Summary: Attractive Seh-hee is having problems with her boyfriend, Ji-woo. After two years, their love has entered a period of weariness. Though faithful to his fiancée, Ji-woo eyes other women and, in bed, seems to get excited only at the thought of making love to other partners. Seh-hee can't cope with the mounting jealousy tainting her life and decides to dramatically change her look - to become a new woman, with whom her boyfriend can again fall in love. She enters a plastic-surgery clinic and then vanishes for six months - long enough for the scars to heal - leaving Ji-woo hurt and confused by her disappearance. Resurfacing as the new waitress at the coffee shop Ji-woo frequents, Seh-hee - now calling herself See-hee - tries to seduce him. But between them stands the spectre of Ji-woo's lost girlfriend, with whom he is still very much in love. Jealousy once again creeps into the shaky existence Seh-hee has artificially crafted. Director Kim's unpredictable genius takes a fashionable issue to extremes in order to probe the dark, jealous core of a relationship gone wrong. (LifeSize Entertainment)
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Runtime: 97 min
Production: Kim Ki-Duk Film
Genres: Drama, Romance
Countries: South Korea, Japan
Language: Korean
Director Credit
Ki-duk Kim Director
Writer Credit
Ki-duk Kim Writer
Cast Credit
Gyu-Woon Jung Cast
Hyeon-a Seong See-Hee
Ji-heon Kim Cast
Ji-Yeon Park Seh-Hee - Before Plastic Surgery
Jun-yeong Jang Cast
Jung-woo Ha Ji-Woo
Kiki Sugino Cast
Sung-min Kim Plastic Surgeon
Producer Credit
Ki-duk Kim Producer
Michio Suzuki Executive Producer