Global Film Initiative | Release Date: January 13, 2012
Summary: Kenan is a taciturn 35-year-old tollbooth attendant shuffling between a suffocating home with his ailing but domineering father and the monotony of the traffic-hounded box where he spends his working life. Desperate to resist his father’s attempt to marry him off to a neighbor, and equally determined to prove his worth by fixing his father’s idle old car, the pressure on Kenan drives him to the edge of a nervous breakdown. Temporarily reassigned to a tollbooth on a desolate country road, Kenan begins a flirtation with a beautiful woman who drives by at the same time each day—in a car remarkably like his father’s. Is this salvation for the aging bachelor, or the further unraveling of his mind? (Global Film Initiative)
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Runtime: 96 min
Rating: Not Rated
Official Site: http://catalogue.globalfilm.org/new-releases/now-playing/toll-booth-gise-memuru.html
Production: Mantar Film
Genres: Drama
Country: Turkey
Language: Turkish
Director Credit
Tolga Karacelik Director
Writer Credit
Tolga Karacelik Writer
Cast Credit
Ahmet Mümtaz Taylan Isletme Sefi/Operations Chief
Ali Barisik Kerem
Busra Pekin Nevra
Elif Sönmez Kenan Anne/Kenan's Mother
Faruk Karaçay Erol
Fatih Dönmez Genc Hakki Baba/Young Hakki Baba
Mehmet Güreli Issiz Fabrika Adam/Man At Desolate Factory
Nadir Saribacak Huseyin
Nergis Öztürk Nurgül
Nur Aysan Kadin
Ruhi Sari Cengiz
Serkan Ercan Kenan
Sermet Yesil Artun
Ýskender Baðcýlar Kemalettin
Zafer Diper Hakki Baba
Producer Credit
Engin Yenidunya Producer
Tolga Karacelik Producer