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  • Summary: Sam Bryant is an aging Seattle rocker whose life has fallen apart. Forced to move in with his suburban aunt, he agrees to take her troubled teenage son and the boy's best friend on a hiking trip to the ocean. When the boys become desperately lost in the woods, Sam must take every possible measure to ensure the trio arrives home in one piece. (Unison Films) Expand
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  1. Reviewed by: Stephen Holden
    Jul 28, 2011
    True Adolescents, like most indie movies related to the mumblecore school, is a delicate piece of machinery. Its truth lies in the tiniest details: the pauses, the stricken looks, the false bravado, the pathetically redundant slang (so many "dudes").
  2. Reviewed by: Mark Holcomb
    Jul 26, 2011
    Johnson establishes an understated, agreeable tone throughout that makes up for the movie's notable lack of hilarity, and in the outdoors sequences nicely captures how seemingly benign nature can turn nasty in an instant.
  3. Reviewed by: Ronnie Scheib
    Jul 26, 2011
    The result is Sam (Mark Duplass, "The Puffy Chair" and "Humpday"), a 34-year-old unemployed rocker whose mediocre musicianship is matched only by his abysmal people skills; he's like Jack Black without any energy or confidence.
  4. Reviewed by: Jesse Cataldo
    Jul 26, 2011
    Glomming conceits and situations from a vast range of similarly themed films, it ambles along in a lethargic, good-natured manner, fitfully amusing but never approaching substantial.
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