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  1. Reviewed by: Patrick Peters
    It may lack subtlety, but everything is beautifully designed and photographed, Watling and Tosar are superb and it's undeniably great fun.
  2. If Unconscious consistently overplays its hand, its fusion of a Sherlock Holmes-style detective story (Alma is the master sleuth, and Salvador her Dr. Watson) with a delirious bedroom farce in the spirit of early Pedro Almodóvar is frequently very funny.
  3. Unconscious is a ribald sex farce of considerable imagination and inspired wackiness and a meticulous period piece of the Art Nouveau era.
  4. Reviewed by: Ken Fox
    The superego gets bested by the id in Spanish director Joaquin Oristrell's curious period sex comedy, which mixes intellectual musings on psychoanalysis with vulgar guffaws of the basest sort.
  5. Reviewed by: Stina Chyn
    A brilliant exploration into the implications of Freud’s theories on one family.
  6. Reviewed by: Jennifer Drapkin
    The movie's message is clear: Freud's greatest contribution to society was not the idea that all little boys long to sleep with their mothers--rather, it's the concept of the unconscious, a hidden place where our secret desires yearn to be free.
  7. 58
    While the content is colorful and the actors seem up for the task, a flawed script and Oristrell's unemphatic direction let all the impact dribble away.
  8. Oristrell's comedic sense only seems to succeed in spurts, and he often burdens the proceedings with a theatrical and contrived air that undermines the humor.
  9. 50
    An overdone sex comedy.
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  1. KenG.
    Apr 18, 2007
    Charming, offbeat comedy, with appealing performances by its 2 leads.