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Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 11 out of 19
  2. Negative: 2 out of 19

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  1. The result is a highly critical and impossible-to-dismiss examination of the administration's rush to war that is sure to move both sides of the political spectrum to apoplexy.
  2. 63
    Most of the expert insights contained in this concise documentary are already available in the door-stopping exposes of other experts, a fact that lends the proceedings a nagging redundancy.
  3. This documentary strives to fill the gap, and the result is memorable; viewing is mandatory.
  4. A smashingly effective documentary -- I found it more resonant than ''Fahrenheit 9/11'' -- yet to say that it's preaching to the converted would be generous; it's preaching to a microscopic sliver of the converted.
  5. There are hopeful notes here. If you are looking for examples for America's finest hour, it's not our rush to start an optional war but rather that an anti-administration film like this can still be made and still be seen.
  6. Greenwald has created a crisp historical document that is worth your time, even if the information in it was not worth the President's.
  7. A thorough indictment of the Bush administration's focus on Iraq.
  8. While the arguments obviously will be digested differently according to the viewer's preconceived notions, the impressive credentials of the witnesses, most of them former insiders rather than mere pontificators, give their arguments an undeniable credibility.
  9. 70
    Americans now want a rooting interest in their journalism, just as they do in their sports and entertainment. Mr. Moore knows how to give that to them, and so - in a much more dignified, documented way - does Mr. Greenwald.
  10. Reviewed by: Jay WeissBerg
    A calm, rational and utterly devastating point-by-point analysis.
  11. 70
    A shorter version of which was shown last year in a series of house parties sponsored by the anti-Bush organizations and the Center for American Progress -- Greenwald marshals dozens of impeccably credentialed witnesses to debunk the case made for going to war.

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