Seventh Art Releasing | Release Date: April 19, 2013
Summary: Unmade in China follows Los Angeles filmmaker Gil Kofman who finds himself in Xiamen, China trying to direct a thriller, in Chinese, using a translator. He soon discovers that the old adage of making a film three times – in the writing, shooting, and editing – is in fact the opposite in China, where his film is “unmade” three times - in the writing, shooting, and editing - with each subsequent stage of the process even more excruciating and devastating than the one that came before it.
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Runtime: 87 min
Rating: Not Rated
Official Site: http://unmadeinchinamovie.com/
Production: International Art Consortium, The
Genres: Comedy, Documentary
Countries: USA, China
Language: English
Director Credit
Gil Kofman Director
Tanner Barklow Director
Writer Credit
Gil Kofman Writer
Tanner Barklow Writer
Cast Credit
Chunjun Jing Himself
Gil Kofman Himself
Michael Hersey Himself
Seth Scher Himself
Shone An Himself
Tanner Barklow Himself
Yixuan An Herself
Yuanzheng Feng Himself
Producer Credit
Francis Krow Producer
Seth Scher Co-Producer