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  1. Allen's laziness is startling, even in so mechanical a filmmaker. He uses a monotonous narrator to tell us what the characters think and do, though he then shows them performing the actions that have just been described.
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    Watching Allen fart out a story when he has no characters is always painful, as people are defined through clumsy expository dialogue and ranked according to their cultural accomplishments. But the script here is lazy even by his standards.
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  1. Feb 8, 2012
    Vicky Cristina Barcelona is one of the strangest movies of Woody Allen, because it is extremely artistic, also the point of view towards art is unique and not influenced by the consumerist society. So if art is out of influence, human relations work in the same way, that is why the affairs between two, three and even four people are normal and accepted.
    Another remarkable thing is that the character of Woody Allen, who is well expressed in Annie Hall and Zelig, jumps from person to person; the first in line is Cristina, because she is looking for true love knowing what she does not want and settling for nothing; second we have Juan Antonio, who is trying to defend his concept of art and balancing it with his relationships; third it is Vicky who is doubting about her marriage and husband; then we see Maria Elena, she wants to get back what she had, no matter what she must do; finally it is Judy, who tries to fulfill her dreams using other people.
    This film has amazing performances, but the one of Penelope Cruz is the most outstanding, the academy award for best supporting actress is definitely well deserved. Also the script is one of the bests from this director. All this is surrounded by peculiar music and the beautiful environment of Spain.
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  2. Jan 23, 2012
    It's almost impossible to find anything at all to like about Vicky Cristina Barcelona. Woody Allen's direction is lazy and heavy-handed, and his dialogue is completely lifeless. All the characters featured in the film are thoroughly unlikeable and impossible to relate to on any level, and every actor involved, while turning in completely competent performances, just look bored with what they are being asked to do. Instead of using a narrator as a device to drive the plot, and make some amusing comments about the events we are witnessing as he did in Annie Hall, Allen this time uses it to state the bleeding obvious, and therefore makes it completely unnecessary. The very worst of the film's numerous crimes, however, is the message about love it attempts to communicate, which is insulting to men, women and everyone's intelligence. Basically, Allen would have us believe that all women are either easy (like Scarlett Johansson's Cristina) or prude (like Rebecca Hall's Vicky) but both types of women can be seduced by a pretty disgusting misogynist so long as he's got nice eyes and a sexy accent (which describes Javier Bardem's Juan Antonio perfectly). The only smiles raised for the entire film are embarrassed ones, and you feel slightly emotionally drained by the film's conclusion, not because you've had an involving viewing experience, but because you've struggled for 95 minutes to find something to keep you watching. Still, the Spanish guitar music is nice, and Penelope Cruz makes a good crazy person. Full Review »
  3. MurrayR.
    Jun 17, 2010
    I'm not a fan of classical guitar.It's boring. There's scene where the sensitive "artists" of Barcelona are gathered together sipping wine and listening intently to mindless strumming. And that to me sums up this movie.There are no revelations ,no insights nothing is learned.And nothing is funny. Full Review »