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  • Summary: Virgil Bliss is a man obsessed with living a normal life, finding a good job, marrying a decent woman, and building a family of his own. The only problem, however, is that Virgil is a recently paroled career thief with a hair-trigger temper and the social skills of a child. (P-Kino Films)
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  1. Reviewed by: Marc Mohan
    Although some of the secondary roles are awkwardly acted, the leads are impressive.
  2. 80
    It is enough of an act of optimism just to raise the specter of heroic nobility, something that Virgil Bliss accomplishes with subtlety and poignancy.
  3. Unlike most indie directors dealing with this sort of material, Maggio refuses to wallow in the romance of either misery or redemption. Instead, he hangs everything on the honesty of his lead, unknown actor Jordan -- who is so good that if there's any justice, he won't remain unknown for long.
  4. 63
    Contains all the clichés of the post-prison genre -- but it has some redeeming qualities.
  5. Reviewed by: Ken Fox
    Virgil's naïveté isn't entirely believable, but his essential goodness is, thanks to a solid performance by Jordan, and that's really what makes this modern urban tragedy unusually affecting.
  6. Reviewed by: Scott Foundas
    Two superb, nervy and delicately nuanced performances by newcomers Clint Jordan and Kirsten Russell enliven and momentarily elevate writer-director Joe Maggio's Virgil Bliss above the familiar post-prison-drama cliches to which it so strenuously adheres.
  7. 30
    Jordan and Kirsten Russell, as the deadbeat-hooker love interest, bring the film to intermittent life, suggesting several more dimensions than the stale, futile scenario ever allows them.

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