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  1. Mar 17, 2011
    A fantastic film. The story, the setting, the characters, everything works perfectly to create this dark alternate reality. Zach Snyder has done it again, creating another beautiful world for another great film.
  2. Sep 21, 2011
    Zack Snyder's "Watchmen" has it all; the dark tone/environment, insanely deep characters, powerful action, and profround ideas. It's very obedient to the comic and serves its purpose as a translator of modern heroes and what they represent to the society.
  3. Aug 7, 2011
    Alternative take on superhero movies with plenty of darkness in the characters and good use of the heroes interacting with moments in history. In fact some of their actions would cause you to question if they are even the good guys which added more of a human element to them. A good sci-fi movie which rises above the usual run of the mill plots.
  4. j30
    Nov 27, 2011
    It's crazy how this movie turned out average for me. The graphic novel is great, thought-provoking, and artistic. The movie adaptation, however, feels like a wax replica of the novel. With the actors/actresses looking uninspired and dull.
  5. Nov 16, 2010
    As camp as the George Clooney's Batman films (or even Roger Moore's Bond films) and not even close to the class of "The Dark Knight." It is a great production indeed, but it is never as good as its opening credit sequence.
  6. Mar 11, 2011
    There must be something like a manual for making movies. Plot, character development, pace, etc. Since apparently there isn't, abysmally awful flicks like this will continue to be made. What is the standard ? And what is the purpose of submitting this to a paying audience ?
  7. Dec 5, 2010
    This movie was awful. I wouldn't recommend it to anyone, but you don't have to take my word for it.
  8. Nov 29, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. This was a very disappointing book-to-film portrayal. Not only do they include the only stupid element from the book (Jon's ability to see into the future which I fully expected them to keep) but they also changed some things for the worst. For one, unlike in the book where there is some foreshadowing but the twist is still somewhat of a surprise, this movie gives away the identity of the villain pretty much from the beginning. Also, they give the characters superhuman abilities for some reason that, other than one minor glitch in the end of the book, never actually existed. Rorschach can't leap 10 feet into the air at will, Adrian Veidt isn't a superhero, etc. This not only made a dark and realistic world silly but it also made the closing sequence of the film incredibly retarded. And speaking of Veidt, this was by far the worst casting of all of the characters. In the book, Adrian Veidt appeared to be a "larger than life" person, not just in terms of his celebrity and persona but also in terms of his physical appearance. The dude was a big, strong, and intimidating person but Matthew Goode looks like a dorky little twerp. Malin Akerman also wasn't a great selection but she at least pulled of the role of Laurie Jupiter decent enough. The rest of the casting was fantastic and they nailed the style of the book spot on. The soundtrack was also really good. Honestly, other than the Adrian character in general, they really stayed very true to the book. It's just that this story is so reliant, not on action and effects but rather on the development of the characters and the world itself. And while they developed the world really nicely, I think they failed to develop Dr. Manhattan enough and his back story is really one of the key turns in the book. Overall I think they gave it a solid effort but it just doesn't have the same impact. I think people who read the book will at least find this movie intriguing and somewhat enjoyable but I think people who never read the book will find the movie mediocre at best. Expand
  9. Jun 8, 2013
    Watchmen is a halluzinogene, sharp and sterile adaption of the comics, which were regarded of being not filmable. But Zack Snyder's creation lives through the pain and insanity the fallen heroes are exposed to.
    It is probably the best film I have ever seen.
  10. Sep 3, 2014
    One of the best superhero movies ever made, the movie is stunning.
  11. Mar 30, 2014
    Very faithful to the source material, and it works well. I do prefer the cuts without "The Black Freighter"; The Ultimate Cut suffers from those awkward cheap-looking animated insertions and just doesn't flow too well. A strong, serious, and adult superhero chronicle that sets itself apart from others in more ways than one. Zack Snyder really did a respectful job in bringing the graphic novel to life. Expand
  12. Sep 12, 2010
    If the last 40 minutes were like the first 2 hours this would have been one of the best films o last year and probobaly as good as the Dark Knight BUT the last 40 minutes were rushed and a terrible way to end a good film
  13. Aug 27, 2010
    There were a lot of things the movie did right, and plotwise, it stayed faithful to the original medium. However, there were enough missteps/inconsistencies and an unfulfilling style that it comes off as a purely enjoyable film, rather than a great, memorable one. Also, those watching the movie who haven't read the graphic novel will find little to cling on to, and might find the ending bemusing, but not anywhere near as impacting as what's presented in the book. The whole soundtrack also just needed an overhaul (If you're gonna feature "Hallelujah" in a movie, at least let it be Jeff Buckley's version!) Anyway, I need to get some sleep... Expand
  14. Nov 28, 2010
    A little ard to follow since i never read the graphic novel. But the action, awesome characters, and visuals helped me keep watching it. I did get somewhat bored towards the end, but that's honestly nit-pickery. I would like to read the graphic novel, if i ever get the chance. But good movie.
  15. Sep 19, 2010
    Watchmen was a socially-relevant, very gritty graphic novel from the late 80s written by one of the most original comic book writers of the time (or any time), Alan Moore.

    Many of Alan's books have been made into movies. From Hell. V for Vendetta. The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. And he refuses to put his name on any of them because he thinks movies are pointless drivel.

    So, for
    over 20 years, people have been trying to prove Alan wrong and find a way to put his "masterpiece," Watchmen, into film form. And no one had the balls, or technology, to accomplish it.

    Until now.

    First off, Zack Snyder has done the PERFECT translation of Watchmen into film. There is no way it could have ever been done better. Ever. By anyone.

    However, that still doesn't mean the book translates to film well. It doesn't. At all.

    Zack is very aware of how much it is possible to forever ruin Watchmen by making it into a cheesy movie, so he sticks to the source material almost verbatim. This makes for an interesting viewing experience, if you've read the book. It's like the book is being read to you.

    However, it's like the book is being read to you.

    It doesn't have a movie flow. It has a book flow. The film struggles to emotionally connect you with any character, except for Rorschach, who is the highlight of the film. PERFECT casting. And being so distant from the era of the cold war, even though we are seeing hints of it again, it's incredibly difficult to feel what the book made readers feel in the 80s when the cold war was so prevalent.

    From the perspective of being faithful to the book, Zack should be commended and, in that respect, the film is perfect, even if they replaced the giant squid with nuclear explosions. It's a 5 star film.

    However, from a film-watcher's perspective, it was too long (and, yes, I realize it had to be), it was too dated (and, yes, I realize it had to be), it was too boring and it did not flow well at all, though I think it picked up in the last half hour.

    If you were a fan of the book, you HAVE to see it. If you have no idea about the book, do not waste your 3 hours and $15.

    Side note: I was a huge comic book reader in the 1980s. What made Watchmen important was that, at the time, in the era of Ronald Reagan and the Cold War, what was weird was that comic book writers would not tackle the subject of nuclear war. It was almost like a silent rule that even though super heroes are supposed to save us from everything, we all know writing that a super hero could stop nuclear war is just dumb and unrealistic (even though the concept of super heroes themselves is dumb and unrealistic). It was very strange. Since no one could figure out a way to have a hero stop EVERY nuclear missile before hitting their targets, they just avoided the subject.

    So when Alan Moore decided to tackle the subject head-on, he did it in a very unique way, and probably the only way it would have made sense. In Watchmen, the heroes manipulated mankind from destroying themselves. THAT is the way they saved them. They brought them together by making a common enemy from which they could unite. The heroes didn't have to "stop all the bombs." They simply had to manipulate the leaders from ever wanting to release the bombs.

    It was genius.

    Alan's disgust of the government, status quo, etc., and his story's descent into chaos are themes in many of Alan's stories. V for Vendetta is another great example (and much better done film). He is a master storyteller though, and superb character developer. Rorschach, in particular, comes across to me as Alan himself, which is why I think the character appeals to the reader so much. Uncompromising and blunt, like Alan himself.
  16. Nov 20, 2011
    IMO its the best film based off a comic book/graphic novel of all time. I had no idea what the Watchmen was about until I bought it on DVD and I watched it with my siblings and we were all blown away by how good it was. We all enjoyed it from start to finish and I am sure a lot of others would too.
  17. Oct 17, 2013
    A few years after release, I think this film was unfairly maligned. It's not as good as the comic, but its still a well shot, thought provoking film. Some of the performances are great, most are good, and the sound track is phenomenal. I actually think the ending of the film made a lot more sense than the comic too, though I know many people didn't like it.
  18. Mar 6, 2011
    This movie wasn't a great movie, the plot is pretty boring but picks up when the action finally shows up, all the characters but Rorschach are unlikable and lame, this is incredibly overhyped, and get boring at times, but you may be willing to give this a chance just don't expect greatness.
  19. Mar 24, 2013
    Watchmen is probably the most unique and thought provoking superhero movie ever made. It's also one of the best. The plotting, atmosphere and characterizations are all top class, as are the fantastic fight scenes. I might well know nothing about the graphic novel that the film was based on, but I can tell you this; Watchmen is awesome!
  20. Jan 20, 2011
    Watchmen could be the best superhero movie ever adapted successfully from comic books, even could be better than THE DARK KNIGHT (2008). The Director is Zack Snyder, the man behind the extraordinary 300 (2006). He also directed the simple but effective horror, DAWN OF THE DEAD in 2004. Snyder is a young Director that his track-record never flaw until now. The cinematography on thiz film is still stunning, every scene made with a great detail. The Watchmen original material comes from graphic comic written by Alan Moore. Every character in Watchmen is very unique. The most unique character maybe is Dr. Manhattan, who played by Billy Crudup. The other Casts are: Malin Akerman, Jackie Earle Haley, Patrick Wilson, Matthew Goode, Carla Gugino , and Jeffrey Dean Morgan. Watchmen told a story about a group of super heroes dealing with the society on alternate world in 1985. One side, they needed to maintain peace, and the other side, they had put in distance because of their oddity .The soundtracks support well to give a precise atmosphere during thiz film. The conflict along the plots was in order and proportional. Malin Akerman physical appearance as Silk Spectre II, in my opinion is the best presentation of superhero character. The posture and shape what superhero should looks like appears perfectly. The climax on this movie was also very fair, where we could blurred by who is the bad guys or good guys. Thiz shows us the movie was far mature that seem to be.

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  21. Jan 13, 2011
    Highly enjoyable movie, yes it is overlong (especially the directors cut) but it is visually astounding. Imagine 300 as a superhero movie (They do have the same director) I was very entertained while watching it
  22. Jan 28, 2011
    Being a huge fan of the graphic novel, the only thing I hold against this movie is one performance. But the incredible accuracy to the novel, the excellent action, and the superb overall cast, Watchmen is unforgettable! See it!
  23. Sep 30, 2011
    I'm going to sum this up in two words: The best. By that, I mean this is the best superhero movie I have ever seen ( compared to the Spider man movies, which were very bad). Watchmen isn't just superhero movie, it is THE superhero movie.
  24. Mar 30, 2011
    Watchmen is a good film with a good story and acting at times. The film is a bet lengthy but it is a exceptional film when it comes to plot and diologue. Rorschack is my favorite character from Watchmen. I think Watchmen is Zack Snyder's best film.
  25. Jun 22, 2011
    Avoid the director's cuts and Watchmen is among the four or five best superhero movies made as of 2011. Demote Spider-Man 2 and it might be the best of the bunch. In fact, let's go a step farther. Watchmen isn't just a classic superhero movie. It's a classic film.
  26. May 4, 2011
    Too much long. Too much violence. I like the mature and realistic approach, but in some moment it loses its goals. It has a great ending endeed but you`ll have to wait...
  27. Oct 8, 2012
    The are landmarks in comic book publishing, and there are landmarks in superhero filmmaking. Watchmen is an example of both. Alan Moore's graphic novel changed comics forever, and proved to the world once and for all that they could be taken seriously as a medium. Perhaps the film version hasn't had the same impact, but it should be respected nonetheless. It's a real shame that Moore disowned the project after seeing sub-par film adaptations of From Hell and The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, as Zack Snyder's Watchmen is a very good film. It's a pessimistic view of an alternate universe with real superheroes, a world of heightened Cold War paranoia and near-constant awareness of human mortality. The heroes of this universe are all deeply flawed, and make for fascinating characters - Jackie Earle Haley's psychotic masked vagrant Rorschach, Patrick Wilson's idealistic but impotent and out-of-shape caped crusader Nite Owl and Billy Crudup's increasingly removed nuclear man-god Dr. Manhattan being particular highlights. Snyder's films are always visually stunning, but Watchmen sets a new standard, as often it looks like Dave Gibbon's artwork has stepped straight off the page and onto the big screen, and Snyder's good sense for over-the-top violence and dynamic cinematography serves this living comic for grown-ups well. The film's standout scenes are the interconnected flashbacks that flesh out the characters, their relationships with each other, and what drives them, and Dr. Manhattan's origin story is particularly emotionally engaging. Watchmen also has one of the most memorable opening credits sequences on film, presented as a striking and really quite beautiful extended montage that establishes just how much has changed in a world that has had masked vigilantes operating in it since the late 1930s, all with Bob Dylan's "The Times They Are a-Changin'" playing over the top. Watchmen isn't perfect - it's rather long, yet somehow the final act still feels rushed and a little clumsily put together, and there's the odd plot-hole to be found in the theatrical release (thankfully resolved in the director's cut), but Zack Snyder's vision of Alan Moore's universe is still one of the more faithful, respectful and coherent book-to-film adaptations. Snyder retains all of the "meat" of Moore's book and brings it to life with expert visual execution. They said Watchmen could never be filmed. They were wrong. Expand
  28. Jun 12, 2011
    This movie is something special. The acting through out the film is fantastic. Even the small roles were strong. The plot was great and flowed well. I have never read the graphic novel because I usually don't like graphic novels but after seeing this movie I am going to have to read it. I also loved the visuals and the fact that the movie really dove into what its like to be a superhero after nobody wants you anymore. A great film that takes a dark look at what the world could have been like. Expand
  29. Sep 22, 2011
    This movie is a mixed bag. Brilliantly directed in some parts. However boring and poorly acted in others. Overall worth seeing with fantastic visuals.
  30. Sep 8, 2011
    Unlike most movies which seem to be held back by film studios, Watchmen and its director Zack Snyder would have benifited by studios saying NO and holding back the excessive nonsense that weighs down this movie. Too much of Watchmen's violence is unnecessary and far too excessive. Violence can be very effective but too much will screw up its impact and this movie suffers as a result. I did enjoy some of the films back story and the characters Rorschach and Doctor Manhattan were interesting, but for everything this movie did right it did something wrong. Some of the actors are good some are miscast, the screen play is messy at times and there is also a ridiculously clumsy laughable sex scene. It's a pitty as Watchmen does have some depth and could have been much better.â Expand
  31. Jun 28, 2013
    A stylish take on the graphic novel that manages to be both a faithful and plausible adaption. The mood was perfect for the story, and all the characters managed to be as deep as they were in the source material.
  32. Aug 1, 2011
    I hated, absolutely hated this graphic novel. I remember a member of the youth group I was helping out with, told me to read it because it was the best comic he ever readâ
  33. Aug 5, 2011
    Movies are not meant to be judged based on other movies. There's no rule book, because it's simply different every time. In this instance, this movie should be based only by the novel to which it's based on. For that, I give this movie a 10. Having read the novel, this movie gave me the same emotional message as the novel did, in an astonishing way that surpassed my expectations. This movie gets me every time, as I hope it did for the other readers of the novel(which I highly recommend you pick up after reading this if you've never read it). Watchmen intrudes past most of our modern day movies, giving a dramatic look at what our species is capable of, both the good and the bad. Expand
  34. Sep 28, 2011
    Thought it was... ok. Definitely not a huge crowd pleaser like The Dark Knight. No real thrills or shocking payoffs. But this is coming from a guy who's read the book about 15 or 20 times, so maybe a newcomer to the story would beg to differ. But uh... just flat in a lot of areas where the book didn't translate well to the screen. What worked on the page was brought to the screen by Zach Snyder as best as anyone could've mustered, but it wasn't really brought to life in a meaningful, emotional way. The violence was fine for the few fight scenes where it was actually present, but that just made them stand out as peculiar, when 90% of the movie is about... talking. Sometimes talking with bad aged makeup.

    That rape scene hit me hard. Geez. I knew it was coming, I'd read it plenty of times on the page, but the way it was filmed was just... awful, and you could feel the audience dying inside. Though that was one thing I was surprised about, the audience. I dunno if it was because I went to an 11:50 pm showing or what, but nobody at my screening laughed aloud at Dr. Manhattan's blue dong like so many other reviews have been describing. They were just... pretty much silent throughout. The biggest reaction was when Rorschach spilled the oil on the convict and yelled "I'm not locked up in here with you. You're locked up in here with me." Of course they would, it was a great line.

    Yea, that Dr. Manhattan... I gotta say, he ended up falling short of my expectations. Not Crudup's voice, that was fine. But the entire CGI entity just... did not look right to me. Maybe it IS the uncanny valley, but I just thought he looked unreal, inhuman, and somewhat of a failure as a visual effect. Perhaps part of that was because he had no pupils. I just checked and he doesn't have any in the graphic novel either, but... perhaps in this case it would've been better to diverge from the source material.

    Like I said before... Snyder did as good a job as anyone could've in bringing this book to the movie screen. And yet... I did miss all the material that was cut out. The stuff with the two Bernies, the Psychiatrist's marital problems, Hollis getting pumpkin'd... there was a feeling of loss throughout watching the film. So I dunno how any person who hasn't read the book will react to the movie.

    The ending change? Yea, fine. It works logically. About as well as the original ending I suppose. Though the visceral impact of seeing six full pages of dead corpses in New York was completely missing here. Sorry dude, but showing us a giant blue CGI explosion just doesn't carry the same impact. We needed to feel those millions of dead. I did like the Rorschach pattern in the snow though, that was something new and worked pretty well.

    Oh yea, one last thing... good god Zach, what were you thinking with that Hallelujah sex scene? Dude, I like porn and I like superheroes, but that scene... I could not have rolled my eyes any further. It was cringeworthy. And no, it was not as bad as the sex scene in 300, because I was perfectly fine with that sex scene. It was short, perfunctory, and did not have an incredibly odd soundtrack. In this case, less would've been more. The scene in the book was only 2 panels, that was about right. Mostly it was the song though... that Hallelujah song will never be the same to me again.

    But I did really like the intro credits with Bob Dylan.

    Again, thought it was ok. But no, not the greatest comic book movie ever. It's a mostly faithful retelling of the book in 2 and a half hours that, in my opinion, will completely fly over the heads of the mainstream audience. Let's say 3 and a half stars, and I'm being generous.
  35. Jun 18, 2012
    An amazing film The 2nd greatest super hero movie of all time the reason why it gets so much hate is because people see the trailer they think it is an action movie it's not its a drama with noir and action elements the editing was just fantastic the voice acting was great the story is deep complex and interesting this is one of the few comic book movie that actually improves on the original a true masterpiece Expand
  36. Jun 23, 2012
    I'd like to say that I never read the graphic novels but I got to say that this movie was incredible now some complain that it was boring but i guess people hate movie's with a great story it did a great Job fleshing out each characters story except night owl which was the only character I didn't like his acting was terrible. The comedian was an interesting character since he believed that we're all destined to kill each other but doubts or maybe even believes we can change which is why he was my surprise most reviewers said it was to gory but come on ppl its rated r for a reason besides this isn't Batman r Spiderman where those movies are gore free..also people said hey only one Guy had powers...that's not true it was it was two lil ozmandias was extremely quick,strong & could Dodge/catch bullets & roshack was awesome all in all this movie gave me what I wanted 9 out of ten would've been a ten but Mr.Manhattan was naked lol Expand
  37. Dec 7, 2011
    The only people who can actually appreciate this movie are those who have never read the comic and simply like the idea. The idea is brilliant, but was introduced in the comic. The film tears its source material apart and decides to construct anew from nothing but the idea, failing miserably in the process. Everything, from the adapted script to horrible acting and poor casting, fails.

    you liked the idea, read the comic. This material is simply not meant to be defended by the argument "I simply enjoyed it". It is literature and a masterpiece, butchered by Hollywood and Zach Snyder's pretense. Expand
  38. Aug 25, 2014
    I haven't read the graphic novel yet.

    When I started, I was expecting to see another superhero movie, but was slightly surprised how different "Watchmen" was from movies like X-Men and Fantastic Four. There was a lot more graphic violence - and sex - than I expected. The latter didn't even seem all that important for the story. The brutal, straightforward violence, on the other hand,
    gave the movie a sharp undertone.

    The beginning of the movie was very nice, but when the titles began rolling, it seemed to take almost too long. There were phases in the plot where things didn't seem to move in any important direction, but those didn't last long enough to ruin the general air of the movie.

    I liked Dr. Manhattan a lot. The actor, and the character's struggle was the best part of the movie.

    Roschach's monologue reminded me of "Sin City". All in all, his character was very wicked and broken. I couldn't get enough of that shifting mask of his.

    All in all the movie carries itself pretty well from start to finish. It is dark, wicked, powerful, and brings forth many different feelings from joy to utter loss.

    The soundtrack sounded "old", which matched the era of the movie, in my opinion. Other than that, it was hard to imagine it was taking place in a time before I was even born.
  39. Apr 7, 2013
    Whats wrong with us you say? Whats wrong with you i ask! This movie is great! Sure, sex scenes where not neccesary but where not bloody offensive, neither was dr.manhattans penis. I image people that found this offensive has been raped or something, so that any "sexual" related stuff is an horror to hear/watch. Terrible acting? nope, even though im not a top-notch movie critic i can tell you that its not horrible, its fairly good in my opinion. The story is interesting enough. Expand
  40. Feb 2, 2012
    A film the critics got dead wrong, Watchmen is the best comic book/graphic novel based film I have ever see. I had no idea what it was about, I liked the trailer and clips of it so I decided to buy the DVD. I loved it. A must watch imo.
  41. Nov 6, 2012
    Watchmen is one of the best superhero movies. Its dark gritty story is interesting, and while many fans of the book may be disappointed, I sure wasn't. Definitely worth watching.
  42. Mar 22, 2012
    Abysmally paced, ridiculous crybaby dialogue-filled, on-the-nose sexually exploitative, nearly action-free, cantankerous, dark (not in a noir-ish way but in a literal "it's difficult to tell what I'm looking at sometimes" sort of way), leaden, flabby, incredibly overlong train wreck of a bullsh** movie. I've NEVER walked out of a theater before a film ended until Zack Snyder decided to make me look at Dr. Manhattan's penis for one agonizing moment after another for absolutely no reason. The four of us, exasperated, worn out... utterly soul-crushed by what we had already been subjected to leading up to this moment, finally gave up and left... LONG AFTER EVERY OTHER PERSON IN THE THEATER HAD ALREADY DONE SO! There's a line between just making a crappy movie and actually showing bald-faced contempt for your viewing audience. I'd say Snyder is definitely toeing that line, if not stepping over it here. All I know is that I'm still waiting for him to personally refund my $20. Jerk! Expand
  43. Aug 18, 2012
    This movie stands alone within the Superhero genre. Taken as an interpretation of the graphic novel, which itself is among the greatest novels of our time, this movie is perfect. The Ultimate Cut is the cut to watch, for it brings together all the plot points from the novel in one film.
  44. Jan 26, 2013
    1985, the world is on the brink of nuclear war. After a superhero named the Comedian is killed, the rest of the superheroes that form the Watchmen must reunite to track down the killer and stop world war 3. A dark, gritty, ultra-violent superhero story full of blood, guts, slaughter and sex, Watchmen is the superhero film for adults only. A great action film with a brilliant cast, great director and epic cinematography. Only drawback to the film is the heavy use of 80's politics, which if you are not overly clear on can become too much to handle. Expand
  45. Apr 6, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Watchmen is a different sort of film: a superhero with E.D: and a villain who wins with a "the ends justifies the means" message. Add to that the giant blue guy that runs around with his penis waging about for the last quarter of the film and this movie was made to push the envelope. Expand
  46. May 24, 2014
    Easily the most underrated comic book films of all time, Watchmen is a visual entertaining film that really captures the dark, depressing tone of Alan Moore's sensational award winning graphic novel, full of amazing action, acting (the actor who plays Rocatch is amazing) and a will crafted plot that is alot more grounded compared to the unreal ending of the graphic novel.


    -Music at times is really off putting and just awkwardly placed, for example the sassy scene on the film.
    -Pasting at times is too fast too slow, depending on what is happening
    -Some of the amazing set peaces from the comic book that really embrace the overall impact humanization are left out from the film, which is very upsetting
    -Really, Really cheesy at times
  47. May 31, 2013
    This is a veary good movie the actors are great and the movie it selfe is great.This is the best movie based on a comic book.I owned the original comic book and i watched the movietoo so i ca say the two of the are great and i will give the movie an 9 because its a good movie and it will be eaven better if you read the comic to know what is going on.
  48. Sep 28, 2012
    Perfect interpretation of the comic book. Perfectly directed. The casting for this movie was perfect, If you didn't read the comic you still getl simular enjoyment form the movie. Yet the comic goes into to deatil more and I think they left a few critical moments out. Otherwise a very, very highly underrated movie.
  49. Jan 3, 2013
    I can see why fans of the novel enjoyed this..and I didnt entirely hate it, but it just didnt have that great stirring narrative feel that the graphic novel had. Of course not having a gaint squid kill millions in N.Y with its telekinesis powers was a little of downer but the film actually pulls off some of the scenes from the book rather nicely. The casting isnt all the terrible either, esp. Rorschach, Nite Owl, and even the Comedian. I didnt mind all the violence either, it was violent book, but for some reason it had a shiny cartoony feel to it, much like he did with 300...kind of glossy blood violence. It also just didnt appear as smart as the book did either, many of lines of dialogue that came right from the book, came across clunky and also Ozymandius is given villain status immediately..his character was the one I just felt they completely missed the ball park on...but hell he didnt pretty decent job with a challenging movie. Expand
  50. Jun 8, 2014
    Firstly, I want to say that as a standalone film, Watchmen is more than adequate. However, as an adaptation of the best graphic novel of all time, it doesn't meet the standards set by it's paper-back sibling.
    Watchmen is one of those rare anomalies that, despite it's amazing story, characters and setting, could never work as a film. The sharp, juxtaposition of panels and storylines in the
    comic is something so stylized and unique that it could only succeed in a written medium. As a film, it loses its punch. The pacing doesn't always feel right and, for me, the characters were always more interesting when I read the comics and shaped their voice and movement myself rather than an actor portraying them.
    My advice: read the comic, you'll love it. If you're desperate, check out this film. However, I feel that as the comic works so well on its own, the film does nothing to interest me further than what I already loved about the grand universe of Watchmen.
  51. Feb 2, 2013
    This movie is trash, I don`t care what anybody says. I like one of the characters, but man I should punch myself in the face for finishing this movie. I see it has good ratings from allot of people, That just makes it clear, that I am not a zombie who just follows what other people like. I usually like "Super Hero" movies, Not this one!
  52. Mar 9, 2013
    Though it may be confusing and hard minded to some, Watchmen is execellently written adaption of one of the best graphic novels ever. Its visually impressive, it had lots of action, and it had great dramatic moments added along with it making this Snyder's best work by far.
  53. Dec 16, 2012
    You can forgive it's misses because the things it gets right, notably a perfectly cast Jackie Earle Haley as Rorschach and a confident and rich visual style cover up the movies' understandable need to cram as much of the book possible into a 2 1/2 hour movie making it a stuffy but occasionally exhilarating experience.
  54. Dec 30, 2012
    Good storyline and some acting. One of the better comic book movies Ive seen probably because they got a decent writer and actors. All the 'sexuality' wasnt necessary especially Dr. Manhattans penis. Also a bit too much blood and violence. Definitely not a comic book movie for kids.
  55. Jul 8, 2013
    I've read and love Watchmen, and still love this movie. Not sure why it got hated on as much as it did. It could of been more true to the source material, but it was overall very graphic and entertaining.
  56. Dec 7, 2013
    You know what I liked it. I have read the comic so I can't be accused of not understanding how much of a bad adaptation this is, I love both of them. The comic is much deeper and more cleverly constructed but the movie appeals to a wider audience and makes some of the characters more likeable. Why this is almost rotten and fans of the comic don't hate it I will never know. But it's one of my favorite movies of all time. Expand
  57. Jul 7, 2013
    Yes, I've read Watchmen. And yes, I do believe it is one of the most interesting, involving, thought-provoking, mind-blowing books I've ever read of any genre. Anyone who's read my reviews of comic book-inspired movies knows I've never claimed to be a comic book fan. I usually steer clear of the medium, but Watchmen was a must-read (actually a must-read over and over). And being a Watchmen fan going into Warner Bros Pictures' and Zack Snyder's film adaptation of Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons' critically acclaimed work, I had high hopes for this feature film based on what's widely regarded as unfilmable source material. Did Snyder's cinematic vision live up to expectations? Absolutely. Snyder and writers David Hayter and Alex Tse had to lose portions of the graphic novel (which first appeared as a comic book series in the mid-1980s) in order to condense the story into a reasonable running time and comprehensible narrative. They also had the difficult task of making the film accessible to those who haven't read Watchmen without trampling on the dreams of Watchmen fans who've been waiting decades for a movie based on Moore and Gibbons' characters. Watchmen fans must realize going in that this is not a panel by panel adaptation in the vein of 300. That would have been an impossible endeavor given the richness and sheer depth of the graphic novel. As such, important portions of Watchmen have been left out. Failing to make the cut in the feature film are any mentions of Tales of the Black Freighter (an animated short is being released separately on DVD) and Hollis Mason's Under the Hood. And Watchmen the movie relegates the past members of the Minutemen to mere fleeting glimpses in the film's marvelously inventive opening credits (one of the best lead-ins to a film I can recall). The ending's also been drastically tweaked. But all that aside, most importantly, the message, the tone, and the six central characters have made the leap to the big screen nearly completely intact. Alan Moore used Watchmen as a way to deconstruct the superhero genre while at the same time reflecting on world issues. What sacrifices would we be willing to make in order to save the world from itself? Does the end justify the means, if it entails the loss of life in order to stop a nuclear war? Watchmen is set in an alternate 1980's reality in which presidential term limits are no longer enforced and the Doomsday Clock is closer than ever to striking midnight as the United States and Russia move toward nuclear war. In this twisted world, costumed vigilantes once worked side by side with law enforcement. Known as the Minutemen, these crime-fighters didn't have any special powers, just the desire to clean up the streets. As the original group aged and moved on, a new wave of costumed crime-fighters popped up. This new group (the Crimebusters) followed in the footsteps of the Minuteman, rounding up bank robbers and murderers, all without the backing of the power of a badge. But the tide eventually turned and costume-wearing vigilantes were forced into retirement with the passage of the Keene Act (the film glosses over this part of the story). After the passage of the Keene Act, Dr Manhattan and The Comedian, a ruthless, morally bankrupt, cold-blooded killer, are allowed to continue to work with/work for the government. Rorschach, another member of the team, continues to hunt down villains but does so unofficially, outside the confines of the law. Although Snyder and company serve up backstories by way of flashbacks, most of the action in the movie Watchmen takes place following the murder of The Comedian. Rorschach becomes driven to find the truth behind who killed The Comedian (someone he holds in high regard despite his despicable acts). In order to ferret out the killer and find out if whoever it is is targeting costumed vigilantes and for what purpose, Rorschach pulls his old crime-fighting compadres out of retirement. As Rorschach, Nite Owl II, and Silk Spectre II dig into this plot to kill all 'superheroes', they uncover a conspiracy the depths of which they never anticipated upon hearing the news of The Comedian's murder.
    Watchmen is not a film for everyone and it won't connect with audiences looking for the standard superhero genre flick. Watchmen is unflinchingly violent, there's nudity (Dr Manhattan's penis is right there in your face even if you blink, you won't miss it), raw sex, and there's none of the lighthearted superhero-type moments in this that we've come to expect from major motion picture adaptations of comic books. Watchmen presents a world in which actions have real consequences and they're not necessarily pretty, and if people were in fact superheroes, they'd be warped and in desperate need of some serious therapy. This film's gritty and nasty and you want to wash your hands when you're done watching it. But I'm betting after just one screening of the film, you'll think more about Watchmen than any other comic book/graphic novel-inspired movie you've ever witnessed.
  58. Apr 15, 2013
    This movie makes me puke. Seriously. How in the world you can rate this positive This "heroes" makes no sense. Plot is awful. Main heroes HeHero and SheHero (didnt bother to remember names) are ugly as hell. And this blue guy without pants every time I saw his huge blue penis my eyes were bleeding. I simply cant understand how you can rate this more than zero.
  59. May 4, 2013
    I did not purchase a twelve dollar movie ticket to see terrible plot holes, poor character development, cheesy dialog lines, and a blue wang. Sure, it has mediocre fight scenes but overall, it is unbearable.This does not reflect the comics at all, whatsoever.
  60. Jul 5, 2013
    Amazing adaptation from the original Graphic Novel written by Allan Moore.
    The movie is extremely loyal to the original comic by respecting each character personality, and charm, even the actors used in the film (wich are really good at recreating each character) look like if they just take them straight out of the original Graphic Novel both in dialog and physically.
    Even then the movie
    has his fair share of flaws, the most common consist on just how a couple of scenes that are similar from the Graphic Novel can be much more violent in the movie,
    when most of the time there is not a reason on why they would make them that way, the whole atmosphere in wich these scenes take place is already shocking it can transmit the feeling of how important and brutal certain moments of the movie are,
    so when they finally come out and add someone chopping off the arms of someone else with a chainsaw, it quite breaks the entire atmosphere of the movie.
    There are also a couple of really important moments that are removed from the original Graphic Novel.
    For me personally the moments that were removed didn't really affect the flow of the film and they never really leaved me with a tasteless movie experience but i know that fans of the original novel may resent these changes made into the film just like i resent the over the top notch graphic unnecessary violence in some giving the fact that they don't stay true to the novel and,
    "in my opinion" can break the flow of the experience.
    ha i guess you can also take that as me being one that loved the graphic novel just as much as i loved the film.
  61. Jul 2, 2013
    The graphic novel, Watchmen by Alan Moore is one of my favorite books and one of the best graphic novels ever written, if not the best. It is a groundbreaking piece of literature gold that deserves to be worshiped. Yes, I just recently read the book and I missed this in theaters. But I know now how all those poor soles walking into the theater one night with their personal Watchmen copy in hand just awaiting this monumental adaptation to flash before their eyes feel. It does not feel very good.
    I'm going to level with you, Watchmen wasn't awful. It was actually a pretty decently filmed movie. That meaning it looked great. Zack Snyder really has a talent for visual thrills because this looked beautiful. It had that Dark Knight look to it, but it had that polished and gleaming flare to it also. Snyder has style, and if only he can get a good script to go with it and he could be legendary.
    Watchmen also had something else that blew me away. It has the best opening titles I have ever seen. They play out after the first scene and they aren't your normal opening credits just showing the people behind it. They do show that, but behind a series of slow-mo scenes where it's telling you all about the world your about to delve into. It shows the whole back story with the song The Times They Are A-Changin' playing. That is the one time in this movie that I will say the song actually fits the scene, but it did.
    Now time to talk about all of the faults. I thought the music choices were bad. The choices for the soundtrack were very interesting choices. The songs they chose for each scene did not fit well with what was happening on screen and as a result, it took away from the impact. This was a problem, but it wasn't the biggest problem I had with this movie. The biggest problem I had was the excessive and graphic gore throughout. It's this CG blood that flies everywhere when people are shot or hurt and it constantly comes splattering everywhere like it's Gears of War. It's comedic at certain moments and it really detracts from the scene. It doesn't even look good and that really bothered me.
    In the end, Watchmen has the same problem that another adaptation had, The Great Gatsby. It is maybe a bit too faithful to the source material. I watch this movie knowing exactly whats going to happen, exactly what I will see, and even exactly what people say.They literally have line by line quotes straight from the book said in this movie, and some of the story board was taken directly from the graphic novel comic strip boxes. There's no new spin on it and it ends up just feeling like you copied off another person's school project and didn't put any real effort to call it your own.
    Watchmen may be ambitious, but it sure isn't the best adaptation that the classic book could have had. That's another of the biggest problem with this movie, it has so much potential, but is squandered by the soundtrack, excessive gore, and a vision a bit too close to the source material. I really feel pity for those poor people at that midnight showing in 2009.
  62. Jun 14, 2013
    Watchmen is the story of vigilante's who stop crime, all the way from the days WW1 to the year of Nixon's election, and now have to deal with someone who is taking out the masked heroes one by one. This based off; more like an exact copy of, the graphic novel by the same name. This film did not do so well at the box office; it still made some money, just not a lot. So there was already a layer of uninterested when this came out. Eventually I got a hold of it on blu-ray; in fact it was my first blu-ray movie I got, and I was generally pleased with it. I really liked the visual style of it, the dark and grimy detail really sells it. It's just like the graphic novel pages were on the screen. Another thing I like to mention is Jackie Earl Haley as Rorscach. This is the best performance in the movie. The way he makes his character act like such a intimidating presents is amazing when thinking about how tall he is; not very. It's almost like Marv from sin city, he's a bad ass, but also a loser in a way. Although with theses great compliments I appear to be giving this film, there're some problems I'd like to address. While Rorshach is great, the other characters don't really leave much of an impression. The guy who played Mr. Manhattan I guess did okay; if he was suppose to sound completely uninterested was his goal, then he's one of the few exceptions. I mean, I just don't find the others that interesting, and the actors don't try to do anything to make them feel real at any point. The running time can be an issue as well, running at around two an a half hours long, it can be a bit dragging when the film is not entirely interesting or captivating throughout. Even if there's not a total appreciation for this film by most, I still like it, and I'm sure there's other who agree with me. Expand
  63. Jul 15, 2013
    What makes Watchmen so great is that it's one of very few comic adaptions that's almost entirely true to it's source material. It's about 98% accurate. That's what makes this film as good as the cult classic graphic novel.
  64. Jun 11, 2013
    Action,fun,sex was included in that masterpiece. I really liked this movie.
    it was one of the best action films these years. The plot was good, the direction extraordinary and the characters beyond fantasy. A good one
  65. Jun 15, 2013
    Without a doubt one of the most epic movies ever made and the most artistic superhero comic book adaptation to date. It requires a bit of patience, and possibly re-watching, but is easily one of the best films I've had the pleasure of seeing.
  66. Jul 5, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. The plot was good, but the way it was developed left me disappointed. The characters were not well-defined. In fact, on many occasions they were either boring or indifferent to me. A lot of the film consisted of scenes that did not add to the central plot.
    Miss Jupiter's encounter with the Comedian. She was almost raped by him, and then it's revealed she went and had sex with him. I am assuming this is put in to reflect the distorted mentality of today's society? Or was it just to make Silk Spec cry?
    I still cant understand the attraction between Silk Spectre II and Dr. Manhattan, both of which appeared several times naked the first to hold the male audience's interest (I assume) and the second only made the audience giggle and laugh, detracting from the film.
    Jackie Earle Haley's portrayal of a sociopathic anti-hero was definitely the highlight of the movie. Again, these "heroes" appeared more interested in the fight than actually helping mankind (JDM's Comedian a bright example of this). This notion is revoked in the end, when even a distant Dr Manhattan is "moved" by the devious actions of Ozymandias, all in the name of mankind. Well, that settles it then. Forget democracy, bring in the world's smartest men to lead us, otherwise we are just savages that ultimately will kill each other to extinction. But if we are indeed savages, mankind and heroes alike, what's the point in saving us in the first place? So there was a message trying to be sent, but it got lost (at least, on me) somewhere along the way...
  67. Jul 6, 2014
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. With more darker, thrilling, and violet then the novel, watchmen brings the intense mystery violet film that frightens the audiences under 12 or 13 with graphic violences,bad sex love scenes and others. I don't need to hurt Zack synder's feelings for this movie but he does directed others films that are good such as legend of the guardians, sucker punch, 300, and man of steel. So I would generally recommend that this is a good movie but has bad stuff in it based on the graphic novel. So there's one thing I am confused about this movie. One thing am confused is that the plot generally mixed up from character to character. Each from past it the present of the story. So I would this is that the movie maybe frighten people with intense violence and darker past of the story. So that's that things I would say about this movie. Expand
  68. Aug 30, 2013
    Even though the film overextends its welcome and has a tenacity to assert its political themes as often as possible, its graphic violence, durable characters, and stunning depiction of an unscrupulous alternate Earth more than compensate.
  69. Aug 6, 2013
    Though it overstays its welcome slightly, at more than 2 1/2 hours long, the film hits a bulls-eye with what it tries to achieve: a superhero movie with a dark and mature atmosphere.
  70. May 25, 2014
    Now i know most people when you ask them to write a list of their top five comic book movies they wont have Watchmen on their list. For me though i love this film and have it in my top three super-hero movies of all time. Watching the film in the theater was just a blast again being directed by Zack Snyder he gave it is feel and it just blows it put the water visually the film is an eye-gasm with action and sheer brutalness "umm seeing a person get blown up and the body hanging form the ceiling YES PLEASE" that was so crazy.

    The Cast is great and they do show off a bit of different super hero's the main cast is Dr. Manhattan, Rorschach, Nite Owl, The Comedian, Silk Spectre II, Ozymandias, Now while they don't powers other then Dr. Manhattan they are more so just vigilantes in a alternate universe where they came out in the 1940s and 1960s, fighting crime and even helping The United States win the Vietnam War.

    Now while the film is 2 hours and 45 minutes which this film need to be this long to explain a 12 issue volume it did end up getting a Director's cut running at 186 minutes then a Ultimate cut running at 215 minutes definitely enough to get the story told and it does masterfully.

    Overall i give this a 9.0 I just love this movie and even the comics
  71. Sep 23, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Who watches Watchmen?

    Watchmen is a movie based on the graphic novel written by Alan Moore and is set in an alternate reality in 1985 New York City. It attempts to deconstruct the myth of the superhero genre.

    I've read the graphic novel which is multi-layered and relies on flashbacks to propel the main narrative. So I was eager when news of a film adaptation was announced. However the director behind the project is Zac Snyder whose previous efforts I didn't like.

    So with that in mind I knew it wouldn't be like Christopher Nolan's take on the Dark Knight but more like an highly excitable fan boy who had got their wish to direct this movie. To be fair Zac has done well with the source material and stayed faithful however his technique of highly stylized violence and the slowing and speeding up of images can get a bit tiring and is more in style to Sin City then how I personally imagined Watchmen to be like.

    I envisaged Watchmen to be realistic in it's portrayal of it's characters and in the novel you assume the only character with genuine superpowers is Dr Manhattan yet in the movie every fight scene is hyper real with characters exhibiting superhuman strength which is confusing to say the least. This is a minor quibble.

    The film is long and still manages to omit exposition necessary for the plot and requires inferences which is difficult if you haven't read the source material. For example Hollis Mason is introduced and it is never explained that there are two Nite Owls. Why introduce the character when he is necessary in the comic as he is killed in the novel and is part of Dan's desire to return to the world of superheroes but this doesn't happen in the movie. It's unnecessary.

    Minor criticism's first. The only error in casting for me Is Ozymandias's character. He is supposed to be an Olympian style Adonis like figure who is the smartest man in the world but comes across as a bitter public school boy who lost on University Challenge.

    The one other omission from the novel which I can't go into as it would reveal too much is the absence of a tentacled foe. I can see why this is omitted but in the comic the secrecy of this operation is more because of what it involves.

    Overall I enjoyed the movie. Yes it is flawed and overlong. Some of the dialogue is clunky and Subtlety is definitely out of the window but it remains faithful to the novel and I would like to see the longer cut which would iron over any plot holes.
  72. Jun 29, 2014
    A movie that made me think and say "That maybe some superhero movies are not for kids". It is a dark movie not for kids. The MA 15+ (R in USA) shows I wouldn't be fazed if it was R 18+ (NC 17 in USA). Ok back to the review if you are fan of the comic you will be disappointed I read the book a week before I saw the movie on blu ray. The story is fanatic very close to the comic only 1 or 2 bits that won't in the comic. The movie has heavy themes to the point you see some nearly getting raped. The movie is not the bad and it has made it on my favourite movies of all time at number 4 but it is worth a look at. Expand
  73. Nov 6, 2013
    I don't understand why this film is so hated, it was flawless. If you're the kind of person who gets worked up over comic book adaptations not being 100% faithful to the material then you really need a new hobby. Every aspect of the movie was perfect and the ending was great, instead of the good guys just casually beating the evil villain they then turned the whole narrative on its head and left you wondering who the good guys really were. Expand
  74. Feb 13, 2014
    El mejor trabajo de Zack Snyder, impresionante, muy fiel al comic, lleno de detalles, espectacularidad epica para dar de tomar, es estilo zack snyder es genial, su tonalidad catapulta al genero superheroes infantil/juvenil. Simplemente genial.
  75. Jun 8, 2014
    A great film with a great plot and great characters, Watchmen is possibly Zack Snyder's best film to date. Snyder not only accomplish the task of making a Watchmen film, something Terry Gilliam(Brazil, Time Bandits) failed at, but also made it a masterpiece. With it's dark and gritty tone, there are dark and gritty characters, whom are all well-written and very in depth (The Comedian being the deepest in my opinion). If you get the chance of watching this, by all means don't hesitate to do so. Expand
  76. Jul 6, 2014
    Watchmen is a flawless superhero movie. The special effects are first rate and the actors imbue their characters with emotion and wit. The superhero's are looking for someone who's murdered one of their own. This is Zack Snyder's best movie, and it is the coolest comic book movie since Sin City in 2005. Watchmen is a must see action movie that deserves much more credit than it received.
  77. Jul 4, 2014
    Watchmen is not only the best comic-book adaptation I have ever seen, it is easily one of the most inventive, intelligent movies ever. The story is always surprising, and there are some very funny scenes. Not something to show to kids, though. It's darker (way darker) than the Dark Knight, and contains scenes of extremely graphic and/or psychological violence that are always justified. Don't expect comforting characters and a happy end either. The characters are almost all **** (and all actors are perfect in their roles, even though none of them are really famous) and the ending... well, it's just so clever and unexpected, without coming from nowhere. And also: The soundtrack is perfect. Expand
  78. Sep 28, 2014
  79. Aug 22, 2014
    First time I saw this movie, I really hate it, but then I understood that is a philosophical movie, where each character represents one of the thoughts of those decades, like pessimism, optimism, utilitarianism... Then i realised that this is an amazing masterpiece of another DC Comics series, and i have seen this movie like 3 times in less than a week... simply amazing, and i really love it.
  80. Oct 12, 2014
    Not that good of a graphic novel adaptation indeed.But a marvelous movie filled with great moments.With great performances and good looking visuals,this movie is entertaining and has a truly unexpected take on superheroes.
  81. Sep 28, 2014
  82. Sep 28, 2014
  83. Sep 28, 2014

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  2. Negative: 6 out of 39
  1. Reviewed by: Ian Nathan
    Okay, it isn't the graphic novel, but Zack Snyder clearly gives a toss, creating a smart, stylish, decent adaptation, if low on accessibility for the non-convert.
  2. Snyder and writers David Hayter and Alex Tse never find a reason for those unfamiliar with the graphic novel to care about any of this nonsense. And it is nonsense.
  3. Reviewed by: Justin Chang
    The movie is ultimately undone by its own reverence; there's simply no room for these characters and stories to breathe of their own accord, and even the most fastidiously replicated scenes can feel glib and truncated.