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  • Summary: When Do We Eat? is the story of the world's fastest Passover Seder that is anything but. On this night, secrets will be revealed, fantasies fulfilled, barriers broken down and some food might be consumed. (ThinkFilm)
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  1. 63
    Litvak's broad comedy has novelty on its side, and though the script never rises above sitcom-style one-liners and sight gags, strong performances invest both the jokes and the syrupy moments of forgiveness and reconciliation with no small measure of, yes, heart.
  2. 63
    The film turns that stale old Seder into warmed-up dinner theater.
  3. Reviewed by: Jessica Reaves
    By the time the ending rolls around, as we watch the slow unclamping of jaws from jugulars, we feel exhausted. Imagine how the actors must have felt.
  4. 42
    A tonal mess, a kitchen-sink comic melodrama that veers from broad comedy to sticky drama without ever finding a palatable or consistent tone.
  5. A self-consciously zany dysfunctional family comedy, When Do We Eat? strains so hard to be outrageous that it sacrifices characters for caricatures. They might have had something if they'd let everybody relax, be themselves and enjoy dinner.
  6. Reviewed by: Claudia Puig
    Yearns to be fresh but ends up tasteless. It's as drawn-out, forced and annoying as a holiday meal with a dozen carping relatives.
  7. The most persistent question asked at When Do We Eat? will probably be "When do we leave?" This abrasive Passover comedy-drama is extremely difficult to sit through, and if its makers weren't all Jewish, it would be considered anti-Semitic.

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