Cara Buono

Biography: As a young girl growning up in New York City, Cara Buono took her family's blue-collar work effort and began to turn it into an acting career that would later lead to screenwriting, starring roles, and countless unbridled displays of talent. With no help from friends, families, or mentors, she went out on her own, picked up a trade paper, and snuck into an audition. She managed to land a role in Harvey Fierstein's play 'Spook House', despite her lack of experience.

From there on out, Cara's career blossomed, both through her hard work and tenacity and her natural talent. She continued stagework both on and off Broadway, and began a film career opposite Ethan Hawke and Jeremy Irons in 'Waterland'. Much of her work has been in indie films such as Chutney Popcorn, Happy Accidents, Next Stop Wonderland, and Two Ninas, which she co-produced.

As well as acting, Cara has directed, produced, and written, including the short film Baggage, which starred Liev Schreiber. She co-wrote
the screenplay When The Cat's Away with Brad Anderson, and cut a deal with Miramax for a screenplay adaptation of one of F. Scott Fitzgerald's works.

Most recently, Cara starred on the final season of the NBC drama Third Watch as Grace Foster, a headstrong paramedic with an unbridled ego and the skills to back it up.

Cara Buono is a graduate of Columbia University with a double major in English and Political Science. She got her degree in three years, again helped by her blue-collar work ethic. "I'm the luckiest girl in the world. I’ve worked really hard, and it’s exciting how all this is playing out," she says.

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