Clare Calbraith

Biography: Clare Calbraith was born in Winsford Cheshire on the 1 January 1974 to mother Val and father.Born to a teenage mum - Val, Clare was bought up in Winsford in Cheshire. Her father a postman. She has two sisters born 1983 and 1992 and a brother born 1980. Her first big role was as Dr Tricia Summerbee in Heartbeat where she stayed before deciding she was missing boyfriend Simon Meehan, who is famous for the song 'I love you baby' in the British Telecom adverts in 2001-2002. Clare's first big TV role was as DR Tricia Summerbee in YTV's "Heartbeat" (1992) which she played until she left in June 2002. Her last episode was screened on 15 December 2002. who lived down in Cardiff, Wales. So she left to spend more time down in South wales,

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