Clare Wilkie

Biography: Clare Wilkie went to the Redroofs stage school and shared a class with actress Kate Winslet. She admits to being a proper little madam while at Redroofs as she recalls upsetting Kate by calling her a "bitch" when Kate won a role in the sitcom "Get Back". Clare transferred from Redroofs to the Sylvia Young Theatre School in Marylebone, London. TV presenters Denise Van Outen and Danni Behr were attending the school at the same time as Clare.

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tbd EastEnders: Season 20 Jan 3, 2005 Sandra DiMarco (2000-2001) tbd
tbd EastEnders: Season 19 Jan 1, 2004 Sandra DiMarco (2000-2001) tbd
tbd EastEnders: Season 18 Sep 1, 2003 Sandra DiMarco (2000-2001) tbd