Daisy Donovan

Biography: London born and bred, Daisy is the daughter of the late Terence Donovan, the famous photographer. She lives in Chelsea, with her mother, Diana, who chairs the Arts Foundation and the English National Ballet School. She has an older brother, Terry, who works as a marketing director in New York and she also has a half-brother named Dan, who is famous for Big Audio Dynamite and being Patsy Kensit's first husband.
She went to St Paul's Girls School, were she met her inspiration Baroness Heather Brigstocke, her Headmistress. After leaving school she went to Cambridge to read Classics, but found that subject was not for her - she liked to perform. Before working on the show she graduated from Edinburgh University in Performing Arts.

Daisy, along with Paul and Iain, has been on the 11 O' Clock show since it's inception. She started off behind the camera as a researcher in the first series of the show and made an occasional appearance as ‘It Girl' Pandora Box-Grainger. She was
promoted in series 2 to presenter whilst also carrying on working as a researcher. It was also here that 'The Angel of Delight' was let loose on our politicians and Daisy was let loose on the streets, microphone in hand. This is where I feel Daisy is at her best, interviewing. Since then, from the third series in late 1999, Daisy was promoted again to co-presenter, doing equal work with Iain, whilst continuing her outside interviews. In series 4, The Angel of Delight was replaced with The News Avenger.
The News Avenger turned out to be in the shadow of The Angel of Delight in terms of quality, and seemed to be dropped after a few weeks. In the final week of Series 4, two street interviews in America that Daisy did were broadcast, and both were excellent.
During the middle of 1999 Channel 4 chiefs were rumoured to be looking into her as the new presenter for ‘The Big Breakfast', but nothing came of it. During the summer of 1999 Daisy said she learned to moonwalk, organised Net Aid and also swam the Channel. Highly unlikely as she said it on The 11 O'Clock Show in October.
She appears to be a photographer, as this list from taken from the Vogue web site as recent as February 2000.
Since the departure of Ali G, Daisy was the most popular person on the show, possibly because that roughly two thirds of the show's viewers are male… Or maybe it's because she has more talent than the others… You judge for yourself.
Daisy has now left the show to pursue an acting career, and maybe also to further her presenting career.
Daisy currently appears in her top rated show 'Daisy Daisy' currently airing on Channel4, Thursdays at 10:30pm.

Daisy's Awards/Achievements

Presenter and interviewer on The 11 O'Clock Show.
Nominated for Best Female Newcomer at the 1999 UK Comedy Awards.
Won a poll on Dymond Geyser's UK Babes web page by a street.
Appeared in the film ‘Still Crazy' in 1997.
Graduated in Performing Arts from Edinburgh.
Judge for the 1999 Q Awards.

I've been told she was an extra in the last James Bond movie, ‘The World Is Not Enough'. Apparently, she appeared in a casino scene. I haven't seen any of the Bond movies so if this is true or false drop me a line..

All round very nice lady. She's drop dead gorgeous, polite, charming, well mannered and very funny. She's very down to earth and she is not hesitant at mingling with the audience and her fans.

Daisy Donovan's Scores

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Average career score: 70
Highest Metascore: 74 Millions
Lowest Metascore: 67 Death at a Funeral
Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 2 out of 2
  2. Mixed: 0 out of 2
  3. Negative: 0 out of 2
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