Dave Garroway

Biography: He was born in Schenectady, New York, on July 13, 1913. He graduated as number 23, in a class of 24, from NBC's school for announcers. But he still got a job at a Pittsburgh radio station. He enlisted in the navy after the US entered WW2 in 1941, but after a trip to Honolulu, he decided to stick with radio. The Navy let him run a yeoman's school instead, and he hosted a radio show. After the war, he moved to Chicago, and kept the persona he created in Hawaii. He was very successful in a series of radio programs - The 11:60 Club, the Dave Garroway Show, and Reserved for Garroway. He hosted a musical variety show, Garroway at Large, telecast live from Chicago. It ran from June 18, 1949 - June 24, 1951. NBC President Sylvester "Pat" Weaver picked him to his experiment, The Today show, in 1951. He was soon joined by Jim Fleming and Jack Lescoulie, and the show debuted on January 14, 1952. Although he appeared easygoing, he was actually struggling a lot on the inside. He had an addiction to a concoction of vitamin B-12, and codeine. It affected his mental acuity and temper. he argued more frequently with his co-workers, and became less reliable.

The worst thing came in April 1961. His wife, Pamela, committed suicide. This affected him severely, and he became even more odd. He was fired, after a conflict over contract demands, on June 16, 1961.

He made appearances on other television programs throughout the years, but never achieved much success. He remarried in 1980, and appeared on the 30th anniversary show of the Today show. He said he'd appear again for the 35th anniversary, but never did. He was found dead, from a self-inflicted gunshot wound, at his Swarthmore, Pennsylvania home on July 21, 1982.

He had one son, David Jr., and a daughter, Paris. When he married Pamela, he adopted her son, Michael. He raised him as his own even after Pamela's suicide.

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tbd Today : Season 52 Jan 21, 2003 Host (1952-1961) tbd
tbd Today : Season 5 Sep 6, 1956 Host (1952-1961) tbd
tbd Today : Season 1 Jan 14, 1952 Host (1952-1961) tbd