Elijah Wood

Biography: Elijah was born the middle of three children to parents, Warren and Debbie Wood. He has a brother Zack (a video game producer) seven years his senior, as well as a younger sister Hannah (a poet and actress) 3 years younger than him. He currently resides in Venice, California. A professional actor since the age of six, he has appeared in over 35 films, his first role was in 1990's "Avalon", but he is best known for the role of Frodo Baggins in the Academy Award winning "Lord of the Rings" trilogy. In 2005, Eljiah launched his own record label, Simian Records. The first band signed, The Apples in Stereo's CD was a critical and indie chart success. Elijah is currently in the process of producing several films and continues to act in independent films. In 2009, Elijah Wood's films for the decade scored the highest average rating of any actor working today by movie critics and he received special honors during the San Francisco Film Festival as a charismatic young actor who has made remarkable contributions to independent and Hollywood cinema as he brings intelligence, talent and depth of character to his roles.

Elijah raised the bar for himself as he set a world record for being the first person to cross by rope, Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe, Africa in 2008 for the reality TV program Adrenaline Junkies.

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