Ethan Erickson

Biography: Ethan has been a performer since he began training as a gymnast at age 8. He attended the University of New Mexico at Albuquerque before transferring to UC Santa Barbara, where he continued training as a gymnast. He graduated with a B.A. in English literature and moved to Los Angeles to pursue acting. Dated Rose McGowan. (1998) Mark Aaron Wagner is his stunt double. Ethan stands at 5'10" Joss Whedon gave Ethan his role on Buffy after he performed a back-flip at auditions. On his character Percy West- "I came into the series late in the day to replace Seth Green as Alyson Hannigan's love interest. Now that the series has moved the characters to college, it looks as if Alyson's character Willow has become a don't-ask-don't-tell lesbian. I hope fans don't think that was my fault." Currently single and living in LA. (2002) Favourite actors include; Dustin Hoffman, Edward Norton and Angelina Jolie. Likes Italian and Mexican food. Enjoys listening to Nirvana and Sublime.

Notes his worst quality as thinking too much, and his best trait as personable..

Hobbies include going down to Venice beach with his bongos and conga to join the other musicians.

"It's kind of an informal study of music and dancing and having a great time. A bunch of artists are gathered and to me it's the real deal. I've asked myself what it is I love so much about that environment and my mom was somewhat of a hippie, so I think maybe it just transferred itself to me. Besides that I go to the library a lot. It's kind of bizarre but I am just realizing that you can't get excited about something whether it be acting, sports or even a person, unless you can really allow yourself to get excited. And for some reason spending all this time in the library reading and researching has really helped to get me jazzed about my acting and all the things I am doing and frankly even my personal life has benefited from it. I was never this excited about high school or college and I think I am realizing that it's the amount of energy you put into something that gives you that great feeling back."

Ethan and his sister were primarily raised by their mother and perhaps that feminine influence is what makes Ethan so appealing to the ladies.
Soft spoken and very thoughtful he reflected upon his family.

"I get a lot of traits from my mom. Certainly her strength. She was a young mother and had to work and raise two children. Being a teacher and not making a lot of money and being the caregiver she was sort of forced into being this pillar of strength. She is very lovely and smart and I admire her and hope that I possess half of her qualities. I am close to my sister as well and I have two nieces, Ahsha and Miranda, who I think the world of and love spending time with. Both my mom and sister are very strong and bright yet retain their femininity as women and I think combining those traits is very attractive and probably not an easy thing to do in this day and age."

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Average career score: 29
Highest Metascore: 53 John Dies at the End
Lowest Metascore: 14 The In Crowd
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53 John Dies at the End Jan 25, 2013 Sergeant McElroy 7.0
14 The In Crowd Jul 19, 2000 Tom 4.0
22 Jawbreaker Feb 19, 1999 Dane Sanders 3.2