Fiona Avery

Biography: Fiona Avery started as a reference editor on "Babylon 5" during the 5th season in order to maintain the continuity, especially with the licensees. She performed the same job on Babylon 5's spin-off "Crusade" where she started to write scripts for she show of which 3 were bought for production.
Unfortunately, "Crusade" was canceled, before her 3rd script, "Value Judgments" could be produced.

After "Crusade", she became a comic book author, writing amongst others "Amazing Spider-Man" for Marvel or "Tomb Raider" for TopCow.

In 2003, she developed her graphic novel "No Honor" as a TV pilot for Showtime, but it was never produced.
Fiona has a degree in Archeology.

She lived in the small European country of Andorra until she was 4 years old before moving back to the U.S. with her parents. Her current residence is Los Angeles.