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Grant Bowler

Biography: Grant Bowler was born in New Zealand, but raised in Australia, first in Sydney, then Perth, and later in Brisbane. He is a talented and flexible actor, learning his art at the National Institute of Dramatic Art (NIDA) of Australia. Grant's extensive television credits include Always Greener, Blue Heelers, Medivac, Wildside, Halifax F.P., Farscape, All Saints, Stingers, On the Beach (mini-series); more recently Something In The Air and host of Channel Seven's Logie Award-winning reality series The Mole (in 2000 and 2001). Theatre is another love for Grant Bowler starring in such productions as The Last Night Of Ballyhoo, Deathwatch, Elegies, Happiness, Romeo and Juliet, Richard III and Hamlet. Quote from 'The Mole' website on "This is undoubtedly the best TV show I've ever worked on," Grant says. "The job keeps you on your toes the whole way. Contestants kept asking me 'who is the mole?' You have to keep them in the dark so they're forced to try and solve it for themselves." - Grant Bowler commenting on his role as Host on 'The Mole'. Expand