Judy Finnigan

Biography: Judy Finnigan joined Granada as a researcher in 1971 and, in 1974, became Anglia Television's first female reporter. She rejoined Granada in 1980 and worked on a range of programmes including Flying Start Granada Reports and Scramble.

Judy Finnigan was married once before but for many reasons it didn't work out and in 1982 Judy met Richard at ITV studios and they worked together on a charity show called telethon the good people knew these two where loved by the viewing public and after that show Judy divorced her husband and got married to Judy in 1986 then ITV gave them This Morning in 1988 which was from Liverpool's Albert Docks.

The magazine style show 'This Morning' proved an instant success and eventually relocated to London in 1996. Attracting top celebrity guests, the show also caused controversy by featuring a group of nude guests from the Naturalist Foundation, conducting a testicular examination of a volunteer live on the show, and a televised gay wedding
between two viewers.

In 1997 Judy took a three month health break from the show but Judy being Judy bounced back most notably at the National Television Awards in 97.

Finally the 13 year show came to a end when the couple moved to channel four and moved into another ratings graveyard at 5pm and the show was simply called Richard and Judy and with guests like Bill and Hillary Clinton that show has also proved a ratings winner. The show has become so successful that the couple recently signed a further three year deal with the channel to continue working on the series.

Judy sports a more mumsy demeanour whilst conducting their interviews.

In the year 2000 at the National Television Awards where R&J picked up a award for This Morning Judy's svelte velvet dress accidentally dropped down exposing her very practical bra to a television audience numbering in the millions. Poor Judy

Judy lives with her husband and his four children (Two with Richard) in Hampstead, London

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tbd This Morning: Season 14 Sep 17, 2001 Host (1988-2001) tbd
tbd This Morning: Season 11 Feb 23, 1999 Host / Host (1988-2001) tbd
tbd This Morning: Season 13 Nov 25, 1998 Host (1988-2001) tbd
tbd This Morning: Season 10 Sep 24, 1997 Host (1988-2001) / Presenter tbd
tbd This Morning: Season 9 Oct 23, 1996 Host (1988-2001) tbd
tbd This Morning: Season 8 Feb 26, 1996 Host (1988-2001) tbd
tbd This Morning: Season 5 Apr 1, 1992 Host (1988-2001) tbd
tbd This Morning: Season 2 Apr 9, 1990 Host / Presenter tbd
tbd This Morning: Season 3 Oct 3, 1988 Host (1988-2001) tbd