Ken Shamrock

Biography: Ken Shamrock is easily one of the most well known, if not the most well known UFC fighter in history. He first got his start in high school where he took up wrestling under the advice of his father, Bob Shamrock. Shamrock then ventured into Mixed Martial Arts along with other competitions and worked on his versatility and striking. Afterward, Ken started to appear on the Japanese Circuit. His first match in Japan was against Yoji "Mr. 200%" Anjo on October 25, 1990, a match he won. Following after he went on to win at "Pancrase-Yes, We are Hybrid Wrestlers" events 1, 2, & 3 defeating Masa Funaki, Yoshiki Takahashi, and Yusuke Fuke respectively.

After dominating in Japan, Shamrock came back to the US and burst onto the UFC scene. He competed at "UFC 1-The Beginning" on November 12, 1993, winning his first bout against Patrick Smith by submission but then later lost to Royce Gracie in under a minute by a Rear Naked Choke that same night. Shamrock then began to juggle back and
fourth between Pancrase and the UFC having much success. He was crowned the first King of Pancrase in December 1994 finally defeating Manabu Yamada in round two of the "King of Pancrase Tournament". Shamrock also defeated Alex Cook, Maurice Smith, and Masakatsu Funaki during that tournament, all by submission. After the tournament Shamrock received a rematch with Royce Gracie at "UFC 5 - The Return of the Beast" in the first ever UFC Superfight in 1995. The fight lasted a total of thirty-six minutes and ended with Shamrock drawing with Gracie, although Shamrock would of been declared the winner if the event had featured judges, but did not. At the next UFC event "UFC 6-Clash of the Titans" Shamrock was featured in a bout against Dan "The Beast" Severn. Shamrock submitted Severn in just over two minutes and in doing so became the first UFC Super Fight Champion. Shamrock defended his Superfight Championship at "UFC 7-The Brawl in Buffalo" and "UFC 8-David vs. Goliath" against Oleg Taktarov and Kimo Leopoldo respectively before losing out to Dan Severn in a granted rematch at "UFC 9-Motor City Madness", the bout lasted thirty minutes and the decision was awarded to Severn. After losing to Severn, Shamrock competed in the "UU 96-Ultimate Ultimate 1996" tournament. Shamrock won his first bout against Brian Johnston but broke his hand during the fight and could not continue on to the next round.

Following Ultimate Ultimate Shamrock signed a three-year contract with the World Wrestling Federation (now World Wrestling Entertainment) and made a successful transition into the world of wrestling. Shamrock went on to win the 1998 "King of the Ring" tournament and capture both the Intercontinental and Tag-Team title belts with Ray Traylor that same year. Shamrock's run with the WWF ended on September 23, 1999 after he lost a first blood match against Chris Jericho on an episode of Smackdown! Shamrock had more than a year left on his contract at the time, but wanted to leave for a fight with Alexandra Otsuka, who had publicly insulted him during a promotional interview.

Shamrock received his match against Alexandra Otsuka at "PRIDE Grand Prix 2000-Finals" on May 1st, Shamrock overcame Otsuka and won by TKO in under ten minutes. Three months later Shamrock had a match against Kazuyuki Fujita at "PRIDE 10-Return of the Warriors" but lost via Corner Stoppage giving Fujita the win. A little under a year later Shamrock appeared at "WMMAA 1-MegaFights" and handed Sam Adkins a loss by submitting him. The next three of four fights for Shamrock would all be losses, losing to Don Frye, Tito Ortiz, and most recently to Rich Franklin on the Ultimate Fighter Finale broadcast on SpikeTV. Shamrock would only go on to win against Kimo Leopoldo at "UFC 48-Payback" in a quickly achieved TKO victory thanks to a vicious knee.

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tbd WWE Monday Night RAW: Season 1 Jan 11, 1993 Himself 8.1
tbd WWE Monday Night RAW: Season 2 Jan 3, 1994 Himself tbd
tbd WWE Monday Night RAW: Season 3 Jan 2, 1995 Himself tbd
tbd WWE Pay-Per-View: Season 13 Jan 19, 1997 Himself tbd
tbd WWE Pay-Per-View: Season 14 Jan 18, 1998 Himself tbd
tbd WWE Pay-Per-View: Season 15 Jan 24, 1999 Himself tbd