Kim Poirier

Biography: Kim Poirier is a beautiful and talented Canadian actress who has been a successful model and has been in commercials since a young age. She has starred in many genres showing her range of acting is very impressive. It's rare to see beauty and talent go so well together but Kim has both. She starred as Roxy Hunter in the Canadian TV show 'Paradise Falls' and in the Decoy's movies as Constance Snowden. She was also the On-Air Presenter for Sci-Fi news show 'HypaSpace'. In her free time, Kim enjoys watching movies, writing, meditating and jogging. She has a passion for new-age learning and has recently become a certified yoga teacher. Filmography: PSI Factor: Chronicles of the Paranormal (episode The Underneath/Phantom Limb) (1996) (TV series) as Marisa Straight Up (episode Gravity) (1996) (TV series) as AJ's Gang Member Naked City: Justice with a Bullet (1998) as Young Lover 1 The Hunt for the Unicorn Killer (1999) as Affair Girl (scenes deleted) (uncredited) A Bachelor's Guide to Seduction in the Kitchen (2000) as Linda
Rated X (2000) as Jamie the "Actress"
The Gavin Crawford Show (episode ?) (2000) (TV series) as Jenna
Twice in a Lifetime (episode The Night Before Christmas) (2000) (TV series) as Amanda Harmony
Danger Beneath the Sea (2001) as Lisa Alford
Pretend You Don't See Her (2002) as Heather Greco
American Psycho II: All American Girl (2002) as Barbara
Undressed (4 episodes) (2002) (TV series) as Holly I Love Mummy (episode Old Lady) (2002) (TV series) as Katie
The Rats (2002) as Jay
Doc (episode Second Time Around) (2002) (TV series) as Denise
Puppets Who Kill (episode Dash the Greeter) (2002) (TV series) as Evelyn
Largo Winch (episode Hot Property) (2003) (TV series) as Jacqueline Lindley
Decoys (2004) as Constance
Dawn of the Dead (2004) as Monica
While I Was Gone (2004) as Dana Jablonski
The Archer (2005) as Lisa Decoys 2: Alien Seduction (2007) as Constance Snowden
How I Married My High School Crush (2007) as Kate Duncan
Paradise Falls (2001-2008) (TV series) as Roxy Hunter
Eureka (episode Welcome Back Carter) (2009) (TV series) as Dr. Maria Leonardo
Silent But Deadly (2009) as Sandra
Foodland (2010) as Lucy Eklund

Own appearances:
2003 Much Music Video Music Awards (2003) as Herself 1st Annual Spaceys (2003) as Herself
Surviving the Dawn (2004) as Herself (uncredited)
Decoys: Behind the Scenes (2004) as Herself
Open Mike with Mike Bullard (episode dated 1 March 2004) (TV series) as Herself
05 Spaceys (2005) as Herself - On-Air Presenter
Audioslave Live@Much (2005) as Herself (uncredited) Breakfast Television (episode dated 26 March 2006) (TV series) as Herself
06 Spaceys (2006) as Herself - On-Air Presenter
Best! Movies! Ever! (episode Alien Invasions) (2007) (TV series) as Herself Space Top 10 Countdown (2006) (TV series) as Herself - On-Air Presenter (2006-2007) The Best of the Spaceys (2007) as Herself - On-Air Presenter
07 Spaceys (2007) as Herself - On-Air Presenter
Drive-In cs (2001) (TV series) as Herself - On-Air Presenter (2005-2007) HypaSpace (2002-2008) (TV series) as Herself - On-Air Presenter (2005-2008)
The Search For The Balanced Life (2008) as Herself The Circuit (episode #1.5) (2008) (TV series) as Herself
Producer credits:

The Gospel of Phi (2007)

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Average career score: 58
Highest Metascore: 58 Dawn of the Dead
Lowest Metascore: 58 Dawn of the Dead
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58 Dawn of the Dead Mar 19, 2004 Monica 7.4