Kyle Gallner

Biography: If there ever was a television award for outstanding actor playing 'sheep-in-wolf's-clothing', Kyle Gallner would be a prime candidate to walk away with the trophy. Kyle Gallner, a native of West Chester, Pennsylvania, is best known for portraying Cassidy "Beaver" Casablancas on the crime mystery series Veronica Mars. People also remember him as the speedy pickpocket and later on Justice superhero Bart Allen and his alter-ego, Impulse on the popular TV version of the story of young Clark Kent/Superman, Smallville. Apart from these two prominent roles on CW shows, Gallner has often been cast as the disturbed teen or unlikely criminal mastermind or falsely-accused individual in most of his television guest appearances.

Kyle was born and grew up in West Chester, Pennsylvania, where he attended East High School. His career started out when on one occasion, he followed his sister to a casting selection. He first appeared on television in an episode of NBC's suspense drama Third
Watch in 2000. During the next five years, he landed projects on both television and in film including guest-starring roles in Touched by an Angel and Jack & Bobby and minor characters in the romantic comedy Wet Hot American Summer (2001), which was his film feature debut, and the suspense thriller Red Eye (2005). In later years, he would have more major parts in the 2008 drama Gardens of the Night and 2009 horror The Haunting in Connecticut.

In 2004, Kyle was introduced on Smallville as the teenager gifted with unbelievable speed but uses his abilities to steal from homes undetected. Even as Clark Kent reached out to help him mend his ways, Bart Allen runs away but his character would recur in later episodes as a reformed superhero. In 2005, Gallner got his major television break when he appeared as Beaver, the introverted younger brother of Dick Casablancas on the CW teen drama. From a background character in season one, Kyle's role grew out to be one of the most vital characters in the central mystery of the second season. His boy-next-door looks and innocent charm were again prominently displayed in his portrayals of characters involved with either rape or murder in crime procedurals such as Cold Case, Bones, and Law & Order: SVU. After his stint with Veronica Mars, Gallner also played Reed Garrett, the son of Detective Mac Taylor's (Gary Sinise) late wife on CSI: NY and Jason Embry, best friend of Ben Henrickson, on the critically-acclaimed HBO drama Big Love.

Kyle Gallner's Scores

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Average career score: 51
Highest Metascore: 79 Dear White People
Lowest Metascore: 30 CBGB
Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 4 out of 14
  2. Negative: 4 out of 14
14 movie reviews
Title: Year: Credit: User score:
57 Red Betsy Nov 14, 2003 Charlie 9.0
41 Little Birds Aug 17, 2012 Jesse MacNamara / Jesse MacNamara 7.9
71 Smashed Oct 12, 2012 Owen Hannah 7.9
tbd Cherry Oct 5, 2010 Aaron 7.8
79 Dear White People Oct 17, 2014 Kurt / Kurt Fletcher 7.1
62 Beautiful Boy Jun 3, 2011 Sam Carroll 7.0
61 Red Aug 8, 2008 Harold 6.9
50 Red State Oct 19, 2011 Cast 6.5
33 The Haunting in Connecticut Mar 27, 2009 Matt Campbell 6.1
52 Beautiful Creatures Feb 14, 2013 Larkin / Larkin Ravenwood 6.0
30 CBGB Oct 4, 2013 Lou Reed 5.9
47 Jennifer's Body Sep 18, 2009 Colin Gray 5.6
35 A Nightmare on Elm Street Apr 30, 2010 Quentin Smith 5.2
34 Finding Home Oct 14, 2005 Young Dave 4.3
tbd Losers Take All Oct 25, 2013 Brian tbd
62 American Sniper Dec 25, 2014 Winston tbd
tbd The Finest Hours Apr 15, 2016 Cast tbd