Melissa McCarthy

Biography: Melissa McCarthy, an American actress, is known for her portrayal of Sookie St. James on the critically acclaimed series, Gilmore Girls. Melissa started her career by doing stand up comedy in New York. She made her first mark in New York at The Stand Up New York and The Improv. In addition to doing stand up, she also received dramatic training in The Actors Studio, and started performing in many stage productions. Since moving to Los Angeles, Melissa has continued working on her improv and does improv almost every weekend at "The Groundlings Main Company" in which she is a member, which is a world-renowned improv and sketch troupe. Aside from starring in Gilmore Girls and performing stand up, she has also done television and movie roles such as Charlie's Angels, Kim Possible, The Kid, and Curb Your Enthusiasm. She wrote, directed, and produced the short film Polk Valley in which she plays the main character. In Fall 2007, she was cast to play Dena, one of Christina Applegate's best friends in ABC's comedy Samantha Who?.

Melissa lives in Los Angeles with her husband. Ben Falcone, whom she married in October 2005.

Melissa McCarthy's Scores

Average career score: 70
Highest Metascore: 81 Gilmore Girls: Season 1
Lowest Metascore: 59 Samantha Who?: Season 1
Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 1 out of 2
  2. Negative: 0 out of 2
2 tv reviews
Title: Year: Credit: User score:
81 Gilmore Girls: Season 1 Oct 5, 2000 Sookie St. James 8.5
59 Samantha Who?: Season 1 Oct 15, 2007 Dena 8.3
tbd Gilmore Girls: Season 2 Oct 9, 2001 Sookie St. James 7.4
tbd Gilmore Girls: Season 3 Sep 24, 2002 Sookie St. James 7.2
tbd Gilmore Girls: Season 4 Sep 23, 2003 Sookie St. James 8.4
tbd Gilmore Girls: Season 5 Sep 21, 2004 Sookie St. James 8.0
tbd Gilmore Girls: Season 6 Sep 13, 2005 Sookie St. James 7.8
tbd Gilmore Girls: Season 7 Sep 26, 2006 Sookie St. James 8.0
tbd I Love the 70s: Volume 2: Season 1 Jul 10, 2006 Herself tbd

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