Nicole de Boer

Biography: Nicole de Boer was born December 20, 1970, in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Her parents thought she was a shy child and were surprised when she was awarded the lead role of Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz at age 7. With that she was bitten with the acting bug. Her parents helped her find her an agent and later that year she made her television debut in a Christmas Special starring Red Skelton and Vincent Price. Her childhood was full of acting jobs in commercials and theatre.

In 1988 at age seventeen, she was cast as a series regular in the CBC drama 9B. In 1993 she replaced Terry Farrel as the Dax symbiont host for the seventh and final season of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine she replaced Terry Farrel as the Dax symbiont host. This role introduced her to Michael Piller. When Michael created The Dead Zone she was given the lead role of Sarah Bracknell Bannerman.

She was married to John Kastner on December 18, 1999. He is a guitarist and singer for the rock band "All Systems
Go". They have a home is Los Angeles and in 2007 welcomed their first daughter, Summer Lee Kastner. Expand

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61 Cube Sep 11, 1998 Leaven 7.5
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