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Biography: Triple H calls himself "The Game," and you'd be hard-pressed to find anyone who disagrees with that assumption. Since making his WWE debut in the spring of 1995 (as Hunter Hearst Helmsley), Triple H has done it all in the sports-entertainment industry. He's the only man in the history of the business to have been a Grand Slam Champion and to have won both a King of the Ring and a Royal Rumble. Triple H's career took a dramatic upward swing when he enlisted the services of his female bodyguard, Chyna.
The duo joined forces with Shawn Michaels to form D-Generation X and change the face of the World Wrestling Federation forever.
After Shawn took time off for injuries, Triple H asserted himself as a premier superstar by taking over as leader of the faction.
But one year later, Triple H went from one of the most popular superstars in the Federation to one of the most hated in a matter of seconds when he turned his back on DX and aligned himself with the Shane McMahon.

Whether or not fans support Triple H, there's no denying that his career really took off after he left DX.
Like a lead singer that leaves a band for a solo career, Triple H made a statement that he wasn't content merely to be a frontman.
Triple H's actions since he went solo have not made him popular, but they have made him successful, culminating with him capturing the Federation Championship.
Triple H's dedication to the business was never more evident than on the May 21, 2001, episode of RAW. On that night, The Game teamed with Stone Cold Steve Austin to take on Chris Benoit and Chris Jericho in a Tag Team Championship match. During the bout, Triple H tore his left quadriceps muscle completely off the bone. Yet The Game found the heart to finish the bout, never once even thinking about giving up. After eight months of hellacious rehab, The Game returned to a hero's welcome on the Jan. 7, 2002, episode of RAW. The fans of WWE sympathized with Triple H, thus making him one of the top fan favorites of that time. Triple H's honeymoon with the fans did not last long, however. Soon thereafter, The Game's true colors came shining through and he has once again found himself listening to the fans' jeers. To further solidify the fact that he doesn't care about the fans, Triple H has aligned himself with "the dirtiest player in the game," Ric Flair, Randy Orton and Batista. Together, they call themselves Evolution.
As of late, Evolution no longer has its amazing 4-some,
After Randy Orton won the Championship from Chris Bennit, needless to say Triple H was mad as hell, which lead to the break up and the seemingly never ending fighting between the both of them.
But, Triple H is more poised than ever to achieve his goals and prove to the world, that he is that damn good, and that he is without a dought, "The Game."

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