Prem Singh

Biography: Prem Singh is from Malaysia and was at one time a top seller for Towbin - selling 35 cars in one month.
One recent episode partially focused on Prem's inability to find a female to go on a date with him. After word got around, a number of the people at the dealership including Chop decided to evaluate and help him with his "skills", though he still remained dateless at that point.
However in a subsequent episode shortly thereafter, we see him at the company Christmas party with his arm around his date, an attractive young lady. This appears to be the same female that he was originally trying to woo unsuccessfully while at work.

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tbd King of Cars: Season 2 Feb 6, 2007 Car Salesman/The Blue Genie tbd
tbd King of Cars: Season 1 Apr 4, 2006 Car Salesman/The Blue Genie tbd