Rene Russo

Biography: Rene Russo's father, a sculptor and mechanic, abandoned the family when Rene was two, leaving her mother to raise her two daughters while holding down two jobs. Rene dropped out of Burroughs High School in the 10th grade, where one of her classmates was Ron Howard, and began working, usually holding down two part-time jobs. She sold refreshments at a movie theater, sold souvenirs at a shop in Disneyland, seated people at a restaurant, and overseeing a production line in an eyeglass factory.
One evening in 1972, while exiting a Rolling Stones concert, the 17 year old Russo was approached by a model scout who told her she should be a model. He had test photos made of her, and she soon signed with the Ford Agency, and began doing numerous print ads and catalog shoots. In 1975, she appeared on the cover of Vogue. From the next several years, she was one of the top models in America. Her work schedule was filled with fashion shows, photography shoots, print ads, and television
commercials. She also appeared on the cover of many fashion magazines. Her financial rewards allowed her to buy a house in Laurel Canyon, California, a house for her mother in San Fernando, and a nice car, as well as other luxurious items and vacations. She was most recognizable to the public, as the Revlon girl. From 1979-1981, she worked almost exclusively for the cosmetic company, appearing in all of their television and radio commercials, and most of their print ads, as well as representing Revlon as a spokesmodel at conventions.
Work for her began to dwindle as she approached her 30th birthday, and she was back to doing catalog work. She turned her back on modeling, and went through an intense study period of literature and Christian theology. She also began to take acting classes and appeared in a few plays at small regional theaters throughout California. She made her screen debut on the television series Sable. Her feature film debut came with a supporting role in Major League. Most of her subsequent work was that of supportive wives and girlfriends, until Lethal Weapon 3. Playing a tough internal affairs detective, Russo won over audiences and critics alike. She has been hailed for her ability to hold her own against her major co-stars.
She was also hailed for two of her performances in particular. One was in Ransom, in which her portrayal as a mother of a kidnapped son proved to audiences and critics that she could be taken as a serious dramatic actress. The other was of her portrayal of cartoon-turned human foreign spy Natasha Fatale in The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle which proved that she was a good character actress.
Rene Russo has been married to screenwriter Dan Gilroy, since 1992.

Rene Russo's Scores

  • Movies
Average career score: 55
Highest Metascore: 82 Get Shorty
Lowest Metascore: 36 Lethal Weapon 3
Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 4 out of 14
  2. Negative: 4 out of 14
14 movie reviews
Title: Year: Credit: User score:
76 Nightcrawler Oct 31, 2014 Nina / Nina 8.4
54 Thor: The Dark World Nov 8, 2013 Frigga 7.5
57 Thor May 6, 2011 Frigga 6.9
38 Yours, Mine and Ours Nov 23, 2005 Helen North 3.5
50 Two for the Money Oct 7, 2005 Executive Producer / Toni Morrow 3.8
47 Big Trouble Apr 5, 2002 Anna Herk 7.1
36 The Adventures of Rocky & Bullwinkle Jun 30, 2000 Natasha 5.2
72 The Thomas Crown Affair Aug 6, 1999 Catherine Banning 7.0
37 Lethal Weapon 4 Jul 10, 1998 Lorna Cole 6.3
60 Ransom Nov 8, 1996 Kate Mullen 4.4
60 Tin Cup Aug 16, 1996 Dr. Molly Griswold 6.9
82 Get Shorty Oct 25, 1995 Karen Flores 8.2
74 In the Line of Fire Jul 9, 1993 Secret Service Agent Lilly Raines 8.3
36 Lethal Weapon 3 May 15, 1992 Lorna Cole 6.8