R.L. Stine

Biography: R.L. Stine, born Robert Lawrence Stine, is a well-known children's author. R.L. specializes in children's horror books including the Goosebumps series. R.L. also has been noted for his work in comedy books as well. R.L. continues to write today living in New York with his wife and dog (2007).

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Average career score: 60
Highest Metascore: 60 Goosebumps
Lowest Metascore: 60 Goosebumps
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  2. Negative: 0 out of 1
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60 Goosebumps Oct 16, 2015 Writer / "Goosebumps" Books / Based On The Books "Goosebumps" By / Hallway Player / Himself / Mr. Black 6.7